Wednesday 2 March 2016

Is there a FRENCH Connection to the Hampstead Child Trafficking cult ??

The following two excerpts from Edgar Cayce readings are quite extraordinary by any measure. FIRST - In this first short example, Cayce - in the 1930s - indicated the 'sins' of the key nations: 

America - has forgotten "in God we trust" 
England - conceit 
China - isolationism 
India - internalization of knowledge 
Italy - dissensions 

This is interesting... For the last four years on my blog, i've mainly had an American audience with my local NZ audience coming in a close second place. When i'm posting on Anastasia, Russia, Putin, Ukraine and Syria-ISIS-mercenaries, etc., my audience is mainly Russian and Ukraine.

Well this week, the French have been my main audience! That's really strange... That's the first time any country in western or central Europe have been my main audience for a whole week !! So what are they looking at?

My guess is that the French are mainly looking at the "Land giveaway" post around Russia's "Homestead Act" (Jan 2015). There has been 14,600 views of that post since Feb 17, 2016 when I published it. That's 975 Views of that post averagely per day... So the French could certainly be looking at that.

However... What if the French are not actually coming to look at the "Russian Homestead Act" post... Let's consider for a moment the possibility that the French are coming to look at the Hampstead Cover Up posts. There are seven (7) Hampstead posts that are in the top ten (10) views for this week - People really want to see how these trolling 'covers' are being blown to smithereens - so could the French actually be looking at these... ???

>> Plus we can't ignore this related article in the top ten this week which exposes the Jewish blood-lineage of the German British Royal family, the "House of Windsor".

Background:  The "Windsors" whose family name is actually "Mountbatten", which was previously changed from "Battenburg" (German family name) at around the time of WW1, are actually the ancestors of the Saxe-Coburg elite Royal House of Germany!  Yeah... both Victoria and Albert (first cousins) were German-speaking Germans (first language) who spoke gutteral English - as told in testimonies of people in domestic service about their time with this German queen of "England". No wonder there was such a huge propaganda campaign from 1837-1901 that Victoria was the "Mother of the Nation." If any English commoner had ever had the chance to speak to her, i'm sure they would have been shocked that this woman had a heavy German accent.  Victoria and Albert were not English at all !!

See how the teLIEvision movie industry has duped you? (ref: period dramas). The idea that an English royal house is governing Britain is nothing but a ruse! The "Windsors" don't belong in Britain. They have no connection to that land, no emotional or DNA connection to the English-Welsh-Scottish people. They truly are there (installed) just 'holding a seat' as part of the elite families' plan that maintains (debt) slavery all over the world !!  :-/

Back to our subject:
Are the French actually looking at the Hampstead posts?

>> ARE the French looking at the RD/ Hampstead posts - because God only knows that i've posted plenty on Russia and Eco-villages, etc. before and the French have never been that interested...

So let's for one moment, entertain the idea that the French are actually interested in my RD - Exposing the Trolls - Hampstead Cover Up posts... Then you've got to ask these questions:

>> Why is there a large French audience that is interested to see whether the RD and his associates' sock puppets games/strategy to confuse and divide the general population, is going to hold up?

>> Are they interested to see how long the subterfuge of the "sock puppet strategy" is going to hold up for ?? ... for how much longer ??

>> Are those players getting ready to 'bail' out of France, because the people's observations will put all of their child trafficking operations throughout Europe at risk ??

>> Is there a French connection in this whole story that we've not uncovered yet ??

We know the European elites have "hunting parties" where they hunt and rape children who are wearing nothing but their running shoes. Was RD and his associates actually trafficking children to France ???  If they were, is this still happening?

We have to consider this, right ?? 

Does anyone else have any more information around child trafficking and Satanic ritual child sexual abuse (sodomy) where there is a Hampstead-French connection?

I also find the Polish statistic interesting... But since they'll be interested in the "Russian Homestead Act" (probably... since Russia is their neighbour), Poland doesn't come up as such a 'red flag' for me... But i'm certainly not discounting a Hamstead to France to Poland connection for Child Trafficking.

Keep your head down and your eyes open.
If you find anything, PM (mssg) me or leave a Comment on the bottom of this post.  I moderate for all Comments so your Comment below won't get published. It's just a point of contact. Thanks.

Excellent supporting video here:

Breaking EUROPEAN ROYALS BUSTED For Killing Children At ELITE Human Hunting Parties

Image source 


European royals killing naked children for fun at human hunting parties?


European royals killing naked children for fun at human hunting parties?

Video source

Published on Dec 3, 2014

The original air date of this show was November 30, 2014 Hour two. This is Hour two of my interview with Kevin Annett exposing the dark sinister corruption of the Roman Catholic Church involving the trafficking of children. Read more on -

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