Friday, 11 May 2012


I would refer people to the posts here re: "Eco Housing Solutions" which we really need to tap into as we begin the Co-creation of 80-100 Kins Domains on a single 'village' site (pilot scheme) on around 300 acres."  We begin the Co-creation of this village now with our thoughts !!!

Anastasia says we are to vision clearly in every detail.  Quantum Physics says, "Thought goes before matter".  Clear your thoughts and start NOW, your dreams for your future.  Think about this in detail: What kind of building will you create?  What will be the direction of the sun?  Is it on flat ground or a hillside? Are there trees around it?  Is it in the open with a wild 1.5 metre high flower bed all around it?  Where are the bee hives?  Do you have free range chickens wandering around your house... a cat... a dog?  Is there lots of open lawn around it?  How many bedrooms?  How much light?  What about your toilet? Flush?  Long drop? Composting? Camp loo?  Shower?  Bath?  What about disposal of the contents of your toilet, if you go for a camp loo?  Water collection?  Water storage?  Heat generation?  Cooking sources?  Vegetable storage?  Wood pile?  Gumboot rack?  Electricity or not?

You  have to think about all of this stuff...  because it's your thought that is bringing it into being as you are reading this  : )   And you want your family home to be perfect for you  : )   In Russia, many families sat down and began drawing the plan of their 2.5 acre (1 hectare) Kins Domain, at Anastasia's instruction.  I suggest that we here in NZ do the same  : )  No-one else can pull this towards you, through the 'power' of your clear-visioning thoughts, except you  : )

A design option i'm interested in is to use shipping containers with full-sun exposure through the middle of it (nova-lite middle section between the two containers) with full tropical garden interior and a wet-back wood stove in one of the open-sided containers for heat, cooking, hot water.  I'm still interested in constructing a hob house" or log cabin with an attic or similar...   I think the containers would be a very fast 'easy fix' solutions to the initial housing dilemma and be a lot bigger than a caravan or house bus ~ and a very cheap first option. The container house could then become a 'guest house', a 'farm stay', WOOF'ers lodgings, or where my grandchildren could come and stay, or perhaps base themselves there while they're building on their own Land in the village : )


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