Thursday, 10 May 2012

The New Earth

Speaking of the New Earth, what is it really? 

Everyone has their own unique perspective of what the New Earth is. From my own experience, I have come to understand that the New Earth is more about a state of being, rather than some place we are going to.

The New Earth both on a personal and global scale is the paradigm where we operate from a place of love, compassion, respect, and integrity.

The New Earth can only exist in the present moment. It cannot exist in the past or in the future, because a mind that constantly lives in the past usually has energies of regret, guilt, and shame attached to it, and a mind that constantly lives in the future tends to dwell on what’s next all the time, which often manifests itself as worry, lack, fear and stress, which never really allows us to fully enjoy the present moment. When we are fully in the present moment, we are at our most powerful. In the present moment, we are in a place of trust, ease, love, miracles and connection which are all qualities that embody the New Earth...


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