Sunday, 20 April 2014

New Earth Nation. New Earth Project.

The New Earth Nation.  Founder Sasha Stone:

"New Earth recognises the entire planet as the true Earth Sanctuary. Thus, it seeks to empower every man, woman and child to embrace the sacred duty of stewardship, by protecting the natural biodiversity of our shared sanctuary. New Earth communities and venues become planetary exemplars for harmonious, peaceful and joyful coexistence between humanity and the natural world -- a global model where communities satisfy both their own needs and those of ecosystem in which they live. (page 5)

"Wealth in the New Earth is defined by the facility with which members and communities can maximally access and exchange value with the fewest impediments to themselves and the ecosystem. Acknowledging that abundance calls forth discernment, generosity and stewardship, and New Earth members facilitate and honor the flow and transmission of value within networks, rather than reinforce fear-induced scarcity illusions that lead to hoarding and insecurity. Optimal use of stewarded resources is highly valued when no surrogate of exchange (value represented by money) is required. In short, conscious individuals engaging freely with one another are emancipated from the singular surrogacy of the previous monetary systems of indenture and exploitative growth." (page 10)

"Nothing is more essential to the manifestation of New Earth than the reclamation of personal sovereignty. Individual sovereignty is the right and the ability to govern one‘s actions independently. As a self-governing sovereign individual, one needs to govern one‘s behavior, relating to one’s external environment and society, in accordance with natural law...  In order for one to be treated as sovereign, one must act sovereign. This requires the exercise of one’s inherent sovereign rights, completely, and without regard to the imposition of the statutory rules of those governments that one has declared to be void. The New Earth Academy of Law exists to provide guidance, knowledge and support in all matters relating to the proper exercise of inherent sovereign rights and the embodiment of absolute sovereignty." (page 38)

New Earth Project farm, New Zealand, Whangaroa 

Land: 100+ hectares Community: tbc 
Retreat: tbc 
Start: Late 2014

Video for Sacha Stone on the New Earth Project, in under 16 minutes. 

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