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Kin's Domains - 1 hectare of land (2.5 acres) gifted to every family

A triumphal way out of the world-wide crisis is 
being demonstrated in practice by 
one and a half thousand Russian families!

UPDATE: October 16, 2015
This is happening NOW in Russia !!  Please see the following link:

In various regions of Russia, families are acquiring a hectare of land apiece in abandoned areas, on which they are constructing their kin's domains, their own small homeland.

There are no difficulties that can frighten them. Neither the absence of support from the government, nor the absence of an infrastructure, many of them are still living in tents, others have already constructed their own homes, planted a garden. Children born on the domain are taking their first small, barefoot steps on the grass. The sensation of a wonderful future is inspiring the populace.

People of various nationalities and faiths, on the whole with a higher education and academic degrees, have already prepared draft legislation respecting the kin's domain and are discussing it with fervour on the site.

They are appealing to the government and the President, they assert that, with the support of the government, the new ideology of the family life-style described in the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series of books is capable of extracting the country from the crisis in several days and completely eliminating unemployment.

The crisis will disappear when a person and his or her family can clearly imagine their future.

This movement of families inspired by the ideas of constructing kin's domains is also developing in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Canada, USA, Australia and many others.

Someone may think that this is all a fantasy, however the pessimists can see with their own eyes how people, through their enthusiasm alone, are gladly settling previously abandoned lands and beginning to live in their own happy future. They are all readers of Vladimir Megre's "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series of books.

"A new ideology is needed, a life-style ideology," they say. "It exists, it is in the books of the Russian writer Vladimir Megre, we are all readers of these books."

More than 150 settlements consisting of kin's domains have already been formed in various regions of Russia. Their number continues to increase. It is completely obvious that a national idea has been born among the people. With the support of the government, the greatest force will be mobilized -- the people!

Testimonies from Russia, translated by Google:

Kin estate - it's a piece of land measuring not less than a hectare, where family planning and embodies their personal space. Family plot is provided free lifetime use with the right to inheritance, it is indivisible and inalienable. According to supporters of the idea, this is the only possible answer to the intractable problems of modern civilization. Life on the family estate will bring people peace and harmony, will replace the relationship between humanity and nature with confrontation and destruction on cooperation and mutual assistance.

  From tourism to the ancestral estates           Our son     

Testimony from the Rudkovskii Kins Domain:

So what has called us, and many others, to their ancestral homes? Perhaps the answer lies in ourselves, in consonance with the spirit of Anastasia. Her dream echoes in our souls, her words awakened our thought. We have wanted to take part in the creation of their future and the future of their offspring. I think that would agree with all those who have read the book by Vladimir Megre and began building his own estate.

Here we are, a dream inspired by Anastasia, created their dream. After the fourth [book entitled "Co-creation"], the most important of all, the book was born in us the desire to live on the family estate. At that time we were 24 years old, we lived in a studio apartment and worked at a small company. Where was I to get the money? 

... We re-read all the green books [the Ringing Cedars books] and took a firm decision to create his ancestral estate. Procrastinate and wait no longer wanted, and therefore were quickly sold apartment and a car, bought land and hired a team to build a house. Sure, no problem could not have done, but they helped us to understand how significant the idea of ​​Anastasia patrimony. It's worth remember those who still only going to create his own estate: difficulties in the way will not be enough, but they all they turn into a speck of dust, when you realize that in front of your kind of Eternity!

Here we are led by images created by Anastasia, found a new strength to continue the path started. Finally, the day came our move. It was July 23, 2011. Earth Day - a holiday celebrated by the readers of the books by Vladimir Megre - for us was a double, filled with special meaning. Since that day we have to live permanently in their ancestral homes, in their homeland.

Here is a list of village settlements now being passed from generation to generation into perpetuity in Russia, as encouraged by the Siberian mystic and seer, Anastasia. The information about doing this is found in the books "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" by Russian resident, Vladimir Megre.

