Monday, 29 February 2016

Facebook HACKER Ricky Dearman HACKS BronnyNZ's Facebook !!!!

????  WTF  ..............................??????????????????????????????????????

No probs now... The image disappeared for around 30 minutes then re-appeared.  An 'No', it was nothing to do with Facebook... They normally send you a notification saying that "Somebody has reported..." and there was none of that.  It was an entirely independent act.

+ + +

This is what IT-literate ARSEHOLES do when they fucking throw all their toys out of the pushchair...

They remove your FACEBOOK BANNER... Un-Fucking beLIEvable !!!

>> come to my Timeline and you will see.
NO... I did NOT remove this myself !!

That's how RICKY DEARMAN can be such an ARSEHOLE... He's just shown us... Can YOU remove somebody's banner off their Timeline ?? No !! Neither can I... and I know a little about pcs. But he's gone in and HACKED this account... And that's how he's making so many OTHER sock puppet accounts on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook... because he's a bit of a fucking IT GENIUS.... And he's just outed himself now AS this, by STUPIDLY taking this action on my Facebook Timeline...

What a FOOL !!!

And all because i'm NAMING his sock puppets... 

At least now, we know i'm on EXACTLY the right track in my list... 


Here's what I just posted ONE HOUR ago on both my Facebook (scroll down) and on a blog post. He is fucking spitting tacks this time Ladies and Gentlemen... This is the big fucking showdown...

And REPORT this prick's sorry ass if you don't find my 

Facebook account up tomorrow... 

Nope... I'm going NOWHERE... 

If i'm not here, it WILL be because of that 

FACEBOOK HACKER, Ricky Dearman !!!! :-/

The "offending" post >>

Ricky Dearman has got DOZENs of these FAKE accounts he's set up in real people's names (identity theft) as well as FAKE names... eg: and this is only naming a few... :-/

"Danielle La Verite" (identity theft)
"David Shurter" (identity theft - the Profile with the book photo on it is the FAKE, not the profile with the pic of David S. himself zoomed in)
Scarlett Scoop
El Coyote
David Divad
Divad David
a new one... "Dave David"
Popoola Essien
Danielle George (identity theft)
Terry Simpkins ??
Axiom Seer
Mark Trellis (YouTube account)
Abraham Christie (KFC version) (identity theft)
Abraham Jemal Christie - with the "Raw Hemp Stars" banner (identity theft)
James Hind (the new Fb/LillyLew account's new best mate)
Mister Tickle (on Twitter)
"Gabriella Barney"
(identity theft of a real account name)   Removed! Thank you.
probably "Leonor Arango" (the Marilyn one)
Max Frisch (Fb and Twitter)
Den Diddle
Sheva Burton
Diva Preya (perhaps just a Pedo-supporter)
"John Smith" (Anon 'blank' Fb profile pic - might just be a Pedo-supporter)
Door2Door (Twitter)
DaCostaLiving (Twitter) aka "Helen does H"

That above account is actually a very FINE example of tRicky D-Man talking to himself as all his other sock puppets: James Hind, El Coyote, MaxAlfie48 (probably), mk Ultra...

REPORT all those Twitter accounts too...

There are COUNTLESS other Facebook accounts that are all Ricky Dearman's sock puppets. You can REPORT ALL OF THESE with Confidence. Do your own checking first - don't just take MY word for it - but this gives you the starting points at least...

AND including the Fb group "Open Your Eyes" (OYE) - didn't you ever notice the piss-take?

What a fucking "Wayne Kerr" he is...

At least he's FULLY Exposed himself, this time !!!



REPORT these TWO DIFFERENT RD sock puppet accounts on Facebook


Image source

Is Ricky Dearman sending you Friend Requests ?? 

He just wants to let you know he's watching you... 

Report that AreSoul?? three ways 

(1) Fake account 

(2) Fake name 

(3) Impersonating someone you know: 

Then BLOCK his sorry arse... !!!   

+ + +

Here's my reply to a Friend just now who sent me this screenshot above:

Friend: Look who's just sent me a fb request.. its Ricky isnt it!?..

Me:  Yup... Please keep up with my blog posts. I try to put up information whenever I see him do his next "whacky" thing. I put this one up 8 hours ago...

Report the account 3 ways then BLOCK his ass.

He will have taken screen shots already of your Profile - things he can use to discredit you.
He's an EVIL and an unhinged "man" (bi-ped).

Get yourself out of there...

This is what comes with my Friends Liking my posts or them putting a comment on my posts atm.
He has other sock puppet accounts who are my Friends (i've no idea who these are) so he's watching everything i'm doing.

- And he's just letting you know that he's watching you too  :(

It's all in a day's work here on Facebook at the moment, i'm afraid :-/

+ + +

Take care out there people. I'm very happy to get No Likes and No Comments... Protect yourself first. I can see everybody who is seeing these posts because you all turn up in Statistics on my blog...

Heads up! Eyes open.

