Sunday, 20 April 2014

"World Harmony. Blueprint of a new civilisation."

Founder: Trevor Osborne
Trevor is an ex-pat Brit living in Perth 


Trevor:  The global transformation currently underway demonstrates that old systems and structures are falling apart as they become more and more dysfunctional. As this occurs ‘we the people’ have an opportunity to influence the transformation in positive ways by creating the foundation of a new civilization.

This is where synchronicity comes into play. All consciousness is intrinsically inter-connected and is part of the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS of All-That-Is. Synchronicity is an expression of ‘the one’ manifesting as ‘the many’ (us). To help people experience synchronicity consciously all the time we have established thirteen (the transformational number) guiding principles. These along with the New Systems are seen as part of the “software” for the new civilization, whereas new technologies and materials are seen as the “hardware".

Trevor:  Accordingly, the concept of “ownership” has been replaced with “sharing”. Everyone has the divine right use of any and all resources according to their honest needs for as long as that need is present. When they no longer have that need they make it available for others who may now have that need… in perfect timing (another aspect of synchronicity).

Everyone works together cooperatively because they want to and because they enjoy themselves in doing so. Neighbours know and assist each other synchronistically. Crime, anti-social behaviour and terrorism is a thing of the past. This came about because of the positive changes in personal and collective attitudes and, because of a mutual support system, no one “goes without” as there are no scarcities.

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