210 village settlements on the Russia list, February 26, 2013

1Altai Republics.Kanachak Turochakskyi district # 766031 # 408491

2Altay regionBerezan
3Altay regionValley Pa
4Altay regionCareful Charyshsky district it # 725483
5Altay regionSolar Sloboda
6Altay regionOkay rodovue-poseleniya /41-ladyshki . html
7Altay regionMAGIC
8Arkhangelsk regionLepota

9BashkortostanSettlement on TatianovkaItkulovsky / c Ishimbai district, 40 km from Salavat
10BashkortostanFavoritehttp:// anastasia-ufa / lub.htm /
11BashkortostanMikhailovskoe Arkhangelsk region
12BashkortostanChick-Elga Arkhangelsk region
13BashkortostanChikulsky cedar
14BashkortostanFrolovskoyeArkhangelsk region, on the basis of the village Upper Frolovskii

15BashkortostanKrasnaya PolyanaLocated near p.Krasnousolsky. There are free
16Belgorod regionWhite Dew
17Belgorod regionVasilevka
18Belgorod regionKorenskie springs
19Belgorod regionSilver Forest (Ustinka)
20Bryansk regionSilver Dew
21Vladimir regionLyubodar
22Vladimir regionCherished
23Vladimir regionNative
24Vladimir regionZhivograd

25Volgograd regionSettlement patrimony "Rainbow"
26Volgograd region Springs
27Vologda regionZaonezhie
29Voronezh regionARYAVARTA
30Voronezh regionBlagodatnoye

31Voronezh regionGrace

32Voronezh regionLada
33Jewish Autonomous RegionSource
34Ivanovo regionCedar
35Irkutsk regionLadoga
36Kaliningrad regionAurasfeld

37Kaluga regionNoble
38Kaluga regionArk
39Kaluga regionMilenko
40Kaluga regionStrelenko
41Karachay-CherkessiaSettlement Smaglinka
42KareliaKarelian Zalesye

43Kemerovo regionNew Way
44Kemerovo regionMatyushinskaya Mane
45Kemerovo regionRed Kaltan
46Kemerovo regionSary Chumysh
47Kemerovo regionRodolese
48Kemerovo regionItkara
49Kemerovo regionExpanse
50Kemerovo regionBurukhin
51Kirov regionEstate in settlements located in the district of Fateevskom
52Kirov regionCourtier # 798777
53Kirov regionPure Origins
54Kirov regionBerezan
55Kirov regionGrace # 852123
56Kostroma regionSprings
57Kostroma regionBurtasova
59Krasnodar regionLiving Spring
60Krasnodar regionMesopotamia
61Krasnodar regionSinegorje SNP "Vedruss"
62Krasnodar regionLYUBOISTOK
63Krasnodar region Cozy on Vodogae 
64Krasnoyarsk TerritoryDobrosvet
65Krasnoyarsk TerritorySarap
66Krasnoyarsk TerritoryRadiant
67Kurgan regionSprings
68Kursk regionCherry8-908-122-82-30, 8-910-218-80-04
69Kursk regionBeauty  
70Leningrad regionAistova+7 901 309 75 74 Andrew Pozhidaev 
+7 906 273 93 16 Lena Luneva 
+7 904 646 89 99 Lena Evgina

71Leningrad regionRadiant
72Leningrad regionBright dew
73Leningrad regionClear (Edward, Natalia)
74Lipetsk regionNemerzseveral families from Germany
75Lipetsk regionVinogradovka
76Lipetsk regionWarblerseveral families from Germany
77Lipetsk regionMarino
78Lipetsk regionPrivorgole (Laukhin)
79Lipetsk regionRzhavets
80Lipetsk regionVinogradovka
81Lipetsk regionZapolyane
82Lipetsk regionCheremushki
83Mari ElForest Glade
84Moscow regionGreat
85Moscow regionRadiant
86Moscow regionMirodole
87Moscow regionPosad Svetloyar # 328696
88Moscow regionDewdrop
89Nizhny Novgorod regionKalinovets (Vorotynskaya)

90Nizhny Novgorod regionGradislav
91Nizhny Novgorod regionSource8-908 162 38 07 Komardina Olga B. 8-905 668 27 June Romanov Roman Y.
92Nizhny Novgorod regionUzolskie keys
93Nizhny Novgorod regionSolar
94Novgorod regionAgnina
95Novosibirsk regionThanks to (former Vedrussovo)
96Novosibirsk regionGracious (Golden Horde)
97Novosibirsk regionKruglikovo (Bolotninsky district)
98Novosibirsk regionOWN LAND
99Novosibirsk regionLadamir (p. Plotnikovo)
100Novosibirsk regionStory
101Novosibirsk regionFedosiha
102Novosibirsk regionSuzun
103Novosibirsk regionLebedevka
104Novosibirsk regionLyubodole
105Novosibirsk regionRada
106Novosibirsk regionDruzhnoye
107Novosibirsk regionRadiant
108Novosibirsk region Saphttp://zhivitsa-novosibirsk.rf/