And use that REPORT button people 

We are MANY... He is only One...

- You just need to start paying better attention... And yeah - He IS everywhere... He WILL attempt to do your head in and throw you into confusion and doubt...  That's his game.  So TRUST YOURSELF first and foremost. Ricky Dearman HAS infiltrated most of the Hampstead Groups and is in Friends lists everywhere, disguised as sock puppets and "sleeper" accounts where he's watching you.

Listen in your heart to that argument you're reading (on a Group, on somebody's profile) that sounds reasoned but sits in your gut like a rock. It's likely that's the voice of Ricky Dearman you've just come across. Trust your instinct. That's what God=Consciousness gave "Instinct" to you for... To Keep You SAFE! ^_^

Connect... and Use it... and Trust it. You will be CORRECT !! ^_^



Image source


Another very kind Friend just said:

What a wanka!!
Who does that sort of crap??

Hope your page is ok Bronwyn.

Me:  Who? Somebody who is very sick K... He's a very unwell man.

My page? You mean this Facebook Timeline ?? Yeah... This one's fine...

...But it's all the clone accounts that will suck people in that's the problem. This is the confusion Ricky Dearman likes creating... 
He's got "real" profiles posing as me, out there as well... These ones he's letting me see are just the "obvious" fakes. So when Dearman begins to throw his weight around as me in conversations, people will just say: 
Faaaarrr... What a bitch. "True Colours", right?  
That's the game he likes to play... 

That's the game he's been playing ever since 
February 2015 that Abe was trying to tell us about... 
It's just that we're picking up on it properly now, 
as a Collective Consciousness

Eg: Twitter clone account of me...

You'd think this was me, right.  It's not  :P  It's just that old tRickster... that puppeteer, Ricky Dearman.

Take care out there...  REPORT...  and BLOCK !!!

Obvious. Obvious. Obvious. He's just a FOOL on Hampstead Hill...

And here's Ricky Dearman replying as "me" on Twitter, and having conversations with his other sock puppet accounts that he's created as well, purely to hassle James Mc, Angela Power Disney, Drif Loud... anyone else out there who is advocating for Alisa and Gabriel.

Too LATE MATE !! GAME OVER... Feb 1, 2016

Or didn't you get the Press Release ??? >>>

"Custody of Children NOT awarded to Ricky Dearman Feb 1, 2016"

This link is to a Twitter sock puppet account Ricky Dearman created by STEALING my IDENTITY.
Nope. This is NOT me...

I just put this up here as an example of what RD does ALL the time... eg: "Danielle La Verite" FALSE Facebook accounts using the name of a real woman !! tRicky, tRicky, tRicky...

What a little tR-Ickster he is... very Icky indeed! Icky Demon :P Bleh... Very, very flaming Icky !! Don't get anywhere near that black plasma poo... That Shit sticks stinks - as we can all see by the way he's hounding me and other people relentlessly !!! He's definitely being driven by the Demons... Demonic RAGE all over him. Poor bugger (literally).

Ricky Dearman has got DOZENs of these FAKE accounts he's set up in real people's names (identity theft) as well as FAKE names... eg: and this is only naming a few... :-/

"Danielle La Verite" (identity theft)
"David Shurter" (identity theft - the Profile with the book photo on it is the FAKE, not the profile with the pic of David S. himself zoomed in)
Scarlett Scoop
El Coyote
David Divad
Divad David
a new one... "Dave David"
Popoola Essien
Danielle George (identity theft)
Terry Simpkins ??
Axiom Seer
Mark Trellis (YouTube account)
Abraham Christie (KFC version) (identity theft)
Abraham Jemal Christie - with the "Raw Hemp Stars" banner (identity theft)
James Hind (the new Fb/LillyLew account's new best mate)
Mister Tickle (on Twitter)
"Gabriella Barney" (identity theft of a real account name)
probably "Leonor Arango" (the Marilyn one)
Max Frisch (Fb and Twitter)
Den Diddle
Sheva Burton
Diva Preya (perhaps just a Pedo-supporter)
"John Smith" (Anon 'blank' Fb profile pic - might just be a Pedo-supporter)
Door2Door (Twitter)
DaCostaLiving (Twitter) aka "Helen does H"

That above account is actually a very FINE example of tRicky D-Man talking to himself as all his other sock puppets:  James Hind, El Coyote, MaxAlfie48 (probably), mk Ultra...

REPORT all those Twitter accounts too...

There are COUNTLESS other Facebook accounts that are all Ricky Dearman's sock puppets. You can REPORT ALL OF THESE with Confidence. Do your own checking first - don't just take MY word for it - but this gives you the starting points at least...

AND including the Fb group "Open Your Eyes" (OYE) - didn't you ever notice the piss-take?

