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The following excerpts are taken from a dialogue between Vladimir Megre and Anastasia the Siberian recluse in Megre's 2nd Book of the series entitled "The Ringing Cedars of Russia", Chapters 8-9, pp. 61-67. (1996, Russian edition)



Excerpts: Chapter 8 "The Answer"

V: "You have some extraordinary abilities Anastasia, there's no doubt about that. You can pick up any information you want as easy as counting one-two-three. But tell me now, when did you first become aware of that Ray of yours?"

A: "... That was something Great-grandfather taught me by the time I was six."

V: "So, that means that at six years of age you were already able to see what was going on in our lives? You could analyse situations, help people - even treat illnesses at a distance?"

A: "Yes, I could."

V: "Now tell me, what have you been doing all these twenty years since?"

A: "... I have been working with the people you call dachniks. Trying to help them."

A: "... I shall continue to help them. I love them very much. I shall never abandon them."

A: "There are localised disasters happening even now in various parts of the Earth. Mankind has been preparing everything and more for its own destruction for a long time now."

V: "And when will it happen on a global scale - when will the apocalypse come?"

A: "It might happen in 2002 for example. But it can be prevented or delayed, as happened in 1992."

V: "You mean to say it might have come to pas in 1992?"

A: "Yes, but they delayed it."

V: "Who are 'they'? Who averted it? Who delayed it?"

A: "A catastrophe on a global scale in 1992 was averted thanks to the dachniks."

V: "Wha-a-at??"

A: "There are all sorts of people all over the world who are working against global disaster. The 1992 catastrophe did not happen mainly thanks to the Russian dachniks."

A: "I understood the dachniks' significance, Vladimir."


Excerpts: Chapter 9 "Dachnik Day and an All-Earth Holiday"

V: "But why Russian dachniks? What's the connection here?"

A: "You see Vladimir, although the Earth is very large, it is very, very sensitive... The Earth also feels - everything. When people pave over it with concrete and asphalt, when they cut down trees and burn the forests growing on it, when they pick and poke at its innards and sprinkle it with powder called fertiliser, it feels the hurt. And yet it still feels people as a mother loves her children.

"And the Earth tries to absorb into its depths all humanity's anger, and only when it no longer has the strength to hold back, that anger explodes in the form of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

"The Earth needs our help. Tenderness and a loving attitude give it strength. The earth may be large but it is most sensitive. And it feels the tender caress of even a single human hand. Oh, how it feels and anticipates this touch!

"... changes came in Russia. They began giving out tiny private plots to people... too small to cultivate with mechanised equipment. But Russians, yearning for contact with the Earth, took to them with joyous enthusiasm. They went to people both poor and rich. Because nothing can break Man's connection with the Earth.

"After obtaining their little plots of land... millions of pairs of human hands began touching the Earth with love. With their hands you understand, not with mechanised tools, lots and lots of people touched the ground caressingly on their little plots. And the Earth felt this, it felt it very much. It felt the blessing touch of each individual hand upon it. And the earth felt new strength to carry on."


V: "... Why not set up a one- or two-day national holiday? Dachnik Day or an All-Earth Day... ? "

A: "The greatest conscious awareness is always achieved first by individuals, Vladimir. It always takes the majority a space of time to catch on.

V: "... what date should it be?"

A: "The 23rd of July."

V: "Why the 23rd?"

A: "It is an appropriate day. Also because it's your birthday Vladimir. After all, this fantastic idea is all yours!"

A: "... This holiday will begin in Russia. But then it will become the most fantastic holiday for the world as a whole. A marvellous holiday for the soul."




Acknowledgement: Thank you Yuri Smirnov for providing me with the Russian for "Dachnk's Day and the All Earth Day" ~ День Дачника и День Всей Земли

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