110Omsk regionOberezhnoe
111Orenburg regionNatural
112Orenburg regionBirthmark
113Orel regionBirches

115Orel regionMesopotamia
116Orel regionRich
117Penza regionSolar
118Perm KraiUpper Village Palnikov # 724258
119Perm Kraider.Pashnya
120Perm KraiRevival
121Perm Kraitract Podgorin
122Perm KraiRainbow Resorts # 724258
123Perm KraiCushman tract # 724258
124Perm KraiGRACE # 724258
125Perm KraiNative origins # 724258
126Perm Kraid.Zabore (byvsh.Kardymovo) # 724258
127Perm KraiVillage Raevo # 724258
128Perm KraiWinter Farm # 724258
129Perm Krai"Springs"
130Perm KraiLucky # 724258
131Perm KraiHoney
132Perm KraiChudogore
133Primorsky KraiGrace
134Pskov regionRed Hill
135Pskov regionKholomki
136Pskov regionClear Sky
137Rostov regionOak
138Rostov regionSprout
139Ryazan regionHarmony
140Ryazan regionTowers,
141Ryazan regionEsenin Sloboda
142Samara regionLinden Grove
143Samara regionSettlement "Sunny"
144Samara regionRodolad
145Samara regionDubravushka
146Saratov regionVedruss
147Saratov regionOakwood
148Saratov regionRodoslavnoe 
149Sverdlovsk regionRainbow
151Sverdlovsk regionSprings
153Sverdlovsk regionUral ridge
154Sverdlovsk regionCedars
155Sverdlovsk region Silver
156Smolensk regionLyuboistok
157Smolensk regionSolar
158Smolensk regionForest Dalihttp://eko-lesnyedali.rf/
159Smolensk regionYartsevo
160Smolensk regionStaroselie
161Smolensk regionSVETOGOR
162Smolensk regionBERESEN
163Stavropol regionLucky # 604752
164Stavropol region pos. Kliuchevskoe
165Tatarstan republicSunbeam
166Tver regionHoneymoon Key
167Tver regionRadom
168Tver regionHeaven
169Tomsk OblastSunny Meadow
170Tomsk OblastCedar Edge
171Tula regionVeles
172Tula regionSpiritual
173Tula regionIzobilnoye

174Tula regionKazinka
175Tula regionNikolsky
177Tula regionGlorious
178Tula regionReality
179Tula regionTableau
180Tula regionWarren
181Tula regionBeautiful Tale
182Tyumen regionHeavenly
183UdmurtiaRussian Saramaka
184UdmurtiaBolgury # 666931
185UdmurtiaSprings # 241893
186UdmurtiaDruzhnoyeSettlement is based on the basis of Chechegi village 6 km from the road leading from St.Zyattsev to Nov.Zyattsev.
187Udmurtias.Lyuk, about 22 km. from Izhevsk

194Chelyabinsk regionBlagodatnoye
195Chelyabinsk regionRadomir
196Chelyabinsk regionBig Dipper
197Chelyabinsk regionDistrict # 483169
198Chelyabinsk regionAlexandrovka-Otradnoe
199Chelyabinsk regionNet KeysSelyanka Anna razmyshkina 8 912 8925801 (mobile), peasants Pshenitsyn Peter 8351 701 814
200Chelyabinsk regionAria
201Chelyabinsk regionPodsolnushki
202Yaroslavl regionThanks

203Yaroslavl regionTown
204Yaroslavl regionGrace
205Yaroslavl regionRinging Cedars
206Yaroslavl regionOkay
208Yaroslavl regionGrace
209Yaroslavl regionOkayOn matters relating to land, contact Sergei: +7 920 125 6846
210Yaroslavl regionGood


  1. Hi ,I live in Whanganui and have read all of the Ringing Cedars Books and have begun the process of co creating my own Kin Domain .How is it going for you?
    Blessed Be Tracey Young

  2. Hi ,I live in Whanganui and have read all of the Ringing Cedars Books and have begun the process of co creating my own Kin Domain .How is it going for you?
    Blessed Be Tracey Young


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