Please REPORT this FAKE ACCOUNT on Twitter posing to be me... Just click on the cog beside the "Follow" when you've got the Fake account open... Dead easy to Report

Ricky Dearman is not a well man :-/ Oh dear god... How I pity Ella living with THAT for how many years ?? - around four I think... What a pain in the arse... and i'm sure "very charming" just to keep her in the game so she could produce children to sodomise, make child porn and snuff movies featuring them, and prostitute them out to the well-heeled of London... What a way to make a fucking nonsense "living" - off his children. You honestly can't stoop any lower... Same thing was probably done to him by his "lovely" parents.  Fucking generational child abusers...  :-/

What an ignoranus !! yes... I did spell that right :-/

Just imagine the great (legitimate) income Ricky Dearman would be drawing if he actually channelled all of these IT skills into a proper job rather than trying to constantly defend himself against the so-called "Hoaxsters" with his STUPID and OBVIOUS efforts here on Facebook and on Twitter.

What a WASTE of a good talent...

Just a FOOL on "The Hill"  (Hampstead Heath where all the Satanists hang out after dark)

Paul McCartney - Fool On The Hill Live

Uploaded on Jun 19, 2008
This is a bonus live clip from the "Put It There" DVD of Paul performing Fool On The Hill with his band. Enjoy. =)


Your HELP is needed... REPORT Ricky Dearman sock puppet accounts


Oh good... Another barrage of abuse from Ricky Dearman hiding behind his Gabriella Barney sock puppet. If you've got delicate sensibilities, you might not want to read what he wrote to me... :-/ Please report ALL accounts you are able to access. Thank you so much.

+ + +

I received these messages from the FAKE Gabriella Barney account in January and again today... Please REPORT !!! Thank you (y)

+ + +

My message to Facebook: PLEASE INVESTIGATE this Facebook user whose name is actually "Ricky Dearman". He needs to be removed as he has NO RESPECT whatsoever for Facebook's Community Standards.

This is the SAME "Gabriella Barney" who was harassing me a few days ago under the URL /LillyLew

Can you PLEASE take effective action this time against this user? Thank you so much. Here are the messages received by this user:

JAN 4TH, 5:59AM

Hi Bronny

I'm from the closed 'In Support of Ella Gareeva & Her Children' group (formerly the 'Happy Birthday Alisa/Gabriel' group). As you've probably heard, it's in disarray at the moment, due to the disinfo agents Araya Soma and David Shurter, who both turned out to be working for those satanist bastards at Hoaxtead Research. Anyway, the reason I'm contacting you is to make you aware that people in the group have been saying that it's you who runs the 'Dearman Does Hampstead' blog and trying to get Dave to post it on his blog.

Apparently, the Police are close to an arrest or something, so the real perpetrators are closing ranks and passing the buck to you, presumably to take the heat off themselves. I know you've threatened to identify them on your excellent blog before and I reckon now would be the perfect time to do it!

Keep up the brilliant work, Bronny

Sally, your most loyal fan :)

JAN 10TH, 12:37AM

LOLOLOLOLOLOL! You stupid cunt!
8:19AM   [Fake account. Please report]
Attachment Unavailable
This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.

You stupid fat cunt, LOL.

There are so many clones out there, haha. Ant [and] that one has really pissed off your boyfriend Jim McMenamin, who is now seriously unhappy with you, LOL.

Oh by the way, Chubby-Chops, did you see this excellent article in the Sun today?
Attachment Unavailable

This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.

Hahahaha, you lose, Fag-Breath!

Hmmm, posting child porn on your page now, hu  [Fake account. Please report]

Attachment Unavailable
This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.

And don't forget to follow us on Twitter ;)   [Fake account. Please report]

Attachment Unavailable
This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.

[This is the notification I sent to "Gabriella Barney" = Ricky Dearman just before I blocked his sorry ass... He's repeating it back to me here in his message to me - for what purpose i'm not quite sure... Maybe just to indicate that he's seen it.]

Hi, it looks like the name on this timeline isn't a real name. Here's info on how to change your name:

>>> STOP creating FALSE ACCOUNTS Ricky Dearman !!
Attachment Unavailable
This attachment may have been...

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Custody of Children NOT awarded to Ricky Dearman Feb 1, 2016

David Shurter: "Thousands Of Children Are Murdered In Satanic Rituals, Every Year!"

 Published on Feb 2, 2016

Please Support The Show –
David Shurter's Website -

This is a very interesting interview published Feb 2, 2016 California time...  

It's good to hear that Gabriel feels safe with his current foster mum  <3  Ref: the Feb 1, 2016 date when a decision needed to be made regarding the custody for both Alisa and Gabriel. The children were not returned to either Ella Gareeva nor Ricky Dearman. 30:00 - 36:00

Could this be part of the reason why Ricky Dearman's attacks of me on my blog became so elevated from mid-January onwards?  Maybe he Real Eyes'd at that point that my campaign on my blogs, and EVERYBODY's campaigns in every corner of the Internet to create 
Public Awareness, had ACTUALLY WORKED !!

>>  This is a post that Ricky Dearman totally mocked back in 
September 2015...  
So who's laughing now, RD ??

