Saturday, 12 May 2012


I HATE that phrase !!!  It annoys me.  It is full of loss and sadness...  not joy and vibrancy.  It's a phrase connected to the multi-billion dollar "weight loss" racket that tells people they're not OK as they are.  It's about shelling out hard-earned cash on getting the dream that someone else has for me... conforming so that I can be accepted.

So where is that "middle ground" ???  ... when you know the size you're at is no longer healthy ??  How can I become the Embodiment of Health and Joy that will serve me better for my life's journey ??  How can I Gain Life and Lose Nothing ??  Call me "Greedy Cat", but I don't want to lose a moment...  of this Life Experience...  And the idea of "Losing Weight" just makes me feel GLUM  : (   It's all serious and hard work  : (   ... and I prefer being happy  :D

So...  Here's the Question:  How can we re-state this ???  Is there anyone else out there who feels this way about that term ???  or is it just me ??  :-/  
 I don't want to "lose"...  I want to "Gain"...  life, joy, abundance, pleasure, experience, fascination, exploration, harmony, resonance...    And then I see a painting like this and well...  isn't she just glowing and lovely ??  So do I really want to give away all my womanly curves in favour of the conformist "ideal" ??  For health's sake, "Yes"...  but to give all this lusciousness away... ???  There's a middle ground surely ??

So:  What am I trying to achieve here ??  I don't even have a term for it yet  :-/
Perhaps i'm "Losing to Gain"  ???   
Perhaps I can "Loose Weight"  :D
That sounds kind of 60's and floral and funky and free  :D What do you think ??
I'd love your ideas on this  : )

... And then sometimes 
It just doesn't matter how big or little you are...                                                                                
You're just always going to be beautiful. 
xxx  Mama Cass Elliot (1941–74) 



Mama Cass Elliot - New World Coming 1970

As I was crossing the carpark of my local city swimming pool today in a bid to reclaim my health and vitality, I began to think about "Weight".  The thought entered my mind...  "What am I waiting for?  ... and how is this linked to 'weight'? "  (sneaky question)   :D
Another thought immediately followed...  "For me to take action."
Aha !!  So that makes sense...


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