Saturday, 12 May 2012

Clinging to the cliff-face: Preamble to the financial collapse

It's like we're all (on Earth) on a vertical rock-face hanging perilously to whatever solid chunks we can grab a hold onto.  We've all been clinging there for quite a few years now...  probably since 2006 and certainly since the Financial 'Collapse' of 2008 ~ it was never termed that by the way, and has ever since been covered up by various 'stimulus packages' and 'austerity' measures world wide.

So here we all are... clinging...  then I hear a voice from up above me. I look up trying to avoid getting dust particles in my eyes from the 50 or so people above me, clinging to the cliff-face like I am.  I can just make out a bearded man with a big smile on his face.  He's somehow managed to climb over the cliff. He's leaning down, stretching out his hand to the man below him saying, "Hi... I'm Carl Calleman... this is what I think...  Here, take my hand..."  So the man starts to move against the rock face and feels the blood rush back into his limbs and brain again. He feels revitalised.  He makes the grab for Carl and finds Carl's hand firmly and warmly upon his forearm as he is being pulled towards the cliff-top. Before he proceeds over, he says to the woman beside him...  "Here...  grab onto me...  I think what Carl is saying is making sense..."  So she grabs his belt and so begins her ascent... with her 3 kids and husband coming up close behind her.

Over on another part of the rock face, calls are heard: "Grab onto me...  I think Michael Ruppert might be onto something here."  and so begins the process in the Peak Oil discussion.  Then further over, people are calling down to each other "Just remain present. There only EVER IS THIS Moment...  There was never a time that was not Now !! " Joy wells up within and smiles spread across their faces, and beaming down at them, now extending his hand is Eckhart Tolle whose aura glows pink-gold against a perfect blue sky...

We are all Awakening to the sounds of voices we can 'hear' who are on our frequency... There used to only be a few voices...  Jesus, Buddha, Krisna, Plato, the Delphic Oracle, Confucius...  Now there are so many more mentors...  Gandhi, Dr King, Nelson Mandela, Nichiren Daishonin, Louise Hay, Anastasia, Gary Zukav, Oprah, Sai Baba, Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, plus now, the Libyan rebel army, the Zeitgeist Movement, atlanticobr, Mythi, Mikael Lov, Benjamin Creme and latterly Anonymous who have been behind the "Occupy Wallstreet, Occupy the World" movement. Voices calling, calling out to those on the common cliff-face ~

"There is a way off here... Listen to this wisdom... Life is more than this 'waiting for death... waiting to fall' !!!  which we have assumed for too long is 'living'. LETS now LIVE and strive for the top !!!"  ... to an open vista of panoramic understanding.

And so we Are !!!  
It's all very beautiful really  : )


Originally posted 22 October 2011
by Bron

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