Posts from Feb 11, 2015 on my primary blog:

Dedicated blogs and a weekly news publication:

Ref - The judge said: "There is so much of a global focus on this case, that those kids [sic] aren't going anywhere. 
They're staying in foster care."  - David Shurter (34:54)

David Shurter on Facebook:  (his Profile/Timeline)  (his "Rabbit Hole" Page)

+ + +

I'm pretty sure there's other "David Shurter" profile/Timeline out there with the logo of the book "Rabbit Hole" on the Banner, as seen on the REAL David Shurter's website:

I have very strong suspicions that this "other" account is a FAKE account !!  :-/   Yes...  Another one !!  Fancy that !!  :-/  Please follow my reasoning:

I'm really not convinced that this other "David Shurter" account has actually been set up by the REAL :: David Shurter ::  Verification coming soon... Watch this Space.

This OTHER "David Shurter" account has actually blocked a number of legitimate supporters of Alisa and Gabriel. That's a bit odd... Isn't it ???  And I can't see this account at all (it doesn't come up in my Search on Facebook), which means that I also have been blocked from this other "David Shurter" account  *alarm bells*

That's all a bit weird since I have never heard of David Shurter before today in his capacity as a #Whistleblower of Satanic sexual abuse in America.  Why would I be Blocked from any account that David Shurter actually owns when I never even knew this man's name until today ??

Why is it that I am Blocked from this "other" account/ Timeline and yet not Blocked from David's real account ??  It simply doesn't make sense   :-/

There's more Screenshots coming in though of this other (hidden) "David Shurter" account...  Please send me your screenshots in Messages or just put them on my Timeline   Let's see if we can figure this out definitively.

The bottom line in all of this is:  "Buyer beware". We are definitely in Wonderland when it comes to all these Shills, Trolls and FAKE accounts being set up on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter by the Satanists and Pedos. Thanks (y) 

+ + +

In response to David's comments on this video -  the real David in this video that is, not the fake David on the Facebook account I have been Blocked from  :-/  

- I personally think Ella is very naeve. Russian culture is very unaware of SRA and CSA generally. I have Russian friends here in NZ, and this information is very confusing to them. They have no point of reference whatsoever. They can't even understand the relationship between myself and my Swedish partner who is 20 years my junior. He's in his mid-30s... but my Russian friends are extremely baffled by that, as it cuts across every convention they have been raised with culturally about what a male-female relationship "should" be.  It's just 'their way'.

I think this was likely the same for Ella. The possibility of these things ever happening to any child in the world I would say, would have never, ever, entered her consciousness. 

No wonder Ricky Dearman got away with brutalising and terrorising these children for so long. Thank god they're out. That's all I can say. 

David Shurter

Ricky Dearman BITES BACK at BronnyNZ. Good luck with that...


Here's "Mr Ugly" again inviting us to all "hate" on him. Omg... He's such a flaming sado-masochist. He doesn't feel "alive" until he's got 50 of us persecuting him. What a way to live :-/

You gotta feel SORRY for the guy, right?
What a way to live... ???  Can you call that "living" ??

Nahhhh... I don't think so :(

"Gabriella Barney" lives to get WHUPPED another day...

Please note:  There's no set name in the URL unlike his last /LillyLew account. This means he can change the name as much as he wants with impunity... or so HE thinks :-/

Please REPORT this account:

Thank you all. Please see the screenshot below.

Please send Facebook Reports re: "Harassment of someone you know" and "Fake account" and "False name". Then send him this message when Fb Reports presents it to you to send.

Please keep doing this every day until the account is REMOVED. Thank you <3

Please feel free to use the text in the image below for your Report...

"STOP creating FALSE ACCOUNTS Ricky Dearman" !!!

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Ricky Dearman sock puppet "LillyLew" has been REMOVED !!

For three consecutive days, BronnyNZ and a team of dedicated Hamptead Cover Up supporters Reported the fake Ricky Dearman account on Facebook that he had created to harass me and disparage me.

Here is the response from Facebook regarding my Reports followed by my reply of gratitude...

Your report  (my report)

You anonymously reported Gabriella Barney for being full of inappropriate content.

Our reply  (Facebook's reply)

Thanks for letting us know about the profile you reported for being full of inappropriate content. We're following up with Gabriella Barney about this to make sure they know about the Facebook Community Standards. You name was kept confidential.

Please let us know if you see anything else that concerns you. We want to keep Facebook safe and welcoming for everyone.

My letter of gratitude:

Thank you very much. I very much appreciate you taking this action  : )  Could you please give me some reassurances that Ricky Dearman aka LillyLew URL/ Gabriella Barney account will not be put up again?

Also:  I found the REAL Gabriella Barney.

This is what Ricky Dearman always does. He uses other people's profile names and identities and then he disparages other people using those fake accounts. This is very problematic  : (

eg:  Danielle George and Danielle La Verite
eg: David Divad alternatively called Divad David

Thank you so much... a thousand times over  : )  <3


Friday, 26 February 2016

Directory: Ricky Dearman's Comments on BronnyNZ's blog

Well done everybody !!!



