Sunday 5 April 2015

"TAKE ME TO CHURCH" Hozier - Satanic Baby Sacrifice Ritual Cult anthem


Just to clarify... I personally have no issues with homosexuality or lesbianism between consenting adults over the legal age for your country. That's NOT the point of me highlighting the man-on-man action in the image. However:

If you are raping either Human, Adult, Child, Baby or Animal, this can not be condoned !!!  

- regardless of what the Talmud tells you is permissible.  

I highlight the homo-sexual (same sex) interaction in the music video [frame below] because it's a cryptic reference to homo-phones (same sounds) of words we will find in the lyric of this song. 

Follow me...  you'll see what I mean...

Brace yourself. "Hidden in plain sight."  
I'm sure you'll be surprised if not shocked at what this song is really saying !!

This is how the Black Saturnian Magicians of Babylon, Egypt and Rome play us... like a fiddle... and mock us because we don't see their sorcery. We see it now.  

And NOW... We will NOW  see it and "hear" it EVERYWHERE !! The cover is blown !!  

The SPELL is broken !!


Facebook post by BronnyNZ today:  Sunday April 5, 2015

Who loves the Hozier song, "Take me to Church"? Yeah... me too...
I've never really listened to it properly before, and now i'm having to look at it from a different angle.

As if the words aren't bad enough, the homophones are worse !! [brackets]
The homo-phones are pointed to by the homo-sexual men in the video !! (cryptic)  >> hidden in plain sight !!

Hozier - Take Me To Church

Published on Sep 25, 2013

"Take Me To Church"

My lover's got humour   [my lover's not human]
She's the giggle at a funeral
Knows everybody's disapproval   [Cos everybody's just a prude-yer]
I should've worshipped her sooner

If the heavens ever did speak
She's the last true mouthpiece
Every Sunday's getting more bleak
A fresh poison each week   [fresh boys in each week]

"We were born sick" you heard them say it

My church offers no absolutes   [no right, no wrong]
She tells me "Worship in the bedroom"   [Worshipping the devil]
The only heaven I'll be sent to
Is when I'm alone with you

I was born sick
But I love it   [wrong is right]
Command me to be well   [Note: screams in the background - caused by harmonic resonances/ inserted?]
Aaay. Amen. Amen. Amen. [calls on Egyptian sun god Amon Ra]

Stop the video:
In the video, the men kiss for the first time at this point - shocking, evocative, sexually arousing. Testimonies of people who were used in Satanic sexual ritual and blood sacrifice cults tell us that tortures were done to them while an orgasm was evoked in them. The two go together apparently in Satanic ritual sex and sacrifice cult. ie: Evoking Amon Ra in the ritual was likely accompanied by orgiastic and tortuous excitements that knew no moral boundaries. Neither human nor animal was safe from the barbarity.

[Chorus 2x:]
Take me to church
I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies   [life]  [doggy style/ sodomy]
I'll tell you my sins ** and you can sharpen your knife  [the Talmudic goyim sacrifice]
Offer me that deathless death   [promise of immortality via "gilgul"]
Good God  [gilgul]*, let me give you my life   [willing sacrifice]

*  Reincarnation in Hebrew is "gilgul"
Sin = Babylonian moon god 

Stop the video now.  Read on...

Next: Notice the backing vocals - Dark old harmonies and cadences of black slavery - Egyptian slavery of North African blacks. Ancient choral harmonies that evoke the Dionysian Saturnalia of Greece and the Isis-Ishtar-Easter worship of Babylon, Egypt and Phoenicea. Ishtar was the wife of Molech who is the golden calf of the Exodus and the NYSE bull - "the baby eater"  Please continue...  Push "play"...

If I'm a pagan of the good times
My lover's the sunlight   [Amon Ra-Horus-the Sun of God]

To keep the Goddess on my side  [keep the goyims on my side]  [keep your daughters on my side]
She demands a sacrifice  [Ishtar]

Drain the whole sea   [drain the whole (body) see, of its blood]
Get something shiny   [bucket to catch the blood]
Something meaty for the main course    [cooked baby flesh]
That's a fine-looking high horse    [alludes to 'high chair' + gentry]
What you got in the stable?   [cellar-seller of innocents]
We've a lot of starving faithful   [paid for]

That looks tasty
That looks plenty
This is hungry work   [sacrificing babies, sodomising children, Tricky Demon... tRicky DEarMON]

[Chorus 2x:]
Take me to church
I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies  [life]   [doggy style/ sodomy]
I'll tell you my sins** so you can sharpen your knife   [night]  [the Talmudic goyim sacrifice]
Offer me my deathless death   [promise of immortality via "gilgul"]
Good God [gilgul]*, let me give you my life   [Light]  [willing sacrifice]

No masters or kings  [no differentiation]
When the ritual begins   [rich you all]  ['ritual' straight out]
There is no sweeter innocence [inner sense] than our gentle [gentile] sin
[sweet innocent babies birthed for sacrifice*, conceived in Satanic 'wedlock']

* testimonies of this happening to young girls litter YouTube - rape, birth, sacrifice of the baby.

