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Latest Update: "The People's Voice" from David Icke

By the people FOR the people...

It's up to us !!  There ARE NO saviours !!!

One Pound A Month To Change The World -- More And It Changes Quicker

Published on Oct 9, 2013

We have had a phenomenal response to the soon-to-be-launched television and radio channel -- The People's Voice -- and thanks to everyone for their messages of support. We have accomplished so much as you can see from these pictures and I will post a new video tomorrow. The gallery, studio and newsroom look fantastic.

We have the technology and organisation now in place to give The People a voice worldwide and uncensored information that the mainstream media will never cover. We will be on air on November 18th.


The People's Voice will not stay on air for long unless this non-profit-making adventure is financially supported ONGOING by The People. We urgently need continuous funding through public donations on a monthly basis if we are going to make the difference that we intend to make and now have the technology to do.

Remember it is a non-profit TV and radio station and every penny raised will be spent on programming and the station. I am doing this for nothing financially and most of the people involved are volunteers like me. This is a station by The People for The People.

A small monthly donation even as little as £5 or less by a very large number of people will ensure that not only will we stay on air we can constantly expand what we do in the fields of news, investigation, exposure, alternative health and music, comedy and art.

We have three million unique visits to every month; there are more than 250,000 people following our Facebook page and 100,000 on Twitter. If even most of them donated only £1 every month, it would allow us to give The People a voice like never before and challenge oppression and suppression the world over. It would change the game as we broadcast suppressed information 24 hours a day worldwide.

£1 is a quarter the cost of a single pint of beer per month to break the corporate monopoly on public information. You know how important it is that we get the information out there or you would not be on £1 a month might seem small, but it will make a huge difference to us and what we can do if enough people support us.

Follow the link below and help us -- literally -- to change the world.

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Excellent work, really looking forward to November 18!!!!!


...  My donations are on the way.


Okay, I've set up a recurring donation.... Now who else??
Come on people... let's make this work.

Same here. I'm doing 5 Euros /mo.

Stay strong David! We wish you all the success possible.

so good to see this coming together david , i,m excited for you , i,ll be happy to donate and good luck mate!

I pledged and have been donating monthly now! I just want to say that even if TPV doesn't last long, everyone involved (those donating and volunteering in the studio, EVERYONE) shouldn't be disheartened, it's just a bump in the road. Where there's a will there's a way! :D :D :D 100% support here! Let's go! ^_^

You shine brother.
I shall try to do the same, big love vibrations for all.

David, you deserve it and I will do my best to support you and everyone else within the people voice!
Good luck! and thank you! Wake up people, help the people who need it and not the people who just greed it!.

What price do you put on the revealing of truth? Happy to donate and I have set up a Standing Order. Good Luck to all involved. Namaskar.

25 pounds per month from Brazil!
Here we have a small but influent group that is doing something that will also challenge the system enormously: we created a new political system WITHOUT parties and professional politicians and we are working to implement it.
Soon all of you will hear from us, from our revolution!

Don't waste £145.50 a year on a TV license if you're from the UK. Get rid of your TV and watch catch up on the internet for free while you still can.
A quid a month for TPV is within everyone's reach. More if you can afford it.

U. Have my support all the way

Good luck with it David and everyone at TPV

I'm in. Very rarely donate, but ill do this one with what I can afford. What is the broadcast method? Internet? Digital via freeview? Like Prisonplanet tv? Dave, thanks for spearheading our survival.

Que bom! Estamos juntos pra mudar esse mundo pra melhor de uma vez por todas. Está envolvido em algum projeto, movimento, ong ou algo do tipo? Sou o criador do site Uma Nova Era e também do mais recente Governo do Povo, que está propondo um novo sistema político SEM partidos e sem políticos. Já conhece essa proposta? Estamos precisando de voluntários, se estiver disposto ou mesmo que não entre em contato. No face você me acha no link face /jackson.macedo.7
Um grande abraço.

Thank you, David. You opened my eyes to many things. I will be chipping in.

We LOVE you, David! ♥

David! If I make a documentary film can I air it on your channel!?!?!? This is going to be a powerful documentary, my friend!!

This is awesome. Congrats guys. Can't wait to watch. 
You got my donation!

David is right about our real existence. We are eternal beings and once connected to the wholeness (name it God, Allah, Buddha or whatever) you'll see that there are absolute no limits! Everything happens for one reason - to keep you busy in the illusion. Merge your soul and ego into your body - say mountain move and the mountain will move. The sole reason of life itself is to raise the energy level of the universe and everyone of you is part of this universe. Raise your spirit!

From gimpy goalkeeper, to snooker presenter, to blue Jesus ( 2 ), to wilderness writer, to internet blogger, to stadium rockstar, to TV station creator!
What a life mate!
Even if some of your future content is pure L Ron Hubbard-esque science fiction, its great entertainment and makes you think!
Keep it up!

A crowd funded TV station!
Finally, here comes the future!

i just started a new job....getting my first pay next friday. you bet your ass ill be getting involved in making sure this thing stays up and running :D

this is brilliant

My dear (spiritual mother) NATURE wants us ALL to live WITHOUT MONEY, she wants us to share, and give one and another....
The Beatles were right; Money is not heaven sent, and, ALL you need is LOVE, NO MONEY, money is NOT for us!!! Thank you ...

new world i see david

For the first time in human history television stops to be just a propaganda tool , thank you David


thanks for the update! love you and all those who work for you and donate to you! let's keep growing together faster!