Keep going people... Keep reporting...
This strategy is WORKING !!! :)
Thank you thank you - - - SO MUCH. Let's keep going !!!

Here's the blog post I just put on my timeline >>>
Please feel to share the Timeline version if you want to or this blog version.
THIS is a GREAT VICTORY !!  : ) Thank you all !!  <3

The following question was asked of Ricky Dearman on his Divad David sock puppet account on Feb 19, 2015 @ 3:47pm >>

"Does anyone know what started this all off?"

My answer to that question is this:

Ricky Dearman began hounding me relentlessly on my blog Comments from the middle of January onward. By mid-February, i'd simply had a guts full of him. I also started receiving private messages from people who were joining a lot more dots besides... So it launched me into a full-scale PUSH-BACK of everything that Ricky Dearman is doing on Facebook... simple as that !!

Here are all the links for the Comments that Ricky Dearman as various aliases (sock puppets) left on my blog from around August 2015. His efforts ramped up hugely from mid-January 2016. I have no idea why he did that, because I was blogging about world affairs - Syria, Russia, and the CIA hoax that IS ISIS, at that time. ie: Dearman's initial attacks of me from mid-January were entirely unprovoked. He was just doing his thing and I was just doing mine.

+ + +

Background to these Ricky Dearman Comments: From August 2015, Dearman mainly replied as 'Anonymous', and only sporadically. I got to see the tone and timbre of his replies and after a while, I could spot him from a mile away. Please check out Ricky Dearman's Comments on these blog links. He kept changing his "persona" (Latin. 'actor's mask') when he gave these replies. He IS an actor, after all :-/ As you see, by the end of January/beginning of February, he had lost the plot. The actor's masks (personae) were all down, and we just get Ricky Dearman spewing invective - under the names of all kinds of sock puppets, of course...

Please note the "Danielle George" reply. That's what clued me in to the fact that a number of the Danielle George and Danielle La Verite accounts on Facebook actually BELONG to Ricky Dearman... It was one of the names he had so easily trotted out and replied as, on my blog: "Danielle". It matched with what other people were sending me. Ricky Dearman had just let the cat out of the bag... Too much cocaine addling his brain, I think.

Please enjoy working your way through these... These comments are VERY "telling". He leaves clues to his real identity all over the place > > > Do you see what I see ??
Co-creating Our New Earth : Disinformation Agent "David Divad" guns for Truth Finder BronnyNZ
Co-creating Our New Earth : Neelu Berry uses Hampstead Cover-up as leverage. Common Law demands...
Co-creating Our New Earth : Ella Gareeva testimony: Ricky Dearman sexual deviant. Hampstead case
Co-creating Our New Earth : Demonic activity and Witchcraft in the 21st century

Then over January - even though I wasn't blogging on Hampstead - he really began to ramp up his efforts. He was making 6-7 abusive comments a day on my blog. Of course, I didn't publish them, only a handful. I just wanted to publish a few to let people see who Ricky Dearman really is...
Co-creating Our New Earth : Visualisation for Ella Gareeva and her family... Join us in our VISION

This is where it started getting REALLY abusive !!
Co-creating Our New Earth : Large "Planet" with SIX OBJECTS orbitting just outside our solar...
Co-creating Our New Earth : Hampstead Cover Up... UNCOVERED. Ritual child sexual abuse, London UK
Co-creating Our New Earth : The 6-9D Blue Avians MESSAGE to humanity - Corey Goode
Co-creating Our New Earth : WHO or WHAT keeps turning up the HEAT !! ???? Hamilton NZ
Co-creating Our New Earth : Is President Vladimir Putin going to SAVE us? What is "Sovereignty"?

This time, there was a comment from "Danielle George" - yet another Ricky Dearman sock puppet !! :-o

... and Abraham Jemal Christie... another RD sock puppet account.
THEN Jean Clement sock puppet operated by RD - ie: Identity THEFT !!!
Co-creating Our New Earth : U.S. County Sheriffs STAND UP for the Constitution. Please Share.

Then here, as a "Max Frisch" who is another Ricky Dearman YouTube sock account (he's got probably dozens on YouTube)

>>> All of these Comments were coming in thick and fast I can tell you...  :-/   Abuse upon abuse...

And then came this next Comment where he declared the future THEFT of my IDENTITY which he finally did set up on the FAKE Fb "LillyLew" account, which is obviously very close to the URL of my Facebook account. (Dearman's) (mine)

He's just changed the name of that Sock Puppet to "Gabriella Barney". I would say that everybody REPORTING this account has lead to Ricky Dearman having to remove the name "LillyLew". But it still doesn't change his URL, nor his intention towards the TRUE Hampstead Cover Up supporters, so the "fight" continues...

