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Introducing Larry Locken... Pleiadian Contact

Episode 74 - Guest Larry Locken | An Introduction to Our Pleiadian Br


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"Awaken to the shift"   -  9 April 2014 show

Video description by Todd Jenkins : Published on Apr 9, 2014

If you have never heard of the Pleiadians before, Larry Locken has a wealth of information about our Galactic Brothers and Sisters. The first time Larry had heard the name Pleiadian, it resonated with him. Unsure why, he searched everything he could find about them. It wasn't long before he would see flashes of light, signals, sightings, especially in the late evening. He even experienced vibrations in his ears, realizing this was developing into a telepathic form of communication with the Pleiadians. Larry explained how he learned to tune into their specific vibration frequencies. With practice he managed to tune into their frequencies like a bridge to telepathic communication.

According to Larry, the Pleiadians are our ancestors. "They are most like us... in the future." This may be difficult for many to understand and wrap our brains around. Such is the case with virtually all of the topics discussed on Awaken To The Shift. Of course, all of these topics and concepts are exactly what we are waking up to realize. Larry believes The Shift can happen any time, a concept he calls "zero time". We can accelerate the process of The Shift by assisting others without being too pushy. Humbly answer their questions,without any judgment or being vested in the outcome. Many individuals will have "Aha" moments and then again many won't want to know or be ready. Respect the life paths they are undertaking; plant a few seeds, trusting they may very well sprout!

For those of us who have an understanding of the bigger picture of The Shift, we embrace knowing that it is our right to become a Galactic Community.  As we look forward to The Shift in consciousness, join our AwakenToTheShift.com Community today.

Larry Locken's facebook group, "The Fringe Thinkers"

Image source:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/fringethinkers/

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