In the madness and soil of that sad earthly scene   [in sin and deceit]
Only then I am human   [humour - like the death-cult 'goddess' girlfriend at the beginning]
Only then I am clean   [wrong is right]
Ooh oh. Amen. Amen. Amen.   [calls loudly to the Egyptian sun god Amon Ra - as the High Priest]

[Chorus 2x:]
Take me to church
I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies   [light]  [doggy style/ sodomy]
I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife   [night]  [the Talmudic goyim sacrifice]
Offer me that deathless death   [promise of immortality via "gilgul"]
Good God [gilgul]*, let me give you my life   [Light]  [willing sacrifice]

+ + +

The video says it all as well. It says it ALL !!!

Gutted. I love(d) that song, but had never listened to it properly before.

Now we know what's being funneled straight into the subconscious by these Black Magicians   : (   

If you're confused, figure out who owns the music industry... and the media.

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Caption:  Accounts of Jewish ritual murder during Purim are too many to list. The Jews have been draining the blood of their conscious victims, slitting their throats to bleed them out, and making treats with human blood for millenium. 


Caption: "Judaism" is not the Old Testament, but Babylonian Occultism/Satanism


  1. I've been told that the pressed vinyl version says " I like eating babies for breakfast" if you play it backwards.

    1. This backwards playing is bullshit. However, the article hits the rite spot.

  2. Here's another, one that makes me feel sick now because I used to really like it.

    It's that ole devil called love again,
    Gets behind me and keeps giving me that shove again (bending over)
    Putting rain in my eyes (crying)
    tears in my dreams (destroying innocence)
    And rocks in my heart (turning it hard)

    It's that sly ole son of a gun again,
    He keeps telling me, I'm the lucky one again.
    But I still have that rain, still have those tears,
    And those rocks in my heart.

    S'pose I didn't stay - ran away - didn't play,
    The devil what a potion, he would brew.

    He'd follow me around, build me up, tear me down,
    Till I'll be so bewildered, I wont know what to do.
    Might as well, give up the fight again.
    I know darn well, he'll convince me, that he's right again.
    When he sings that sorry song, I'm just gonna tag along,
    With that ole devil called love.

    He'd follow me around, build me up, tear me down,
    Till I'll be so bewildered, I wont know what to do.
    Might as well, give up the fight again.
    I know darn well, he'll convince me that he's right again.
    When he sings that sorry song, I'm just gonna tag along,
    With that ole devil called love.

    Writer(s): Doris Fisher, Allan Roberts
    Copyright: Music Sales Corporation O.B.O. Allan Roberts Music, Universal Music Corp.

    Many songs in the 40's seem clear now. Lot's of men singing about witch craft, wishes on stars and blue moons. People warned us but we didn't listen, or rather our parents didn't listen. Each decade is a contained unit, and has a personality of its own. Every decade can later be used as tools to drive subliminal programming. Stereotyping creates a 3d language above the written one, for a 4d mind code (NLP) with phonographic triggers that only the right brain can interpret. It makes stories to understand what it sees.

    1. Brilliant! Thanks for adding this song and especially, your analysis at the end Angela. I'd really love to get some in-depth unpacking of these ideas. Would you please? I'd publish as a post if you wouldn't mind. It feels like you just brushed the surface of much deeper knowings you have. I'm very interested to hear how these "cohorts" aka "generations" feed into each other from the previous cohort, and what you think the "plan" might have been in developing each successive cohort. If you wouldn't mind.... ; ) Thank you.

  3. Great work !! Can you tell us a bit more about how you worked out the homophones, and how you knew to look for them?
    Also check out Rae Morris great vibe but serious occult production

    1. Hi there Anon. I shall try to be brief but this is most likely impossible. I'm going to revert to a list. (1) 6th Form study of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in1977 - pun, allusion, double entendre. (2) Analysis of the Cestui Que Vie Act (1666) in 2013 (3) I've been "decoding" music notation since I was 4 years old in 1965. (4) My grandmother played a lot of puzzling games with me 1969-1971. (5) University of Otago Language paper. Study of phonetics including memorising the phonetic alphabet 1990. (6) Kate of Gaia 2014. (7) Santos Bonacci 2014. (8) Jordon Maxwel 2014. (9) Video series, "Holographic Disclosure" 2014. (10) Eckhart Tolle 2009. (11) I'm a musician. I have very good ears for accents, tones, sounds. (12) church goer who's listened to many "end times" sermons 1973-1988. (13) Competition Scrabble player 2009-2012. (14) Follower of David Icke, Max Igan, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Michael Ruppert since 2010. (15) Student of Anastasia of Vedrus since 2010. (16) Watched the 2012 London Olympics opening. (17) Arcturian conscious contactee since November 2012. (18) I receive quite a lot of channelled information from the Arcturian Collective,
      eg: (19) I've been working with Sabine McNeill, Ella Draper, Abraham Christie with #WhistleblowerKids since Feb 11, 2015. (20) I majored in Classical Studies and Drama, which included a year of Latin (Roman language) - essentially, more decoding and learning one of the main language roots in the "English" language 1990-93.

