Friday 31 July 2015

Why KILL BABIES? What DRIVES them? Hampstead Coverup

This is a graphic representation of the reality folks. This is what they were doing at Christ Church Primary School (Church of England) Hampstead, London in 2014. That is: The teachers, the vicar and even some of the students' parents would ritually kill and cook the trafficked babies in the morning and serve them up for lunch. The baby flesh would be combined with other meat served up in school lunches. This website is is awful (click on the image). There really are foul brutes out there who create websites like this. Truly... horrendous.
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The paragraphs at the bottom of this post are quotes from an article about the 'baby killing fields' that Western and other cultures endorse. It's pretty heavy stuff, but the article informs us what's really going on behind the scenes in the surgical theatres of millions of aborted babies, the sacrificial killing of babies in wars, and also the killings of babies and innocents in Satanic ritual cults that have been happening around the world.

The basic premise for these killings I realised, after being able to meditate for most of this year on the irrationality of WILLFULLY killing, raping, sodomising, and eating the cooked flesh of babies and young children, isn't so much "power for power's sake" as we all suspected...

I feel the underlying ROOT of this evil is:


Obviously, this IS power, but may be a quite a different motivator in its essence than what most of us had suspected. Let me describe...


The Earth and everything growing and living upon her is - LIFE - LIFE - LIFE - which comes from Creator. This Fundamental CAUSE (Creator) is the ONLY reason why you and I are drawing breath right now. Think about this for a moment...  WHO or WHAT is keeping all the atoms inside your body and my body spinning and full of oxygen and vibration?  Without this "Life Force", our bodies are just lumps of meat.

So if you are a bad-ass Entity or Energy Vibration who has at your Fundamental Core an ANTI-CREATOR complex, what is going to be your biggest weapon to show that your "power" is greater than that of the Power of Creation which IS multiplication, division, flowering, abundance, fertility, and so on...  You would DEMON-strate the Power of DEATH by foreshortening LIFE and NOT ALLOWING DEVELOPMENT !! You would snuff expansion and variation out at the earliest possible moment !!!

This is a subject very close to my own heart (that of abortion) as my non-identical twin brother decided to not be born after all, and he self-extinguished at age 3 months in utero. This all happened in 1960. The recommendation made to my mother by her doctor at that time was to end the life of the baby still growing inside her. Because of my mother's Christian beliefs, she said "NO" !!  And look at who the world would be missing, right now.  I wouldn't be typing any of this for your further exploration or to weigh up. The flame would have been extinguished too soon.  And this is who we are killing every day !!  Lots of replicas of ME with outstanding intuition, ability to decode and analyse, to KNOW that which resonates as Truth and what is nonsense.  This is who we kill... in abortion clinics, on our battlefields, through our "health" and poison "food" programmes...

This DEATH impetus everywhere... in the food industry, the health industry, the creative arts sectors, in science, in commerce... EVERYWHERE !!  It's ALL UNDER CON-TROLL to those who can make a buck.  It is "Death" to the human creative force and "DEATH" to all Life Forms who are trying to expand and THRIVE !! - which is humanity's and creation's fundamental impetus - to THRIVE with ABUNDANT LIFE FORCE !!  Hence, the antithesis of this is: MURDER ... not only of babies obviously, but of people throughout the world via war, hunger, pestilence, civil unrest, overcrowding...  This IS The Agenda !!

"DEATH" IS the Agenda !!

But humans are not like that. We don't relate well to Limit and Constriction. Humans are Absolutely FULL OF LIFE with atoms inside our bodies full of oxygen and vibration...  FULL of Life Force !!  It's Who and What we ARE !!  WE and our bodies multiply, divide, flower, perpetuate, we are abundant with versatility and abundant forms, features, traits, gifts, intuition, mind, intellect, spirit...  We ARE fertile, plentiful, FULL of generosity and kindness, peace-loving, hard working, good natured, optimistic and LOVING !!

So IF there is a "battle not against flesh and blood but against principalities in high places (as I think there is), how do you show who's "Boss" ??  How would you show Who IS the "more powerful"?  It's simple:

You create the social mores and acceptance, even HUNGER of that which is its antithesis:  "DEATH".

The mantra is a warped one indeed:  "I AM HUNGRY for DEATH."


- take that on EVERY level !!

Is "LIFE" allowed to burgeon on our planet as it NATURALLY WANTS TO ??  - or is there created death scripted by the "forces" who lie just beyond our knowing...  whose whole existence depends on OUR End, Decay, Rupture, Insignificance, Derision...  DEATHS carried out in arrogance, the fruit of which can only be PAIN !!

I think this is at the HEART of the "power struggle".  The struggle for dominance and "power" is not really about riches, notoriety, fame, connections, "upward mobility". I think it's much bigger than that. I think the "power struggle" comes from Ammonia Breathers* who are doing their best to assert THEIR PERSONAL DOMINATION and VIBRATION over the very concept we call "LIFE".

This is pretty powerful schist folks... They KNOW they fight a losing battle, because this planet at its fundamental, is ONLY geared for LIFE !!

So the approach, the 'attack' or strategy to overcome, IS to AFFIRM LIFE !!

DO IT NOW !!  


My feeling is that we become Powerful Magicians when we FOCUS on AFFIRMING LIFE every moment of the day when these thoughts springs to mind.


* btw. I don't know anything about this branch of science of Extraterrestrial life... I could just 'smell' and 'taste' ammonia as I was typing the paragraphs above. I've just Searched and found a number of references to the hypothesis of extra-terrestrial life forms breathing ammonia... So that's kind of interesting...


Here (finally) are the quotes from the article... and please remember: If you click through on this link, you will be met with one of the grossest images I think I have ever seen.  It's pretty ghastly... but the article itself is definitely worth it !!  :)

"... In a nation that boasts itself as being for “life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness,” the most helpless amongst us are the victims of the most intense and evil wrath. The only way you could explain this is by pointing to the supernatural; that there is a devil, a demonic realm, who influences people to guide them to do evil. Do not forget what the blessed John said, when writing on Cain killing Abel: “Why did he murder him? Because his works were evil and [because of] his brother’s righteous.” (1 John 3:12)

"Why do these satanic people desire to kill babies? Because they are “of the wicked one” (1 John 3:12), the devil. This is our explanation, and it is one that we should always keep in our minds and hearts; for there is no greater desire of the devil than to have the whole world believe that he does not exist.

"He is the enemy of Love, for he is the enemy of God Who is Love. God created humanity to be partakers in His goodness, and thus in being made in His image, we emulate Love. When we are full of hatred for human life, we emulate no one else but the devil."  - by Quora .com


The image on the following link is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC !!
It includes blood and foetal parts  :(

You might need to brace yourself if you want to go to this page.


  1. You are exactly right BronnyNZ. The devil wants to take all to hell with him- he knows he's going there. He will try to destroy human life at the earliest chance. If he can't do that he will steal, kill or destroy- it's what he does. Everyone needs to come out of darkness and into the light of salvation through Jesus Christ. That is Gods will for all. Jesus said I have come to give life and life in abundance- the devil is trying to do the exact opposite- to steal all of their God given life and purpose in life.

  2. Great post, yeh, the Death cult . EVIL is LIVE backwards

  3. Great analys of what evil is. Envious of the ones who can create Life. Like a giant narcissist. Hugs, Angelica


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