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Here's a letter I wrote to a friend today (29 June 2011) discussing "Alignment".

"Alignment" is a funny thing Dave.
It 'sounds' like it might be a Thought, a Place (ie: a destination) or an Intention, but it's really a Vibration.  

For 12 months now i've had a little home-made poster on my wall (ie: it's a very basic black marker pen poster written in free-hand on A4 printer paper).  I felt very lead to write these words after the departure of my Beloved Man in late May last year when he returned to his home in Sweden.  I was naturally devastated and grieving for a long, long time...  even though we were both fully aware of his need to return home for some months before-hand.  So it was in great sadness that I wrote the words:  "Everything is in Alignment".
It's not a belief.  It's not an intention.  It's a plain fact.  I don't need to 'give it Energy'. I don't need to 'make it become' or 'get to it'.   It Just Is.
I have apparently been 'absorbing' this statement over this last year, and as I look back on all the events of the last 12 months, I know this statement to be of The Absolute:  "Everything is in Alignment"   (ref: Bhagadva-Gita Chapter 7, "Knowledge of The Absolute") 

Thank you for your shiny message also and bothering to Create it for me.  That is very kind Dave.  May I just say that there is a fundamental philosophic error in the words "align with..." as suggested by my little discussion above.  One can't "Align with" the site as such.  How can you ask me to "Align with being woman".  Simply:  I Am Woman.  It doesn't make sense to try to move into a state when you are in that state anyway...  you've just not recognised it.  Again, we go back to the poster: "Everything is within...  just stop and notice it".  

The imperative "align with" suggests that Alignment is a verb.  As I say...  'Alignment' is more of a noun. 'Alignment' exists.  "to align with" is part of the illusion.  "to align with" implies that you were "out of Alignment" which is actually impossible because "Everything is in Alignment".  "Alignment" is not something that can be 'arrived at' through 'thinking about' nor 'aimed for' through effort. This is all ego.  'Alignment' just is.  And then you feel the Energy of it...  the Vibration of it.  And then you start to remain within it...  and you then find that you are wherever you need to be, hearing what you need to hear, seeing what your need to see...  No effort required.  No belief involved.  No quest.  No question.  It just is.  

To find yourself in "The Alignment" is effortless.  All that is required is a relinquishing of ego and falling into "Acceptance of the Possibility".  This might take some time to get there, as it did with me, because ego struggles, ego wants to be involved, ego wants to be in charge and say it's "right": 
"See, I was right all along...  I told you to do it that way and now it's worked out just as I said," says the ego.  

I now simply say...  "Everything is in Alignment".  It needs no further qualification.  Lightning could hit the house...  I could only have two days of work this week (which is true)  ... but, "Everything is in Alignment".  I have other things that apparently need my energy at the moment besides making money and when the bills need to be paid, the work is already HERE, in the Now but unseen, very Present in the Unified Field to cover my bills... so I don't even have to worry about that either...  Because the Unifying Energy Field which IS Supreme Consciousness knows what I need.  This week, it's to work on my website and refresh myself.  "Everything is in Alignment".  It takes no effort.  It takes no belief.  I don't even "have to Align to it" because it just is.  It is Eternity.  There is no 'weight' with it.  It is feather-light.  It presents no barrier of conscience or morality or even Time.  In it there is no 'right', there is no 'wrong'...  because ALWAYS...  "Everything is in Alignment".  Are you hearing me Dave?  :D  Thank you.  I know you do.   

It is so hard to express these things in words...  because they are beyond words...  beyond mind... They are in the realm of No-Mind which is taught in Buddhism.  
I highly recommend making a poster as I did...  and then one day, you're suddenly seeing through the eyes of The Absolute without effort, without fluster... and are simply just in Being in The Alignment. Perhaps this is the Vortex of which Abraham speaks and which i've heard expressed by them before: "Whatever the Vortex is !!! "   This is the Vortex:  It is Being (ie: to be in Conscious Being) in (The) Alignment."  It's not something you can work out with your mind.  Words don't even come close to describing...

May I just say that the Ringing Cedars teaching is a little different to the Rick Beneteau quote.  I would re-phrase it somewhat:
"Every answer you seek and every solution you need is Within, in this inner Universe, just waiting for you to stop and notice it."

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