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"Cosmic dream" - Cosmic prayer 7

Words of Anastasia

"Water will prove to be the criterion, the measure of all things. Every day that passes, water seethes with more and more contamination. And the air becomes more difficult to breathe.

"The parade of worldly rulers, no matter what grand temples they might have built, will be remembered only by the filth they have bequeathed to their descendants. The legacy they give makes life more dangerous every day, but we continue to live... the sense of self-imprortance which has ended up burning all that were initially enlightened is not something I shall ever resort to myself... stop the factories spewing their stinking dirt... miners will comprehend that they cannot rend apart the precious veins of the Earth.

"I beg of you people, change your profession just as soon as you can - all those professions which bring hurt to the Earth, to the great works of the Creator.

"I beg of you, Man, to grasp this fact just as quick as you can, that no one on Earth can be truly happy as long as he keeps causing harm to the Earth.

"Yet a little while and human misery will start feeling the pain of agony, it will burn in its own flame."

"People's conscious awareness will transport them across the dark forces' window of time"

(Anastasia, p. 225. 2nd Ed.)

"... my dream is already comping to pass, my dream has been caught up by the Universe itself, it is resounding in the hearts of all people, and is already transporting mankind over the abyss, and only the doubters will run amiss and fall into its snare. But mankind, believe me, Vladimir, mankind shall be spared... I beg you, please do not frown. Smile and see how great is everything around. Do not torment yourself, let nothing anywhere be kept hid... "

Woe unto you, prophets! 

For centuries you have been prophesying about the frailty and futility of earthly existence, terrifying people with doom and hell's flaming judgement. Tame your ardour - you are the ones that have made Man's comprehension of Heaven so much harder!

Woe unto you Nostradamus! 
The date of the fearful cataclysms upon the Earth were not so much you divinations as the creations of your thought. You made millions of people persuade themselves of these by what you taught and thereby aim their thoughts at the implementation of the same. Your thought still hovers up there, hiding in the blue, still frightening people with your prophecies of despair, but now they will no longer come true. Let your thought join in fray with mine...

Woe unto you who call yourselves teachers of human souls! 

You try to suggest to Man that he is abject and weak in spirit, knows nothing of himself and that all Truths are accessible only to a few elect like yourselves... The Creator has given all to each one right from the start... Stand not between the people and God. The Father wishes to speak with each one equally. The Father abides no intermediaries.

"The Truth has been there right from the start in each one's soul. Not tomorrow, but here today each Man may be happy and whole! The Creator has filled each moment of every year with gladness. And in His thought there is no room for his beloved child to feel torment from sadness."

Woe unto you, prognosticators of the ages 

... foretelling but gloom for Man, thereby creating both gloom and hell! Oh, how earnestly you have been feeding your own egregor*, frightening people in the name of the Father and more... But you, militants of all faiths, it is you who have created all the wars. Dream about wars no longer. Lure not people into war with your obscure deceptions for the sake of your own mercantile connections..."

Do not be afraid of them, they are cowards every bit. 

"To dispose of me, Vladimir, they would have to let go of many of their eartly gains, free many human souls from their chains. Gut even if I should perish, my dream shall come to pass all the same. The strings of the harp of the Universe have struck up a happy strain, and human souls are hearing them. They understand them! Sound forth, O Universe! Sound forth with your happy strain! For them, for all the people of the Earth. May everyone know the melody of the Soul!

"Look Vladimir, human Souls are sending their rays to the weary Earth... people's souls are understanding the combinations of the sounds of the Universe, now they are resounding in their thoughts, and they are accepting them... Not all of them yet, but there will indeed be many! And the heavens know thereof and wait to meet each one with love. Look, just look how people are expressing their understanding... "

"... Anastasia, how did you know what people had written in their letters? It was as though you had read them all. And even those I hadn't brought with me!" [Vladimir]

"It's all very simple, on the whole, how one can hear what is being said by the soul... It is not that hard to answer all the questions, but the answer still will not take away the problem, as one question but begets another. Right now mankind keeps biting into Adam's apple, not realising that this will never fully satisfy him. Besides, anyone may hear the answer for himself within."

"And how may each one recognise when the true answer comes, as opposed to one that is not so true?"

"Only one's sense of self-importance can lead people about, lead them away from the Truth... I shall tell you about co-creation, Vladimir, and then everyone will be able to provide an answer to his own questions. Please listen carefully, Vladimir, and write about the Creator's great co-creation. Listen and try to take it in with your soul..."

"And thus began Anastasia's inspired account of co-creation... "

These words are from: The Space of Love, Book 3, The Ringing Cedars of Russia Series, Megre, V. (2005) 2nd Ed. English Translation (pp. 224-232)

* egregor - a non-material collective psychic entity or field uniting member of a human group or organisation, generated and maintained by thought energy of the members of the group [Footnote, p 228]

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