      Therefore: There is no one "magic bullet" that allowed me to SEE. We all come with a tool box of seemingly incongruous components in it. Once these are all pieced together in a congruent way, we find we have some pretty outstanding tools to work with : )

    2. I'm terrible at Cryptic Crosswords, however - I know a few of the ways you can work out the clues by looking for keywords in a cryptic clue. Finding the keyword or 'hint' is the only thing that lets you solve the clue. This song is about a WOMAN. Therefore: WHY are there TWO GAY MEN featured? And WHY is there TERROR, LOSS, SEX-LUST-SODOMY implied and a HUMAN RITUAL SACRIFICE openly carried out in the video??? The young men in HOODIES marching in as a foreboding group is analogous of Cult Members' HOODED CLOAKS worn in the practice of Dark Rites including Ritual Abuse of children and babies. WHY WHY WHY does all this imagery appear in a music video that "seems" to have nothing to do with the supposed lyric of being swept away in the ecstasy of Lovers ?? Had no-one noticed this before? What the video is ACTUALLY depicting is EXACTLY what the song's lyric is about... the lyric that goes straight into our subconscious via HOMOPHONES, that is.

    3. Back to Cryptic Clues... "Homo" means "same". Therefore, WHAT ELSE was "Homo" in this video? It didn't take me too long to start hearing LOT of sounds that could be "mistaken" for other sounds. This can be heard particularly in the line: "A fresh poison each week [fresh boys in each week]." Since i've been working with the #WhistleblowerKids information since mid-February, the meaning of this line was very clear to me. That was my entry point. I just kept hearing more and more homophones after that. I replayed and replayed this song maybe 30 times or more during the deciphering. Because I had become CONSCIOUS of the ACTUAL lyric, it was no longer being mainstreamed into my Subconscious DIRECTLY... therefore, I had no problem at all with listening to this track an infinite number of times. Once you SEE THE TRICK, you are NO LONGER under its influence. This post took me around 6 hours in total to write up - to work through on and wrestle with the raw data. It doesn't "just happen". That's where I think my university background comes in. TENACITY to prove a theorem. You have to persevere and push through to be able to see the illusion fully. This is true for EVERY ASPECT of living in this illusory matrix hologram. It's ALL illusion. But you can't wake up until YOU have seen the trick for YOURSELF. It's no good for you to read this post or these comments then walk away saying, "That was interesting." It's up to YOU to become a DECODER YOURSELF. No-one else can save you but YOU. It's up to YOU to start creating the cerebral "wiring" in YOUR OWN neo-cortex to get yourself free. I can't do this for you. Only YOU can. Why do you think the gurus of the world tell you they can not teach you... that you have to come into your OWN Awareness ??? That is absolutely correct. No-one can teach you a thing. You have to "Go For It" yourself. "Ask and you shall receive." The Energy Field is LIVING. "Ask and you shall receive" EVERYTHING you need to know. You just need to cultivate an ear to be able to hear what you need to know. This takes "practice" ... so "practice" this every day. EVERY DAY... and you will find yourself starting to get more and more in Tune with The Field. it might take you Days. It might take you YEARS. But PERSEVERE on through. And give up Fluoride water IMMEDIATELY. This is your GREATEST hinderance.

    4. These Word Games and Image Games are what we must alert ourselves to, as we increasingly OUTWIT the illusion masters. The Black Magicians of Babylon, Egypt and Rome LOVE to play these games with us, "Hidden in Plain Sight". We HAVE been so bloody stupid as a Slave Race up until now (this decade) and the Puppet Masters, the illusion masters, the High Priests - LOVE to taunt us for their own pleasure. We haven't been able to see the irtricks up UNTIL NOW. And NOW, we DO SEE !!

      We K-NOW see these games plainly in the writings of Wm. Shakespeare. We K-NOW see this plainly in the mixed-language and image words used in the Cestui Que Vie Act (1666). We K-NOW see it PLAINLY in the words and images of the songs MANUFACTURED for us, to keep us in Slavery-Salivary (hunger, lust) -Livery-Separation that the illusion-makers of California-Capricornia create for us IN PLENTY !!! CAPRICORN is ruled by Saturn - which is the Energy that RULES BABYLON, EGYPT and ROME - and is "the horn of plenty". Join the dots. The DEBAUCHERY that comes out of Hollywood and Comcast-Time-Warner IS PLENTIFUL in California-Capricornia. This symbolism is EVERYWHERE !!!! Open you MIND !! Join the dots !!


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