Sunday, 19 June 2016

Donald Trump receives phone call from Vladimir Putin! Did he really?

Brave Vladimir Putin has delivered a scathing attack on the New World Order and warned Donald Trump that the 'secret cabal' have him 'in their crosshairs.'

Be mindful whenever you're looking at "alternative media" news outlets >>

80% of "alternative media" is owned by the Mainstream Media Zionist bosses !!

- So don't get sucked in by articles with headlines like the one below !!

An example of how we get sucked in...

This morning, a Facebook friend of mine posted an article about Vladimir Putin having a nice cozy little chat with Donald Trump. The guts of the conversation they allegedly had was about future assassination attempts that were being planned, since Trump so clearly is not singing from the NWO song book.

Update June 21, 2016. There was an assassination attempt on Donald Trump last night. Does Your News Wire know something from an insider point of view? What's going on here?

Here's the link to the article:
Putin Warns Trump ‘New World Order Out To Get You’ - on Your News Wire

Here is my comment in reply to my Facebook friend:
There's some major flaws with this article Dan. Primarily: Who are the sources that "Baxter Dmitry" is quoting? He never mentions once who provided this information - not by name nor by rank. So unless "Baxter Dmitry" metamophosed into the proverbial "fly on the wall", this article is a load of bollox. How could a third-rate "journalist" writing for a supposed "truther" news outlet (i've caught Your News Wire (YNW) telling huge porkies before), have as his only source, his 'own good word' on the matter? I don't think so !! Outfits like YNW are only out to get bums on seats. It keeps their advertisers happy. I'd say their company policy is: "Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story." !!! *unimpressed*

None of this sat right with me so I undertook a little investigation. Without too much effort, I looked into a couple of other articles that Facebook offered me (additional pop-out boxes) since i'd shown interest in this particular story. One of the links offered was a video. You can see yourself now, exactly what Vladimir Putin said in regard to Donald Trump.

Published on Jun 19, 2016

Fareed Zakaria, as a host on CNN, is known to misquote Putin as well as misrepresent Russia's intentions to the world. At the St Petersburg Economic Forum 2016, Zakaria wasn't going to get away with that very easily... It's important to understand that Trump, unlike Hillary, is the candidate that doesn't call for war with Russia, and that's the extent of Putin's apparent support for Mr Trump. Similarly, Putin mentions some uncomfortable truths in relation to the not entirely democratic nature of the US Presidential elections. And when was the last time Mr Obama invited international, non-Western media to come and speak to him?  - by Inessa S

Image - "Fact checker" - Udder bull, mostly false, debatable, mostly true, true.

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