Saturday, 31 March 2018

BronnyNZ rebuts Jordan Sather over JS shit-slinging AIM's view on FAKE Q.

Hey Jordan - please see articles on my blog and website regarding FAKE Q. You weren't following close enough bro' at the times these hacks happened. Even YOU Jordan admitted that when you replied on my Facebook group of 7000 members.

Oh yeah... I got HEAPS of sauce bro'. FAKE Q identified. TRUE Q until January 4, 2018. LARP possibly CIA since Jan 5.

"No comms outside of this platform" was dropped AFTER January 5 when infiltrator Q had hacked 8chan. You really need to keep up bro'. See what I mean by my comment above when I said you were off to various speaking conventions and Podcast weekends over the New Year, ref: healthy food and SSP stuff. You weren't there hun to see it. Cheers.

Jordan  - YOU think about why "Q" deleted over 100 posts on their Q-only 8ch/greatawakening board in the middle of February. WHY would true Q do that? Are they wanting to disguise the fact that they were only using ONE IP address and one device, whereas before 2017 true Q was using 6 different devices and had a different IP address? I think you'd better do a bunch more research to qualify you to rebut what American Intelligence Media is saying... and "No" - i've never had any contact with AIM and i'm not a part of the AIM "conclave". I am an entirely independent researcher.

Very clearly Jordan, you didn't watch the AIM videos > see "Hot news" and "Video news" on my website. If you did, you'd realize that more than 50% of the questions and claims you are asking and making in your video were already answered.


BronnyNZ newsletter #1 to subscribers on

Hi there all !!

It's been a little crazy on this side of the computer screen. My apologies for taking so long to get my first "weekly" email to you. It is neither "weekly" nor is it "brief". Let's see if I can do a little better in the future  ;)

Firstly, thank you to over 100 people who have signed up for emails or who have joined the Forum on my new website. Thank you so much for continuing your connection with me. I hugely appreciate this. 

Secondly, I have been working hard to make the website look nice. I have very crappy website "styling" skills, but I think the appearance now is much better than when you first saw it, 2-3 weeks ago. There is still a lot of room for improvement !!  Drop in and check out developments. If you have any website styling tips to help me out, I would love to hear your creative inputs. I need your help !!  ;)

I have a new section on the site called "Hot news" that i'm sure you'll want to check out. The hot topic headlining right now is "Fake Q". I've got quite a lot to say on this topic.

If you were on the original "QAnon QClearance" Facebook group, you will know how I was so suspicious about the Q posts coming through after the hack at the beginning of January. It turns out my suspicions were entirely justified. See my article: "FAKE Q identified. TRUE Q until January 4, 2018. LARP possibly CIA since Jan 5" in 'Print news'. It shows you what happened behind the scenes in private on January 6, 2018. These revelations confirm my own awareness of the subterfuge that happened at that time.

Please also see the video featured in "Hot news" entitled "DO NOT trust Sessions". This gives you a lot more of the background reasons why we should not be trusting the current Q who took over on January 5.

I would say that most of you will be very interested in looking at this information. Please see the sections "Hot news", "Video news feed" and "Print media news feed" for all the background on this. It's a very big picture. This is where I have spent most of my time in the last fortnight. I've only popped my head out of the conspiracy rabbit hole right now. I've now joined enough of these dots and wanted to share my findings with you asap. 

To get the real birds-eye view on the "Fake Q" topic, you will need to look at my SES videos and posts. The SES story is all part and parcel of you being able to understand why this is very likely a Q infiltrator. The SES story shows you the motivations of why it was so important for the CIA and SES to keep the Q story going. Primarily - distraction. Secondarily - Mind Control. MK ultra CIA mind control tactics makes everyone "biddable" and "persuadable". Have you fallen so far down the Fake Q rabbit hole that it will take you months to see the truth?  I hope not.

Your experience is your experience. Please do what you will with my information. I have no attachment whatsoever to your experience. If you want to remain a "follower", so be it. The alternative as my article points out, is to listen to your own heart. The choice is yours.

Please see all the American Intelligence Media videos I have posted in Video news - even though that name might be 'mud' to you right now. AIM are the ones who have put out these excellent videos covering the SES information. Please see my MAPS on the SES (on my blog) to see how the SES power-game is played. You are sure to be surprised, as was I.