I DO wonder however why Ricky Dearman is hiding this time behind the pseudonyms 'Gabriel' and 'Ella'. I really think you should leave Gabriel's name out of this Ricky Dearman. Haven't you hurt him enough already?? Poor little boy  : (   You're a VERY UNWELL man   : (

This declaration of IDENTITY THEFT was undoubtedly the Comment where I said  "Right... Enough is enough." This time, he'd actually made a Sock Puppet account to disparage ME !! :-/

"The straw that broke the camel's back", as they say :P
Co-creating Our New Earth : Ricky Deaman et al. creating "Bronwyn Llewellyn" sock puppets on Fb
Co-creating Our New Earth : Facebook: Normal people MUST obey "rules". PEDOs don't have to.

It was around this time, approximately 10 days ago that a Hampstead supporter sent me a whole bunch of info about these sock puppet accounts. She provided me with verifications - screen shots, names, activities, strategies used - of what she was seeing. It was a GREAT REVEALER !!

So - It was no longer just me seeing these things. Other people were seeing things too. Then I KNEW we had him. The time had come where we could take him down. #CriticalMass

+ + +

So that's really the answer to your question:

"What brought all this on...?"


Following is the REAL me talking here in the Comment below, not RD posing as me (just to clarify):
Co-creating Our New Earth : Ricky Dearman STATES HIS AIM: To BAN me from Facebook

+ + +

From those first vollies in mid-January, I kept on tightening the security around: "Who can comment" on my blog. I've always had the "Moderate for everything" functioning.

I started off with "Anyone" (prior to mid-January), to Google Account holders only, to Registered ID, and finally to 'Only members of this blog' (by Feb 22, 2016). That's the date when Ricky Dearman stopped sending me these abusive Comments - hiding behind his various sock puppets all the time. And by then, Ricky Dearman had no idea what sort of Shit Storm would follow...

And this is it Dearman... You were trying to push my buttons ever since mid-January, and you SUCCEEDED !! Well done !!!

Note: For people to become "members of this blog", they have to give their email address. As soon as I put this filter up, Ricky Dearman stopped commenting. He apparently doesn't want Anons finding his IP number.

+ + +

All through this time, Ricky Dearman was disparaging me on his various sock puppets "Danielle La Verite" and "Divad David" on Fb, and I have no doubt, in other places too. I couldn't see any of this because he has me blocked from these accounts, but people were sending me their screenshots.

The fact that I KNOW the Commentor on all of my blog posts was Ricky Dearman, and yet supposedly "completely different people" have come into the fray on this issue would tell you surely that all of these "completely different people" simply are:  Ricky Dearman, attempting to defend himself and confuse you.

Think about this for a moment...
And another moment...
And just let all of this sink into you...


Why would anyone step into an argument between BronnyNZ and an array of sock puppets owned by "God knows who" ???

WHO would step into such a fight ??  DID YOU ??  And WHY didn't you ??

- That's right... because it's not your business. You have NOTHING to lose as a consequence of me having a rant on my blog.

But there's "somebody" out there who my rants do affect, very much so. And that "somebody" is trying to defend himself in whatever way he can.

Keep pondering... You will see the light soon enough...

There is only ONE person in the world who has enough motivation to put up such a feisty defense, and that one person is...  Ricky Dearman.

I hope this helps you understand what's going on here.
Thank you   : )

+ + +

A final note to Dearman:

Your time here on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, is INDEED LIMITED Ricky Dearman !! The People have SEEN YOU !! There's no place for you to hide now, brother... It's time for you to crawl back into the the little hole where you came from.

- BronnyNZ

In service to humanity.

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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Ricky Dearman tries to slug BronnyNZ from behind with a sledgehammer #RickyDearmanEpicFail

Ricky Dearman's sock puppet "LillyLew" is sending abusive Facebook Messages to "Bronwyn Llewellyn" (that's me) aka BronnyNZ.  Date: 25-02-2016. Time: 1:15am UK time (scroll down)

What Ricky Dearman has sent me is mainly copies of messages i've sent to him through Reports. I've just completed half-a-dozen Reports regarding his "LillyLew" account and the Posts he's put up under the name of that sock puppet.

Will you assist me to report him and these accounts and Posts ???

... and then tomorrow...  We do it all over again.  "The squeaky wheel gets oiled."

And please remember as you read these messages, Ricky Dearman not only creates fictitious names for his sock puppet entities, but he also engages in IDENTITY THEFT ie: misappropriates (steals) other people's ACTUAL names, business names, Video identities (real people speaking on video) and then he puts up FAKE Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter profiles for these people and PRETENDS (LIES) that he is them, etc, etc...

It's all about trying to confuse you.

Please remember: Ricky Dearman IS an actor (pretty useless on screen) but he knows how to take on a persona of somebody else and mimic them... and he knows how to come across like a "voice of reason" as if he's completed a psychology degree doubling in philosophy...  and he knows how to come across like a swearing banshee just by imitating how the banshee behaves in her videos.  This is well within the scope of an actor's abilities.  So bear that in mind as you continue to absorb this Post.

