Friday, 11 May 2012

US firms to control NZ legislation?

We figured John Key was 'in' with the USA agenda.  This article underlines to what extent: from

US firms to control NZ legislation?

Last updated 05:00 09/05/2012
American companies could gain control over New Zealand's lawmaking process have provoked a strong response from dozens of the country's legal minds.
More than 60 New Zealanders, including retired judges, practising lawyers, sitting members of Parliament and university academics, have issued an open letter to the lead negotiators of each country attending the latest round of Trans-Pacific Partnership talks beginning in Dallas, Texas, today.
The letter, signed by more than 100 international law experts, calls upon all governments engaged in TPP talks to reject the "investor-state dispute settlement" mechanism, which essentially gives private companies the ability to take civil action against foreign governments.
The Australian Government has taken the lead on excluding these provisions from any agreement that it signs, including its current free-trade agreement with the United States and South Korea also has concerns about its free-trade agreement with the US...

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