Sunday, 20 April 2014

New Earth eco-villages established now

There's a number or eco-farms and communities of various forms developing out of different templates that have been coming to light over these last couple of decades. I'm sure these are many others as well. My 'personal favourite' list includes Anastasia-modelled "Kin Domains", the "Kotare Village Project" NZ, and "The Findhorn Garden" community, Scotland.

Kotare Village.


The template closest to my heart are the "Kin Domains" or "Spaces of Love" that have come out of the dachna revival in Russia. Here's a brief pointer to that. While I love this system, it doesn't tackle the economic systems head-on like the 6 models in the above articles do. Here's some articles on Kin Domains... fyi.

Note:  the Space of Love magazine is put out by Yuri Smirnov, a Russian man who used to live in NZ (Takapuna, Auckland) for around 10 years. I got to know him around 2 years after he left NZ. Yuri's article on the Anastasia-inspired school at Tekos, Russia is one of the most viewed articles on this blog, 6757 Views since 25 May 2012. Linked here:

              Anatoliy and Sasha Molchanovs             

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