Sunday, 13 May 2012

Factory Dairy Farming in NZ


I'm in NZ  : )  and yes we have quite a bit of land per capita but it's all taken up with HEAVY factory dairy farming...  NZ's very small but we export HEAPS of dairy produce to the world...  This leads to the rape of the land and the pollution and devastation of our waterways due to the leaching of heavy chemicals that farmers put on the land from the oil industry (urea and so on) to try to make the land productive.  Very few farmers in NZ have gone back to their pre-70's roots of using clover in pasture for nitrogen.  Most farmers have been duped into the "agri-biz" mentality rather than the "husbandry" model and are just raping our Land...  squeezing as much from her as they can possibly obtain, treating her as a chattel and returning to her so little Love... NZ farmers when you think about it are no better than pimps...  There I go again with that analogy !!  :D    In all fairness, most NZ farmers are simply being driven by market forces - land "values" and the banking industry's interest rates. Therefore farmers are only engrossed in the very short-term benefits of trying to secure a living and of securing a fortune for themselves...  and there are fortunes to be made...  no doubt about that !! 

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