Eg:  Danielle George or "Danielle La Verite" as she also calls herself is a real woman...

But this (below) is NOT Danielle George  :-/   .... This is tRICKY DEARMAN !!

Are you starting to see how the old tRickster is playing you yet?

Here's the abusive Facebook Messages Ricky Dearman just sent me an hour ago...  As I say, this is Dearman re-sending me the messages I just sent to him through "Report" and some other stuff he's having a tanty about...  I think he's trying to convince me he's not the blondie and not RawHempStars, when in fact, it IS Ricky Dearman who has set up those accounts using other people's names and business names.

He's such a LIAR.... hell... He LIED to Ella about only seeing the children once a fortnight for years, and years, and years...  Didn't he ???  

It really is time for the people who follow these FAKE accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and only heaven-knows where else, that have been set up by Ricky Dearman, to start waking up to the 'game' he plays and what's going on.  Thanks.

Lilly Lew is in your contacts

TUE 3:14PM

My God, that Ricky Dearman is a fucking awesome master of disguise! Blond wig, Cockney accent, tits, the lot! LMFAO!!!

Abe & Ella stating that the RawHempStars channel is theirs:

Oh dear, Bornny fucked up. Again!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Scroll to 1:18:00

Yeah, that shut you up! LMAO!

Ricky Dearman... Stop creating FAKE accounts.

Ricky Dearman, STOP creating FAKE accounts.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

BronnyNZ's new "Marketing and Promotions" director: Ricky Dearman

This is just very, VERY funny...


Commenter about David Divad on Facebook:

"Coincidentally, I ended up on his profile last night when I was following a thread. He can't help but talk about you Bronny.  It's got RD written all over it.  The man doth protest too much. I have no doubt that it's him."

Bron reply:  "Ok...  Really interesting. Thank you so much for passing this on !!  No wonder i'm getting so many visitors to my blog all the time... I have an unwitting "Marketing and Promotions" director... Hahahahahahaha... !!  Very good !!


Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Hampstead London England - Satanic ritual cult, Child sexual abuse

We must keep telling the world about this case...  The Hampstead Cover Up.  This case is the key that unlocks the door and will bring the downfall of the KonTrollers in this world.  There is nothing more powerful than the innocent testimony of two young children. Tell the world. This is the way for humanity to break free of the stranglehold the Babylonian Black Magicians have over us, by helping the world to wake up to what is really going on and who currently has control (the global Satanic agenda that runs politics, the military, the media and the money systems), and how they do it, and why... Thank you.

Video: Hampstead WhistleBlowers Fear Is The Mind Killer Info/Research

Published on Dec 16, 2015

WARNING: This video contains content you may not want to see or hear so please be very careful about viewing it. The Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead UK and the Satanic Sex Cult Within.

Video URL:

Please Search these topics on this blog (Co-creating) for much more about this case:

Hampstead, Satanic cult, Satanists, Molech, CSA, SRA, Child abuse, child sexual abuse, pedophilia, paedophila... and so on

Supporting article:

Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed in Australia

This is a very good article February 20, 2016 which confirms everything Alisa and Gabriel have said about their situation.

Alisa (9) and Gabriel (8) had their testimonies video-recorded by their mother Ella Gareeva (a Russian expat living in London, UK) and Abraham Christie, Ella's new English boyfriend of 4 months at that time (since May 2014). The children's testimonies were recorded over the period, late August to mid-September 2014.

These video recordings were realeased by proxy via "McKenzie Friends" lay Legal Adviser, Sabine McNeill. The hour-long recording that was produced, being a compilation of these video testimonies of the children, was released by other independent whistleblowers on YouTube on Feb 4, 2015 and Feb 8, 2015. McNeill faces charges this month at the RCJ in London on February 25, 2016 I am given to believe... (unconfirmed), for releasing sensitive material which automatically has UK *Family Court "Protection Orders" on them, by virtue that the information is being heard in Family Court. As a consequence of those videos being released on YouTube and all over the Internet, the children's mother Ella Gareeva was forced to leave the UK late one night in mid-February 2015, when police came to her and Abraham's home in Hampstead London UK with the intention of arresting her. Ella Gareeva was never consulted by McNeill about the release of the videos. Ella Gareeva never agreed to the release of the videos.

* The Family Court in the UK is a "closed court". These are not public hearings. Most often, the children's own parents, the children themselves (anyone under 18 years of age), and other people who support the children in their day-to-day lives, are excluded. The lawyers representing the two parties and the judge and other court officials are most often the only agents present for these "hearings" - they're actually "silencings" - and as we all know now, WILL protect high profile people rather than the Natural Rights of the Child to live free from fear and free from harm. If any documentation or "evidence" submitted to the court is erroneous, from the non-offending parents' point of view as is the case for the Gareeva family, the parent is not present to hear such detail and is therefore unable to make clear submission to challenge those erroneous findings. The Family Court system in the UK is entirely corrupt and protects the pederasts who by-and-large prey upon little boys (often preferred) and little girls, who at this time are often returned to the abusive parent or are dislocated from a loving parent and directed into the public foster system of the UK. This has been the outcome for Alisa and Gabriel, ongoing.

