Tuesday 15 May 2012

Nibiru Dwarf Star or Brown Dwarf

Nibiru, CNN Reports, "Dwarf Star or Planet Found in Our Solar System"

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This is as clear as is will ever get. When you hear CNN, state with a label across the bottom of the screen in bold letters, "Dwarf Star or Planet Found in Our Solar System", there is no way any one can say it was not found. If it would have said the possibility of a mass body at the edge of our solar system then there would be room for argument. That fact that this was allowed is only because they don't want the people left on this planet after it passes to say you never warned us that you had found a planet. No they told us they found it, they just did not tell us it was coming our way. So to everyone who said it is not there, even the main stream media, that many look to for answer as stated it plainly for all to see. It no longer a question of if its there, it is...


I like this vid (now removed) as he explains quite a lot of the science re: our Solar System's crossing of the Milky Way on 21 Dec 2012... apparently so called, "The Grand Alignment".

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