More power to you. Getting paid soon -will donate!

Just signed up £1 a month. Let the cameras roll...

A great idea. Very excited me

donated.... done...... why wouldnt i??

I'm in! :)
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the peoples voice WILL change peoples awareness, the world will never be the same again, the elite MUST be worried, if they are not, they must be mad

Thanks David for All You do!!!

I appreciate that a lot and wish you much success! -peace

Here's an idea..... stop spending a pound/dollar each day for your pathetic mainstream newspaper and put that amount of money towards this excellent project! Or anything really.... have ONE less coffee a month...... have one less alcoholic drink per month.... surely each and everyone of us can eliminate ONE tiny expense per month to help fund this! David is right.... just ONE pound a month from a decent chunk of his 300,000 facebook followers will go a long way!!!
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Exciting Times Ahead. I can hardly wait.

i can offer that

No worries mate. And look I've been following Icke since the beginning when it was considered an embarrassment among 99.98% of society to even read a David Icke book let alone own one, and while he's certainly not perfect, and he's just a man, he's a good man and he's legit. It's easy to get paranoid but these illuminati fuckers don't control everything, and they aren't everywhere. They have used the corporate system to make it appear that way, but it's an illusion. Ickes alright. support TPV.

Just started monthly donation....lets do this.

I'm in!

Great stuff david...

Good job David good job ( ;

It's going to be international.

plz donate for the best cause possible,10000times more beneficial to us as humans than donating to cancer,ect.plz david icke is doing the greatest thing for mankind ever!and if we dont help him and the few others doing wht hes trying to do,then this is the end of sanity in the world,if we could learn a small percentage of knowledge from what hes trying to do,all of our futures will raise dramaticaly with hope, happiness,abundance ect. plz help for the goodness of your soul please!!!!

I've just set up a monthly standing order because I am 100% behind this and want it to be successful. I value this TV channel at more than £1 a month and so have given what it is worth to me.  Thank you for this setting up this fantastic project David!

Just set up my monthly donations! You're amazing David, hope this is a success!!

Reminds me of the God channel when it first started and they are now huge. I will be donating.

£1 is nothing! The same price of a chocolate bar. I will help and I'm sure thousands worldwide will too. Cannot wait for the launch, good work David!

You got to hand it to David and his team. He's hanging his balls out there...  this could just become the biggest thing in broadcasting for half a century...  he's got my monthly donation and I'm pulling up a chair!

I just donated 10 pounds. 

i setup a five pound direct debit which depending where you go in the UK is about a pints worth (large beer for the USA). i hope more people join me and understand that the peoples voice would be one of the best conduits for the info that the people need, not what they want but what they need! whether it is ideas on the 'spiritual' or unveiling the utter corruption and totalitarian stasi police state we are moving too only with that info can we check and beat them back.

Goodie! 10 pounds each month coming on. :-)

This is the start of somethin massive.

Yes yes yes :) so grateful that David Icke is still here on earth living in this lifetime with us.. One of the greats of my lifetime since 2007 when I discovered him via project Camelot.. I support I support


I just donated £1 and will be doing so every month. Come on everyone. You can do it too! Make a difference. :)

I am a fiber artist and putting all my projects on ebay for sale. I have hundreds. All the money I will receive, minus seller fees will be donated to the People's Voice. Thank you David for dreaming this up and for your continued efforts to educate the masses. Can't wait for the first broadcast.

This is dope. Just sent a one off donation, and plan to continue with monthly one's in the future. System changing stuff happening here. Cheers, keep up the good work.

Thank you mr icke i was at your talk in santa monica cali two years ago u were right u did change my life -so proud of what u r doing, my heart beams

Giving you a tenner a month, keep up the good work

keep up the good work

Reminds me of what the Beatles were trying to do way back in 1968 with their 'Apple' corporation-except this has slightly more clarity and less hangers-on sapping the money and energy-I wish it well

Great Video and Great Work being Done by All concerned...
Thank You ... You have my Full Support with this Great Venture and if there's anything at all I can do to help I'm here...  : )

Defo will be be donating to this! Keep up the good work David and team.

If there is going to be comedy time slots on The Peoples Voice, then who better to have than the awesome Australian comedian Steve Hughes - his outlook is very much the same - very funny guy! Peace

don't forget the chuckle brothers they rock

its a crowd based non profit organization, its already the peoples because they financed it

£12 a year for the peoples voice or £145.50 a year for the bbc. i know which one im going to chose

Watching, (brainwashing & mind programming) 'conventional' tv is free, but you can donate. Will we ever hears those words from the BBC?
On the other hand, TPV is coming, and NOBODY can do anything to stop it in it's track.
I for one, can't wait. Peace to all, especially to David.

This is a truly excellent idea, coming to life. I've been a fan of David's books for the last decade, and am looking forward to seeing this come alive. The world needs this. I'll be donating for certain. Good luck to all involved!!
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u da man David

i fully support david icke and his efforts with tpv. best of luck.

This is fantastic. I will donate.

Go to paypal and check if there is a donation set up. If there is, you can check if the money is going out. If its there but not working then delete the donation on paypal. You can then go to the link above and set up a new one. I've done it - it's working for me.

Thanks for the update, David and team! Can't say how happy I am to see it all coming together like this! 18 November is going to be one big party for humanity!! :) Just set up a monthly donation of 25 pounds, and kickstarting my friends to do the same! You have the support of Amsterdam!!

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