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Loving The Self First  (then we can truly love others)

I vision myself being a ball of energy (like the Sun) and intention breathing Pure Divine Love all over (as the suns rays) on every inbreath and every outbreath.. also hold in mind something I do Love (often my horse Gymarjoh) which helps give focus to the Love feeling..  This feels very good to me.  Whenever I think of it I aim to switch to Love Breathing and intend it become my 24/7 thing..

Bron:  Wow, this is a GREAT MEDITATION Paulette. I found myself just following your instructions here and it slowed me right, down...  So you're moving towards this being your 24/7 state?   Beautiful. I love it  :D   I'm not sure if I can commit to 24/7 just yet ~  but I think 1/2 an hour, then an hour...  and just build up that way... and see how it goes. Thank you  : )  I love the poetic way you write giving really accurate images and feelings.  I feel a little diary coming on with this Introduction copied into the front of it  : )  It's very good !!  :D  Thank you.

Oh, thanks So Much Bron :D  I'm thrilled to hear your feedback :):) Fantastic!
hehe Yes Being Pure Divine Love 24/7 is my ideal state.  It feels so great, it's addictive!!  - so whenever Love "comes to mind" throughout my day I switch to that state wherever I am.. 
I'm going to do it as a proper Meditation as you did, Thank You for that idea! :D xxx
I love your horse pic, is that your horse? 

I have no horse nor cattle... but lettuce I have some...  :D  
I have a flute to whistle and a fine guitar to strum...
I like pickled herrings, not caught on my own line  : (
But passionfruit I bring to you picked fresh from off my vine !!!  :D

~ by bronny just now  :D

That is Awesome Bronny!! what a clever reply :):):) its made me smile and laugh too xoxox  Thank You!
Well ~ that's what I intended, right?  :D

Also:  Is 'love'  "Unity"  ??  
Is that the love we're talking about here ??  The recognition that I am Universal Creative Consciousness' expression in this bodily form and EVERYTHING around me... plants, animals, furniture, the silicon chips driving my computer...  We Are All One...  made of the same stuff, made manifest because of Divine Intent, made Form through Love-Vibe. 

Love-radiant  : )

Make love not war !!!

  John and Yoko 'bed-in' on their honeymoon (March 1969) 

Meg:  I think that's a great way to celebrate self love.. sharing it with others. It's amazing Bron isn't it how supportive we can be of others and yet let ourselves get frazzled and worn out and left a little unloved. I was thinking about the terminology of tough love that I used the other day. I decided it doesn't really provide the vibe I'm after. 

I think the term I'd use today is mother-love.
If I mother-love myself then I'd really look after myself and not wish for, or give myself sugary junk food or chocolate each day. 
I also think I could grand-mother-love myself too, spoil myself occassionally.
I think I'm cycling in a child-love phase, which is okay too!
I agree, connecting love to ourselves and to Mother Earth spreads out to a love connection for all.

Bron:  I accept your carrots of love...  filling me with warmness (and a slight tickle of humour) as I observe them in such a non-judgemental embrace...   Beautiful carrots  : )

Meg:  I love their embrace too Bron.. and it's so easy isn't it to look upon their embrace without judgement. We don't question their intent, their gender, their age... They just are... carrots!   :D

Share the love !!



Karla:  I agree and I think greenpeace and their campaigns could be seen as fighting but really it is bringing awareness, I suppose the lines are blurred somewhere...  Maybe our challenge as human beings is to find more peaceful solutions to some of the problems in our world - what a challenge!!!  

As for wars with people, well that makes me very sad as behind most wars is religion and greed, the puppet masters pull the strings and are not touched on a personal level, but the soldiers and innocent civilians including children suffer and die - I am sure no-one really knows why or what they are fighting for really, but this keeps chaos in our world.  It is harder to raise into love and light through chaos.   

This quote might be a bit premature as not enough people have lifted into the higher consciousness that respects and loves all living things... That is when the world will change.  Look at the world today though, it seems chaotic but there is a movement from the masses and I can hear them saying "I am the master of my own life, I do not want to be controlled anymore... "

Bron:  the 'electric universe' network of minds are linking up with each other as our unseen 'rays' are activated. We are reaching out into the Universe for clear thoughts and are tapping into the Universal Energy Source which is Unbiased, Benevolent and Good'It' (as I have no other word besides 'he' or 'she', but this Source is neither) has no judgement, unlike 'God' in the Bible who seeks retribution for wrongs done...  I believe the 'judging God' is purely the 'spin' that church fathers put on the Bible to keep the uneducated masses of the past in subordination to them...  coz it sure ain't the God I know  : ) 

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