I have created a number of blog articles on these topics on Co-creating Our New Earth and in other places on the website. As you can tell, this is very serious stuff. Whoever it is who has been play-acting as Q has committed treason against The People and against POTUS. Yeah... It's really that serious. January 5 Q is no friend to you and me. He/they are usurpers. Their purpose: To lead you up "Mr McGregor's" garden path and lock you in the tool shed where you will be lulled into a false sense of security. From that place, you take no action. You give your whole beLIEf to those fatal words, "Trust the plan" - and then you go back to eating popcorn: Impotent spectators once again, just like before.

Please do consider that right now, the Q you have been listening to ever since January 5, 2018 is very likely an impersonator. Very likely. You will need to read the conversation between 8chan board admins "The Board Owner" and "CodeMonkey" to see the "insider" point of view on the matter. And then you will understand what happened.

I am currently not on Facebook. Last time I was on there was around 2 weeks ago. Facebook want mobile phone number confirmations from me since they detected "suspicious activity" on my account - namely, inviting Friend Requests. Apparently, its dodgy behavior to ask 4 people to become your Friend !!!  :-/  Same old, same old for BronnyNZ. I'm fighting a losing battle there. Please find me on my non-MSSM outlets in "Contact" on the website.

The New Zealand cell phone network dropped its 2G capabilities on March 10 so my old non-trackable Nokia no longer works. I have been avoiding buying a smartphone that tracks my every movement, for obvious reasons. New Zealand is part of the 5-eyes network. I really don't want to be spied on 24-7 by the NSA. The NZ GCSB can't spy on NZ'ers, so they leave that dirty work up to their other 4 overseas agencies to spy on us. You now see my reluctance. It's a "Jack and the giant" story. This is the underlying reason why I have been absent from Facebook for the last fortnight. ie: "It's complicated".

Ok. That's me. I think we've caught up on 3 weeks news. Please enjoy getting your head around all the SES and Fake Q information for the next fortnight or so. See if you come to the same conclusions as me.

In my closing moments, I ask a favor...

Since i'm off Facebook indefinitely, I would appreciate for people on this mailing list to continue supporting me by sharing articles and information from my new website, my existing blogs and even this email onto your Facebook groups, Timelines and Pages. I appreciate your support hugely. I say, "Thank you" in advance.

Much love to all. I hope you're all having a great Easter-Ishtar weekend  :)  


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Friday, 30 March 2018

FAKE Q identified. TRUE Q until January 4, 2018. LARP possibly CIA since Jan 5.

Update April 4, 2018 - Please see my two new articles published today on my website. Thanks -

Originator of Q through Cicada 3301 - "Defango" cryptologist
Last probably definitive Q post on November 23-24 2017

Q says: "Trust Sessions". Why? Jeff Sessions is clearly not working with DJT to "drain the swamp". You are being mind controlled, MK Ultra CIA techniques. Don't fall for it. - BronnyNZ, former Administrator on "QAnon QClearance 4chan 8chan + related articles" Facebook group of 7,500 Members.

Image from @realDonaldTrump

See March 30 CPD article: DOJ Accused Of Withholding “Material Facts,” Not Complying With Subpoena. Representative (R) is upset that AG Sessions is not appointing a special counsel. 

I 100% agree with the CPD headline. Where is "the plan" that (fake) Q talks about? There is no plan!  The plan is to keep all the opiod-drugged sheeple in a cannabinoid-dilerium of illusory "true Q" posts so they won't noticed that Jeff Sessions is with the SES !!!!   

While you are madly following Q, you are not even signing The White House petiton to "Remove the 9000 unconstitutional members of the SES" who ARE the Swamp Creatures. All people from any country can and need to sign this petition. We need to help the USA to drain this swamp in any way we can. Signing a petition takes little effort. Please sign now! - The SES are the "enemy within". 

Read much more about the SES on this blog and on my website @  - See "Hot news" and "News" sections on the Homepage and "US politics" in the Forum. 

... And where were you while all of this SES revelation was going on? You were far too gone with: "Trusting the plan". And you don't think you were/are being MK Ultra'd?  See my MAPS.