The following is not my opinon or supposition. These statements are a summary of events and eye witness accounts that Alisa and Gabriel Gareeva gave in their video testimonies Aug-Sept 2014. These are the situations that Alisa and Gabriel's biological father Ricky Dearman compelled them to participate in. Warning: this subject material is very heavy going... not for young people to view. Thank you.

Ella's ex-partner of some 4-5 years (until c.2008) was Ricky Dearman. It is Mr Dearman who the children have testified as being the primary sexual offender against them - committing acts of sodomy with objects and promotion of penile (penis) penetration upon both the girl and the boy by both adults and primary school aged children: Promoting the indecent exposure of themselves to each other, to Mr Dearman and to hundreds of different adults at varioius times who attend Mr Dearman's "sex parties"; promoting hand to genital contact with each other - brother and sister ("touching"); promoting for children within the Christ Church Primary School (CE) Hampstead community to perform sex acts with each other, including sodomy using phallic objects; committing sex acts and indecencies upon his own children and other people's children himself; allowing other adults to perform sex acts upon his children; permitting the administration of pain-inhibiting drugs (pharmacy drugs) when the children have cried out or screamed out in pain when himself or other adults perform these acts upon the children; the administering of cocaine and other powder drugs to the children; forcing the children to perform sex acts upon himself and other adults including fellatio and cunnilingus performed upon adult women (licking "the middles" as Gabriel (8) so naively describes it); the receipt of (a lot) of money (according to Alisa) from other people who used them sexually, ie: prostituting his own children; involving the children in Satanic ritual circles; forcing them to commit murder (by knife) of living (often drugged) little newborn babies and older babies who were able to sit by themselves as told to us by Alisa in her police interview (ie: 4+ months old babies) - babies and older children even (according to Alisa) who she says were/are trafficked into the UK by Mr Dearman's cult member affiliates and through a network of people all profitteering from such sales of newborn infants, babies and older children; the forced participation of cannibalism, the eating of these "sacrificed" infant newborns, babies, and older pre-school-aged children; the recording of video footage of these children who were part of a community of 20 other children besides, whose parents are all affiliated to Dearman through the "cult" he is/was a leader of; the dissemination of the resulting video showing these ritual sodomite-circle activities and the selling of these videos to a pederasty-craving world-wide audience through the "dark net".

The children were abducted by UK Police on September 11, 2014 (magic numbers 9/11 once again) after Ella Gareeva (then Dearman) had agreed to let the police interview the children for the purposes of advancing Police inquiries into the allegations they had made against their biological father. The allegations have NEVER been investigated. The two children were removed from the care of Ella Gareeva on that date and put into foster care in the UK where they remain to date.

Here are Abraham's comments on the wider UK situation.

As you can see, he has an extremely good handle as to what's going on:

Source  Feb 23, 2016 Twitter post

Listed is a link to the children's mother, Ella Gareeva's website. Ella continues to live in exile in her Russian homeland with her English partner Abraham Christie who has supported her devotedly all through this harrowing saga. His devotion is a real testimony to his Goodness. Abe has been attacked on all sides by Ricky Dearman's sock puppets. If Ella were to try to return to the UK to find out the whereabouts of her children, and so on, she would be arrested by UK Police as soon as she tries to re-enter the UK. ie: She has been utterly separated from her two children and they from their loving mother, until such time that public pressure and global awareness changes the current situation of over-riding Global Tyranny... which is why WE the Public need to keep sharing the posts wherever we can and create public awareness of the realith of what's going on. The END of the Global Tyranny is coming faster than any of us realise... We stand at the threshold.

I also add a number of background links from this blog which will further explain the unfolding situation as it was happening (from an observer's point of view) from February 10 last year:

Hampstead Cover Up - produced by the children's mother Ella Gareeva, MA in Art History, Moscow State University.

English Children say WEDNESDAY is the big day of SEX for them !!

Hampstead: Barnet police were surrounded by evidence !!


February 2015: EXPOSED! Satanic Ritual Abuse & UK Child Snatchers

Satanist, child sexual abuser and pornographer
Ricky Dearman

Ricky Dearman
Demon-strating the Hollywood "One-Eyed Cock Monster" symbolism.

Source:  Christ Church (CE) Head Mistress (20??- 2015) Mrs Katie Forsdyke (resigned)

The Headmistress

Source:  Alisa's drawing of Head Mistress Katy Forsdyke, Richard (Ricky) Dearman and another Christ Church (CE) teacher, Mr Hollings. They are all wearing strap on dildos, which the children in their video testimony refer to as "plastic willies".  Ricky Dearman is depicted wearing the infamous "Dildo headdress".