Sunday, 28 February 2016

Ricky Dearman BITES BACK at BronnyNZ. Good luck with that...


Here's "Mr Ugly" again inviting us to all "hate" on him. Omg... He's such a flaming sado-masochist. He doesn't feel "alive" until he's got 50 of us persecuting him. What a way to live :-/

You gotta feel SORRY for the guy, right?
What a way to live... ???  Can you call that "living" ??

Nahhhh... I don't think so :(

"Gabriella Barney" lives to get WHUPPED another day...

Please note:  There's no set name in the URL unlike his last /LillyLew account. This means he can change the name as much as he wants with impunity... or so HE thinks :-/

Please REPORT this account:

Thank you all. Please see the screenshot below.

Please send Facebook Reports re: "Harassment of someone you know" and "Fake account" and "False name". Then send him this message when Fb Reports presents it to you to send.

Please keep doing this every day until the account is REMOVED. Thank you <3

Please feel free to use the text in the image below for your Report...

"STOP creating FALSE ACCOUNTS Ricky Dearman" !!!

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