Monday, 29 February 2016

Facebook HACKER Ricky Dearman HACKS BronnyNZ's Facebook !!!!

????  WTF  ..............................??????????????????????????????????????

No probs now... The image disappeared for around 30 minutes then re-appeared.  An 'No', it was nothing to do with Facebook... They normally send you a notification saying that "Somebody has reported..." and there was none of that.  It was an entirely independent act.

+ + +

This is what IT-literate ARSEHOLES do when they fucking throw all their toys out of the pushchair...

They remove your FACEBOOK BANNER... Un-Fucking beLIEvable !!!

>> come to my Timeline and you will see.
NO... I did NOT remove this myself !!

That's how RICKY DEARMAN can be such an ARSEHOLE... He's just shown us... Can YOU remove somebody's banner off their Timeline ?? No !! Neither can I... and I know a little about pcs. But he's gone in and HACKED this account... And that's how he's making so many OTHER sock puppet accounts on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook... because he's a bit of a fucking IT GENIUS.... And he's just outed himself now AS this, by STUPIDLY taking this action on my Facebook Timeline...

What a FOOL !!!

And all because i'm NAMING his sock puppets... 

At least now, we know i'm on EXACTLY the right track in my list... 


Here's what I just posted ONE HOUR ago on both my Facebook (scroll down) and on a blog post. He is fucking spitting tacks this time Ladies and Gentlemen... This is the big fucking showdown...

And REPORT this prick's sorry ass if you don't find my 

Facebook account up tomorrow... 

Nope... I'm going NOWHERE... 

If i'm not here, it WILL be because of that 

FACEBOOK HACKER, Ricky Dearman !!!! :-/

The "offending" post >>

Ricky Dearman has got DOZENs of these FAKE accounts he's set up in real people's names (identity theft) as well as FAKE names... eg: and this is only naming a few... :-/

"Danielle La Verite" (identity theft)
"David Shurter" (identity theft - the Profile with the book photo on it is the FAKE, not the profile with the pic of David S. himself zoomed in)
Scarlett Scoop
El Coyote
David Divad
Divad David
a new one... "Dave David"
Popoola Essien
Danielle George (identity theft)
Terry Simpkins ??
Axiom Seer
Mark Trellis (YouTube account)
Abraham Christie (KFC version) (identity theft)
Abraham Jemal Christie - with the "Raw Hemp Stars" banner (identity theft)
James Hind (the new Fb/LillyLew account's new best mate)
Mister Tickle (on Twitter)
"Gabriella Barney"
(identity theft of a real account name)   Removed! Thank you.
probably "Leonor Arango" (the Marilyn one)
Max Frisch (Fb and Twitter)
Den Diddle
Sheva Burton
Diva Preya (perhaps just a Pedo-supporter)
"John Smith" (Anon 'blank' Fb profile pic - might just be a Pedo-supporter)
Door2Door (Twitter)
DaCostaLiving (Twitter) aka "Helen does H"

That above account is actually a very FINE example of tRicky D-Man talking to himself as all his other sock puppets: James Hind, El Coyote, MaxAlfie48 (probably), mk Ultra...

REPORT all those Twitter accounts too...

There are COUNTLESS other Facebook accounts that are all Ricky Dearman's sock puppets. You can REPORT ALL OF THESE with Confidence. Do your own checking first - don't just take MY word for it - but this gives you the starting points at least...

AND including the Fb group "Open Your Eyes" (OYE) - didn't you ever notice the piss-take?

What a fucking "Wayne Kerr" he is...

At least he's FULLY Exposed himself, this time !!!



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