Please now see the Github archive of Q posts to see when and how the Q-swap was done. Start at  #975 on shown below. January 5, 2018 is when the infiltrator (possibly CIA) fake Q took over. Please read with interest... And then please share this article with everyone you can see who is swallowed up into the "cult of Q". Thank you, BronnyNZ


>>822170 ▶ Jeff Sessions exposed. >>520 Q agent of The Clowns in America. Jeff Sessions, agent of The Clowns in America. = = HITLERY CLINTON 8 chan and Q have been comped big time. These posts tell it all: 8 chan & Q have been comped. DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING Q SAYS. HE IS A CLOWN AGENT OF THE KHABALHAH. 8 CHAN ALSO HAS BEEN COMPED BY THE CLOWNS IN AMERICA. JEFF SESSIONS, MUELLER, COMEY, WRAY, TREY GOWDY, OBAMA, HILLARY, ROSENSTEIN, DW SHULTZ, AWAN BROTHER CRIMINALS, JOHN MCCAIN, LINDSEY GRAHAM, HARRY REED AND MORE = ALL CLOWNS IN AMERICA AGENTS OF THE BANKING CARTEL, TRYING TO TAKE AMERICA DOWN. Scumbag Sessions and fake Q were just exposed the other day by AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE MEDIA. ?


This below is a copy-paste of the conversation linked in 8ch/sudo referenced in the above Github archive. I have taken out the petty squabbling. I have added screenshots of posts being replied to underneath the reply. Most important entries to take note of are in bold - added by myself for your attention. See the entire thread here on 8chan.

File (hide)9a0f80ad3820b25⋯.png (18.26 KB, 454x175, 454:175, larpq-820.png(h) (u)

Note: that is New Zealand time since timestamps show according to where you live.  No.72662>>72695 >>72997 >>73052 >>73075[Watch Thread][Show All Posts]

The individuals currently LARPing as Q Anon are claiming to have access to the 8chan source. Pic related. How is this possible? And if it isn't, then can Codemonkey confirm for us that current Q is a LARP? Thanks.
- the /cbts/ Board Owner

By 8chan source, I mean the live codebase running the site obviously.

>>72662 (OP)
8chan is open source

Where is the repo?

 No.72729>>72748 >>73220

This is not the repo Codemonkey uses though - the latest commit on this one was 5 months ago and he introduced super-secure trips in January. So either he hasn't committed those changes or he uses a different repo.


Maybe code Monkey is now a clowns in America operative. Think of that?

 No.72863>>72865 >>73128

I strongly suspect that already. Just trying to confirm.

Thanks for quck response.

 No.72878>>72882 >>73239

Np. As you can see, LARP Q is saying that someone has changed line 1183. Yeah, which source file dude? It's not all one big file you know.
Let's say Codemonkey knows which file he's talking about. That means that Q can see commits to the repo that Codemonkey is using which is fucking bullshit. Either LARP Q is LARping (highly likely) or 8chan is completely compromised.
~/$ cd projects
~/projects$ cd OpenIB
~/projects/OpenIB$ find . -type f | xargs egrep SATRREC
The string SATRREC does not exist anywhere in the codebase. The rest is nonsensical.


Q is larping, Code Monkey is a Clown Larp and thus 8 chan is comped. That is what I think.


Can't argue with that.


Q can no longer be trusted. There may have been a legit Q last year…but since then the current Q is a clown op. I think the clowns took over the code monkey account also.

 No.72890>>72906 >>73239
Correct. Q was legit last year (dozens of proofs) but since Jan 5th it's been 100% LARP. Wouldn't surprise me to hear CM was comped at the same time.

Ok, I keep hearing this thing about Jan. 05th. Where did that story originate? I heard it spreading on cbts. Did not such a theory originate there?
Or maybe Q since inception has been a larper….considering nothing or not much of what Q has been saying since last year has actually taken place….


Notice also how code Monkey has not posted on his Twitter account since last October. So his account was most likely taken-over by the clowns also.
So all this is very indicative of all the chans bein compromised, as discussed on the other thread:

Please see this also

 No.72997>>73012 >>73024 >>73154>>73155
File (hide)bb1a65d7b7a167a⋯.png (273.62 KB, 1626x1008, 271:168, line1183.png(h) (u)
>>72662 (OP)
Q posted an image and got an error. The image was in a format that 8chan didn't recognize. 8chan returned an error saying something along the lines of: "There was an error on line 1183".
Line 1183 of post.php is a modification that we added to 8chan but wasnt merged into the openib public source code. Line 1183 sends images to our image processing server and waits to receive notification that the thumbnails were generated correctly.
>pic related



 No.73024>>73033 >>73220
Explain why you allow literal paid shills (violating US law) to continue posting, much less having a board here.

