Sunday, 20 April 2014

Get yourself off the money teat. It's keeping you a Debt Slave.

There's lots of community, social & economic initiatives that have come to light in this last decade that have a "no money, no barter, no trade" focus.  There's a New Earth Nation community that's in the pipeline up in Whangaroa, NZ for example... btw. New Earth Nation came out of the New Earth Project... So things are coming along nicely.

But there's a lot of education that still needs to be done... To help people get off the teat of current money paradigm. That will be mission enough in itself.

Many of the initiatives looked at above have been decades in the making - New Earth Project 15 years, World Harmony 30 years, Findhorn Garden 50 years and The Venus Project 60+ years.

They're not "fly-by-nighters" hitching a ride off someone else's hard work. These guys are the genuine article, tried and tested, who have been collaborating with others for DECADES to bring about a COMPLETE shift in the way the people of Earth do business with each other.

These systems ARE HERE, and are starting to operate in the world in front of our eyes.

Change is happening NOW. 

Get off the teat.  This is simply a change in the way you think about money, initially.  Don't make it your God any longer - the thing that's going to 'save' you when you've got enough of it.  That's part of the trick that's being played on us. It's a game of divide and conquer, of competition.  We have been sucked into playing "I want to win" instead of "we are all winners together by sticking together and helping each other". There's a great difference.  And the mind-shift can only begin when we start to see the differences between personal gain, and collective success - by being in a No Money, No Barter culture and society.  Everyone - Every Body - kids, disabled people, old people - no exceptions, just gives a little of themselves to better other people - and this creates a lot of joy and well-being and the feeling of "I am needed", which YOU ARE !! We are no longer being poached for the resources of our time, intelligence, good health, vitality and creativity to make a VERY small handful of people a LOT richer.

Weigh all this up in your mind...  and figure out the sort of world YOU want to create.  

Money is simply the waka, the means, the vehicle for keeping us all debt slaves.  

Live ethically and help your fellow man. Begin to disengage... and start taking back your sovereignty. It may not be the easiest path (during this time of transition), but it's the GOOD path.  Let's all Stand together.


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