Friday, 11 May 2012


This is from a conversation in Chat that I had with a friend on 1 August 2011.  Some interesting stuff came out and my friend said it was 'reassuring'...  So I thought i'd include it here as 'another way' of understanding death as, "Not the end"  but as a wonderful 'awakening' into our natural state of being."   :D

Bron:  My eldest sister died in 2008.  I was going to a weekly study group on "What the Bleep do we know... " Quantum Physics stuff, at the time she was sick.  She was in hospital for 10 days or so.  During the end of one of the studies where death had come up during the session, I asked the Universe what it was like at the moment of 'passing over'  "What is death like?" 

I sat very quietly.  We were all sitting on the floor as it was at a Yoga center.  I just gave myself to the experience so that I could 'see' what had happened to my sister.  It felt very 'natural' actually.  I was sitting with my head down a bit, eyes looking gently downwards...  Then I 'felt' the 'airy' part of me...  ummm...  sorry trying to find the best words...  it felt like it 'separated'  or  'lifted away from'  is probably better.  

... So this other 'airy' part of me...  the Eternal Being who simply sits inside this 'shell' as a means to getting around and having this 'finite' experience...  just lifted...  floated...  was in full contentment.... and wonder too at this 'new' experience.  It felt like I had gone through a gauze curtain into another world.  And in that world there were all these transluscent colours...  like rainbow colours...   but they were really clear and 'see-through'...  like irridescent...  like every particle of the colour was irradiated with light.  :D  Yes.  That's it.  Really pretty.  And everything was in constant undulating wavy motion...  

Friend:  Like a sea of energy

Bron:  Like...  the chair I could see was still the chair but all of the particles buzzing in the chair were visible to me...  so yes...  it swerved a little and appeared to distort and became a little fuzzy looking at times...  because the particles are all alive and interacting with each other...  experiencing each other as 'chair'.  They don't have to be together...  they just want to be...  to have that experience.  That's what I saw and felt anyway.  Yes...  definitely seas of living energy.  And my Immortal Being just floated through this swirling space.  There were tiny 'comets' of light like the occasional firefly going past in a straight line... not wiggly lines.  I think they were thoughts of a particular type generated by people...  moving very fast through space.   I was in a state of wonder at that point...  just looking around at everything...  recognising everything...  but how alive and 'unlimited' everything actually is...  in the quantum field.

Friend:  That is such comforting experience   
Friend:  I read that we, who decided to have the 3D experience, pulling a veil of forgetfulness over our heads, are considered being very brave...

Bron:  Yes...  the veil... that's it...  hmmm...  forgetfulness, yes.  Brave ??  really?  : )   That's nice

Friend:  So somewhere in the universe, we are applauded for doing this lol
Friend:  It is quite amazing though, that we are remembering, isn't it!

Bron:  Yes.  We are 'waking up'  : )

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