 No.73041>>73043 >>73053 >>73084 >>73087 >>73220
Q-LARP is a paid shill hoax. Everything it claimed has been proven false. It recruits boomers (THERE’S YOUR FIRST CLUE, SHERLOCK) across reddit, twitter, voat, cuckchan, and 8chan (among other sites) to spam its civic nationalist, neoconservative, jewish warmongering message. It’s an admitted GROUP of people. This is paid shilling. It’s in violation of US law. It should not be allowed here.

>because i say so
Nah, you’re the ones sucking his cock. You’re the ones making the claims. YOU are the ones “saying so.” Prove Q-hoax is real.
Nothing is happening. Nothing was ever going to happen. A cuckchan LARPer is not one of the ONLY TWENTY PEOPLE IN THE FUCKING WORLD with a specific level of security clearance and “full knowledge of this plan.” Someone that important is not posting on 4chan. Someone that important–if he actually has knowledge he wants to disseminate–is also not going to type cryptic bullshit that looks like it came from multiple people and ask questions that he doesn’t answer. Someone that important is, statistically, owned by jews, even if there are some patriots left up there. Out of 10 of the most powerful people in the entire fucking world, the redditors on 4chan expect one of them to not only be “#ourguy”, but to leak the proceedings of FUCKING NATIONWIDE MARTIAL LAW and–surprise surprise–the arrest of three quarters of the US government.
Why, that’s exactly what we would want! Happy day! All of our dreams are coming true, and we didn’t even have to put in an ounce of work ourselves! Hooray! It’s over! We’re saved! Don’t ever question the validity of these claims! Just spend MONTHS ignoring everything else that is ACTUALLY happening in the news, never mind your own wildly successful campaign of “It’s okay to be white.” Because nothing ever came from YOU doing an honest day’s work!
If there is something, why is nothing happening? Where’s the Emergency Broadcast System announcement? Where’s Trump using Obama’s emergency television override to speak to the people? Where’s the martial law? Where are the riots he talked about? Antifa couldn’t even get off their asses for a completely unrelated outing. Why, given the massive flight risk all globalists are, would anyone want to leak the proceedings of such an event in advance? Why would someone ostensibly leaking the proceedings not actually leak any information? Why would someone who claims to be on our side not give us a playbook for how to operate during the event? Why isn’t he telling us how to become leaders of our community to calm the terrified millions around us–who will inevitably exist once the media starts reporting on the “Trump coup”, or when they see their favorite media reporters arrested by the military live on air? Where’s the Huma arrest? Where are the Podesta arrests? They were supposed to be in custody by now; no one has any information on that beyond your continued shilling campaign. Why is he a CIVIC NATIONALIST? Nothing he said has happened.
Fuck off, redditors. Hero worship somewhere else.
* Claims Trump is magically insulated during what will be painted internationally as a soft coup, and that he will not be addressing the nation on what is supposedly the biggest mass-arrest in national history.
* Claims there are more patriots than traitors in the government (LOL, so why did they let the last 70 years happen).
* Claims something is in the works to make the Democrat Party lose the nigger vote entirely.
* Claims martial law inbound.
* Claims mass arrests of the government are inbound.
* Claims the EBS will be invoked.
* Claims no one will have to lift a finger and that the government will arrest itself, with all trials dispensing actual justice.
* Claims Obama went to North Korea and may be there right now.
* Claims Trump would leave an important message on Twitter before leaving for Asia (PROVEN FALSE).
* Claims Twitter, “My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us…”
* Claims the CIA/alphabet agencies were responsible for the 11 minute Twitter takedown of POTUS account.
* Claimed that martial law and the arrests will be made during Trump’s Asia trip (PROVEN FALSE).
* Claims false flag attacks at right-wing gatherings (cities, sporting events).
* Claims elections no longer matter.
No proof of any of his claims has come to light, and no explanation of them or what he means by them has ever been given.

>it’s fake because i say so
>ignore all the things that happened
Nothing happened that Q-LARP said. Everything Q-LARP said WOULD happen didn’t happen.

 No.73075>>73083 >>73185
>>72662 (OP)
I like how the person Q refuted and left in the dust is now shilling against him once again.
You better out, Baruch.

Baruch is the owner of this board here?

True, run by the clowns in America. You forgot also how they use youtube channels and other means to spam the Q lies. If Q were Military Intel, he would be court martialed. Q is fake as fake can be.

 No.73087>>73120 >>73220
>things I don’t like are against the law

>I cannot read English
>I am incapable of reading English
>I am illiterate in the English language
Reported. Thank you for admitting that Q-LARP is a paid shill and a hoax.

