Thursday 26 March 2015

FBI agent Christine Ann Sands at Christ Church, Hampstead on 22-3-15

Do NOT speak to this woman: "Christine Ann Sands". FBI Agent: verified.

This story has a second part to it here, written 12 hours after the first one:

Please watch the following video from around 15 minutes in this video to around 30 minutes. This is an FBI agent who goes by the ALIAS:  "Christine Ann Sands".

Do not talk to her. 

Do not let her video your face.


Published on Mar 24, 2015
Everything in this video is alleged


:: I posted this earlier on my page and this link in a comment on this page that people appear not to have noticed. If you are going to Hampstead today you need to watch the video. There are others you can check to make sure:

That batshit crazy American woman who has appeared from nowhere and declared herself the official spokesperson for the people who have been going to the Church in Hampstead everyday, the one shouting that she has the official website to help save Alisa, Gabriel and the children, directing people to one of her 100+ activism websites, the one shouting 'In the name of Jesus', 'Shouting about 'Fucking babies and eating babies' as the young children are leaving the school; The one making those at the church look bad, by aggressively harassing the named abusers, as only a person with mania problems and poor meds would, unless they were total overacting and trying to make a group look foolish and easily dismissed...

Beware and stay away. I say this not based on this vid, but I looked into her because of it. She really has testified in 100s of FBI cases. She even has a big posh 'Anonomobile', she has over 100 websites and ingratiates herself with demonstrators, especially where the 1% are being pursued by people with real evidence of their law breaking, paedophilia, theft, rape, murder etc.

If you look into it and find the same then please share so that other activists you know will be aware, 'Stop her farting in church' as the saying goes.

All it takes is one person who is able to point out who to be wary of, people can and will check it out themselves. What makes her so bad is that all day she mingles with demonstrators and constantly films faces, which never appear on any of her pages. I've even seen her hug and take a pic to get a really good close up: [name] you were right to take down the video of her, your instincts were correct, clever'. Warn people, warn people not to tell her what they know: - here:   Wikipoet Informant Warning

Wikipoet Informant Warning

Published on Nov 2, 2013

This is a final warning about Christine Ann Sands AKA Wiki Poet aka Twatwaffle. I have 100% confirmation that she is a federal informant that has testified in dozens of cases. Right now we are awaiting information giving details as to what she is doing now and what she is after and who she is being handled by. We want to know what information she is giving to the feds. I can not release the info that I have without potentially exposing my source so I will wait until I have everything I need to lay out and expose her once and for all. This my friends is the final warning before that happens because I am certain that when she is exposed and her cover is blown that anyone near her at the time is in trouble. You have been warned.

Anon B said: I noticed on a tape that two people came forward who knew the family, the children and the area, she spoke over them and said she'd check what they knew. DO NOT TELL HER ANYTHING. DO NOT LET HER HUG YOU AND TAKE CLOSE UP PICS OF YOUR FACE. She videos the demonstrators and never post the vids on any of her 100+ Websites. I have more info on her if you need. She is even the owner of The Million mask march site.

Anon C said: I noticed it straight away she was more into just being there and getting attention to herself than the actual cause and she i what you would call an informant for the church occultists, the other religious occult who does this is called the scientologists check it out.. so anything you tell her she then reports back and those recordings are so they can identify you and know whos involved in the protest against them shes what you would call the trojan horse... infiltrate, spy , record and slander, governments do it all the time in wars, ie isis

Anon D said: I have read in 4 or 5 different places today that her site for the Hampstead children, that I and many others have been to is riddled with hard to detect viruses, so they have the info of most people involved in trying to raise awareness of this case. But I can't remember where the virus thing first started, so didn't include it because I wouldn't believe something I couldn't verify. Well done... I just thought she was unstable. [name] thought the same as you. Clever people. 

Anon E said:  Ref: The American woman at Hampstead that Anonymous and others have proved works for the FBI and collects the images of the demonstrators. Ask other activists, a lot know of her both here and in the States, looking into her Canadian record at the moment. She has been an FBI witness for almost 100 cases against demonstrators charged as terrorists. There is loads out there about her, her 100+ activist sites are a way for the authorities to shut people down, same with her many Facebook pages under many different names. BE WARNED!!

Anonymous Presents - Christine Ann Sands (Update) 2014

Published on Mar 6, 2014

Let's start with Christine A. Sands, because she has been the most public and the most difficult for several Anons to deal with.

Christina Sands (a.k.a. Chris Nevada, and on Twitter and the WWW: WikiPoet, PolymathPoet, WikiParrot, Anonomobile.... ) owns She owns the "Anonomobile." Most of us never heard of her until after somebody posted dox on a "journalist" named Justin King, accusing him of being a snitch for the FBI:

She is not the original organizer or coordinator of the MillionMaskMarch. She suddenly appeared, started buying domains, including, and bought a big shiny RV, had it customized to be, what she intended, as the Anonymous version of the WikiLeaks truck (With help from its owner). Chris Sands has posed as the spokesperson for this march, giving interviews with The Russian Voice, such as, this (Citizen Action is not a breakaway group. We've talked to enough participants in that group to know they're clueless about Anonymous. Those we spoke to are hostile toward Anonymous.)

This is the first interview she had with the Russian Voice:

Here is one source's version of how Chris Sands got involved with MillionMaskMarch:

Whats Up With The #MillionMaskMarch

She bragged about being "the first to expose....Mario Brito" - the OccupyLA organizer. She has a pattern of "taking down" certain people, and gaining some sort of position of control or influence as a result.

Video of Chris Sands (A.K.A. Nevada) flipping out at OccupyLA General Assembly
Chris's Presumed Background (that she provided via ):

At the end of her brief auto-bio Chris claims: "Served the public as Shepherd for the New Mexican Governor's Council on Film and Media Industries exposing lawlessness of NM Governor Susana Martinez"

She has a knack for "exposing" people.. wherever she roams? Remember Brita? And the other guys mentioned above?

Her next intended targets?:

Christine married Egyptian Diplomat:

["Research of the name Christine Wahab brought up more information, including info that indicated she may be married to a Mahmoud Wahab, previously of Vail, CO. - now listed in Windsor, CT. ( ) via ]

She also worked at "Vail Airport - 'marshaling jets, night ops & ticketing'"? (She went to airline school for that...)

Claims she was affiliated with corporate lobbyists: RCA Communications to the FCC,

Employed by "Ross Perot's tech company" (Which one? ) She did not specify.

Claims to have worked on Ron Paul's political campaign (as a genuine helper, or a political mole?).

Ties to Wall Street - sold mutual funds for New York Life. (Is she an investor, too? If so, small time, or big time? Mutual funds, hedge funds, major shares in specific companies?)

Claims to have "spearheaded a Supreme Court case....regarding judicial conflict of interest in matter of police corruption" but did not stipulate what case it was and any other information to show that she actually did this.
We are Anonymous,
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.


  1. we did a live show about million mask march and sands was a guests, much info and yes i smell a rat have for 3 years archive of the 3 hour show here

    1. Thanks for that Kevin. When an Anonymous video says, "... she has testified against people she became associated with in various protest movements..." I just don't want to be part of that idiot show. I don't need to be told twice. I have nothing to do with her. She's just another soulless wonder, sold out for a few pieces of silver.


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