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Northern Hemisphere Gardening


I have travelled many countries
with outstanding beautiful landscapes
I’ve seen much of Europe, been to Canada, South Africa and Australia
I’ve even lived on a tropical island in the Caribbean
And swam with wild dolphins

I’ve seen the magical landscape of Iceland, empty,
like being on another planet
I’ve seen the beautiful green fields of Ireland,
fairytale land with the kindest people
I’ve felt mother earth alive in South Africa and
met with some of her wonderful creatures,
elephants, wild cats, penguins, whales…
Canada, such beautiful nature, mountains, glaciers, forests…
Australia, like a paradise, what a roomy open space,
stretched out landscapes and
flora and fauna
so amazingly different from what I have ever seen…

Having seen and experienced all this foreign beauty
My head told me it would be a very good idea
To leave my home country
To build a new life
To create a Space of Love
For Holland is the least likely
To create such a place
Lots of people
And so little space
Rules and Regulations
Cities and villages everywhere
Every inch accounted for
No real wilderness left
No, Holland seems such an unlikely choice

However, my heart tells a different story
For when I fly back from my travels
And I see Holland beneath me
Her yellow beach line
Her green patches with lots of water in between
When I recognise some villages
From my plane window
And finally see Amsterdam approaching
My heart leaps
And tears come to my eyes
She runs through my blood
Here is where I was born
Here is where my forefathers lived
Here is where my family lives
Here is where my friends live
Here is where I belong
Here is where I am down to earth
This is my Motherland
Here lies my heart

Maybe my heart is trying to tell me something
Maybe I was born here for a reason
Maybe I chose to be here
In this overregulated, crowded land
To pick up the challenge
That even here, especially here
A transformation can take place
And Spaces of Love can be created
That even here, especially here
A paradise can manifest
With lots of love and lots of patience

Is it a coincidence
The wild wolves are now returning to Holland?

And I know it is true what they say
Home is where the heart is

I am in the right place
At the right time
All is good


Chasing the impossible

Started by Caroline

This is for those who are chasing the impossible
Sometimes songs come into your life just at the right time....the music and lyrics exactly expressing your emotions...this one entered my life last week, and it was like an angel was talking some sense to me and trying to chase my dark thoughts out of my mind. I was longing to go HOME, basically...Perhaps some of you might recognize those feelings of despair..... sometimes it just feels like I am desiring for and chasing the impossible. I heard the song for the first time on my radio in the car, and I could not see clearly after a while, since the lyrics went straight to my soul and my eyes were filled with tears...The time WILL come...

It is sung by a new Dutch talent Elske DeWall. I think she deserves her lyrics put here on the poetry wall.

Another day, trying to find my place
Caught in the crowd, I'm just another face
I'm trying to fly, learn how to fall
It is never enough when you want it all
I can't give up
You gotta believe
This is for those
Who are chasing the impossible
This is for everyone
Who's lost themself
Just carry on
Carry on
Your time will come
Shooting for stars, waiting for take off
I'm here in the sun, why do I feel so cold?
And I wanna run before I can walk
It is never enough when you want it all
I can't give up
You gotta believe
This is for those
Who are chasing the impossible
This is for everyone
Who's lost themself
Carry on, carry on
The time will come...
Believe the time will come
Don't ever stop believing
Don't you stop believing!
This is for those
Who are chasing the impossible
This is for everyone
Who's lost themself
This is for those
Who are chasing the impossible
This is for everyone
Just carry on
Carry on.....
Your time WILL come!

Bring it On Live: Elske DeWall - Chasing the Impossible

This is the acoustic version, I am just a sucker for those, I often think they are the best. I will also post it on VIDEO's here....
This is the link to the original version, if you would like to check that one out:

With love,
Original Post: Apr 19th 2011 RC Action Network

Thank you Caroline.. these are beautiful words. I have been thinking too of your poem you wrote about your home. It inspired me too.. can you post it on here. It's such a wonderful feeling to know where you are home, I feel it too and know that my home is the whole of Australia.  Love to you,
Meg xxx
Original Post: Apr 20th 2011 RC Action Network

I see the song as saying;
that ,"The Impossible" seems impossible;
I believe  that; When your "Time comes", it IS Possible!
Give Determination and Control away; Allow Nature/ the Universe to show you;
"what is next" possibilities... be gentle, and allow nature/ the angels, to suggest to your feelings/mind, what is possibly, Next, for you.
I wish to express my gratitude to Caroline whose inspiring honesty caused this writing.
And it is written especially for Megan,.

Caroline ~ thank you so much for posting this song all those months ago ~  Who knew you posted it for me today ??  I now cry a river...  It says so much...  Yes, I chase the impossible...  and i'm a bit lost in all of this hardness that may or may not be upon us right now...  I think of you in Holland and Oscar in Sweden...  and there is so much to hope for, believe in and live for...  and now there is only grief in my heart knowing that so much bad may come...  I am in such grief and sadness that a hard way appears to have come to us...  
- Bron

Something completely different: Maarten, would you please share your creation of your SOL with us?  I would love to see some pictures here on this ning of your beautiful Space of Love in Sandy Wells, Coonabarabran. I am quite sure your pics/stories will inspire others, as much as they inspire me. Since you are manifesting that,  of which most of us here are still just dreaming ....It is amazing what you've created in one year!

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