Please see these two posts BO:



 No.73135>>73138 >>73220
He's not the actual board owner. That's just his tripfag name. Q-LARP will be given free reign forever because it brings in money for jim, despite it being against US law.

So who is the real board owner and this Jim is a C-I-A operative clearly. And Q is violating U.S. law in what way?

White Hats Report #63 – #ARRESTtheFED
Hashtag everyone -


Why do you engage in LARPing?

 No.73155>>73156 >>73169
Explain why you keep other 8chan features such as those related to the nerve center closed source when there is no reason to do so.
It doesn't matter if OpenIB works for the general public. What does matter is that you actually keep it open source. You keeping it closed source for no reason makes me think that you are compromised and running backdoored code.


 No.73156>>73158 >>73169
That is exactly what they are doing. 8 chan is now being run by the clowns in America, with back-door code running in secret.

 No.73158>>73165 >>73169
I don't doubt it for a second. Why chan administrators feel the need to be two faced like this makes no sense at all. First it is Sunshine, with promises to make it up with open sourcing. Then we get a software rebrand, called OpenIB. Initially, things are pushed. Then they suddenly stop completely.
It's not hard in the slightest:

git add -A
git commit -m "Message."
git push
Something is being hidden.

The C-I-A most likely killed the original code monkey and the Sunshine coder, shut-off the code, is running it as a back door IP logger now and that explains why we get an all across the board ban on our Google browser when we prove Q anon is a larp and a hoax. Code Monkey and Q are both Clowns in America agents. I just got my internet dropped by the clowns when typing this here. Had to come-back with a different IP to post this.

These posts tell it all:
8 chan has been comped.
Now you know the truth.

Links: (note the numbers in blue correspond to the above numbers in red)

 No.73156>>73158 >>73169
That is exactly what they are doing. 8 chan is now being run by the clowns in America, with back-door code running in secret.

 No.73155>>73156 >>73169

Explain why you keep other 8chan features such as those related to the nerve center closed source when there is no reason to do so.
It doesn't matter if OpenIB works for the general public. What does matter is that you actually keep it open source. You keeping it closed source for no reason makes me think that you are compromised and running backdoored code.

 No.73158>>73165 >>73169

I don't doubt it for a second. Why chan administrators feel the need to be two faced like this makes no sense at all. First it is Sunshine, with promises to make it up with open sourcing. Then we get a software rebrand, called OpenIB. Initially, things are pushed. Then they suddenly stop completely.
It's not hard in the slightest:

git add -A
git commit -m "Message."
git push
Something is being hidden.


The C-I-A most likely killed the original code monkey and the Sunshine coder, shut-off the code, is running it as a back door IP logger now and that explains why we get an all across the baord ban on our Google browser when we prove Q anon is a larp and a hoax. Code Monkey and Q are both Clowns in America agents. I just got my internet dropped by the clowns when typing this here. Had to come-back with a different IP to post this.

Continuing... The following message I feel is the singular most important communication in this conversation. This was also my awareness when it happened on January 5 when I was sole-Admin on "QAnon QClearance 4chan 8chan + related articles" Facebook group. In fact, even though this was a QAnon group, I did not allow ANY so-called QAnon posts on that group for the whole of January. It was only when (my perceived) "true Q" posted again on the /greatawakening board after a lull of 13 days absence on the /greatawakening that I was again convinced it was true Q replying. In hindsight - it wasn't true Q. It was an infiltrator. From January 4-5 onwards, it was FAKE Q LARPER* on all channels of communication. 

* LARP - Live Action Role Play. Gaming term.
This infiltration was my very strong knowing on January 5th. I am now highly unsurprised at these revelations. Don't you think it's extremely ironic that Q highlights this post right now? None of us would have seen this month's-old conversation if Fake Q hadn't commented on it recently with "Fail". By commenting on it, the antiseptic of sunlight now shines on it. You just shot yourself in the foot Fake Q by bringing this February 26 post to our attention.

Entire moral of the story: (1) Do your own research - as I had done since October 28, 2017 drops; (2) Get a real feel for the information you are looking at. In this case, authorship was of highest importance; (3) Don't trust voices other than your own - don't even follow me. Do your own research and the truth will be easily seen by you. This is your most ultimate proof; (4) Follow your gut instinct and stand by it.  

My instinct from January 4-5 always was "fake Q". I strayed away from that gut instinct and didn't test with enough veracity the supposed "true Q" who began writing once again on the /greatawakening board. The authorship of posts on all boards was very much in question. I stopped questioning. That is a distinct #Fail on my part and a good learning point.

For you now - go back over the original Q posts up until January 4-5 and you will also see-feel the difference. They are different authors.

Please continue on now to this singular most important communication in this whole conversation -

 No.73183>>73184 >>73213

File (hide)54b3c89cbd9d81e⋯.png (43.25 KB, 1174x352, 587:176, codemonkeypm.png(h) (u)

On Jan 5th, Q connected from an IP that he'd never used before. I called this out and said Q's tripcode had probably been cracked. LARP Q immediately said "IP address is the same as always" which was of course a clear lie. He then posted a bunch of illiterate made-up crap that sounded NOTHING like the real Q and summarily announced that /cbts/ was compromised - which was bullshit. Codemonkey sided with LARP Q in the confusion and claimed that he'd 'triple-checked' it was the real Q. But my mod logs show that a) Q had never used that IP before and b) he was now using the same IP for all of his subsequent posts on /thestorm/. This was clearly not Q - he used to use six different devices to post to /cbts/ as the mod logs also show.

File (hide)0630181216965aa⋯.png (31.87 KB, 677x282, 677:282, codefag.png(h) (u)
Wrong pic. This one.


If you can't follow a basic argument like 'this IP hash is not the same as that IP hash' despite the poster and the administrator claiming that it is, then you're beyond help. Whether myriads of redditors believe me or not is utterly irrelevant.


the absolute irony of you talking about anyone being comped. fellate a shotgun, m8



 No.73242>>73325 >>73419 >>73606
File (hide)ccf47b6697366b0⋯.png (45.13 KB, 582x333, 194:111, TRUST SESSIONS HAHAHAHAHAH….PNG(h) (u)


>q was real unitl he was proven false…
>how come this sites dying?
>its almost like nobody wants to hear the truth!

Evidence? Zero. As usual.

>drumpf tweet
sage negated, post ignored

Global report for destroying the site. Your kike paid shill hoax is exposed. Your god emperor himself destroyed it. "Trust Sessions" is a lie. Q is a lie. All of it is fake.

Nicely stated.

Nice! Glad to see someone else who also noticed this! Q "trust Jeff Sessions" proves he is a fag troll! Trump says the OPPOSITE!
Referencing DJT's Tweet (above)

Why would any good Attorney General comment on ongoing investigations?

 No.73607>>73649 >>73800
why do you guys call ciaNIGGERS "clowns"
Only a Q LARPING *FAGGOT* would use that lame ass terminology

Clowns in America, fag…LoL…

Get out of here larper.

Q-LARP is a proven hoax.

Proven hoax ever since January 5, 2018.
That is my summary of the situation also.

- BronnyNZ @

Who am I?  I am the former (sole) Administrator + 1 Mod on "QAnon QClearance 4chan 8chan + related articles" Facebook group with 7,500 Members. I set that group up on December 13, 2017 and we were approving Members at the rate of over 100 people a day. It was the fastest growing QAnon group on Facebook, by far. It ran very successfully until I was removed from Facebook (forcibly) on February 27, 2018. Strangely, the conversation you read above took place on February 25-27, 2018 EST. Things were definitely happening in the "unseen realms" over this period. Things were bubbling to the surface.

The former Moderator of the group I set up has continued the good work on Facebook with a group of the same/similar name: "QAnon QClearance 4chan 8chan + related articles Stage 2." As Moderator, he was unable to access all the control features on the first group that he needed to. It was necessary for the group to move. I wish them well in their efforts. Great work is being done on that group for the #GreatAwakening. I wish no Q-followers any ill ... Just for there to be ongoing questioning and awakening of hearts and minds.

My removal from Facebook was because of another Facebook group i'd set up on February 24, 2018 called "Nikolas Cruz is INNOCENT". When Facebook takes a group down this fast, you know there must be absolute truth behind its assumptions. See the story about that removal on these two links.

At the same time that "Nikolas Cruz is INNOCENT" group was removed, Facebook very unexpectedly entirely deleted my personal account with 3,500 Friends in my network - an account i'd set up in 2010 and worked very hard in to accumuate this many contacts - Really great people. Suffice to say, I have no trust ever again in MSSM - mainstream social media. I've gone alternative instead. Please see the places where you can connect with me on my website. Thanks, Bron