Friday, 11 May 2012


Now is the perfect time to join together
and take Action.

NZ Prime Minister John Key,  NZ Earthquake Minister                                                                                                             Gerry Brownlee,  Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker.
The Authorities in Christchurch need answers very quickly for the ongoing Canterbury earthquake disaster, relief and rebuild. In my heart of hearts, I know that the Ringing Cedars books provide the answers. It's a matter now of getting together to Co-create towards life-assuring outcomes by getting the right information into the right hands:
1) That the residents of Christchurch to be gifted land in Canterbury to build their homes once more, away from the earth-quake ravaged areas, where they can plant and establish their family homesteads.
2) For the people to become self-sufficient in every way including electricity generation, water collection and growing and producing food.  The way ahead lies in the de-centralisation of utilities.
3) That families are able, within a very short space of time, to receive income from the sale of their surpluses and their crafts, from their flower plantings, from farm home-stays, child-educational farm visits, animal husbandry, cheese-making and bee-keeping workshops and innumerable other ventures.

This is my Dream for the families of Christchurch... to find safety and be re-born anew.
Christchurch City now languishes in ruins. So many homes now are either devastated or are deemed unliveable. A statistic on the News today said that 50,000 people need housing and they've only enough emergency housing for 16,000. And it's winter now in Christchurch with 12 degree days and sub-zero nights. We send the vibration of Love to you Christchurch.  And we take this Action so that Our Proposals will be heard by those in authority and that our ideas will come into consideration in a very favourable way.


I propose that there be an awarding of 'allotments' to the people of Christchurch who wish to get out of the city.
Christchurch residents who wish to relocate and take up a Government 'allotment' could pay for the land once they receive their 'settlements', ie: their Earthquake Commission pay-outs and their insurances.  People who do not look forward to receiving such 'settlements' should also be given the opportunity to take up residence on their land, according to a demonstrated capacity by them to succeed in turning the land into a productive venture.  Desirable backgrounds of applicants would include skills and knowledge drawn from areas such as carpentry, farming and obviously horticulture.   

People  SHOULD  NOT  have to pay
big prices that Developers end up making huge profits on
for their land.
These relocated people would then have the potential to immediately become active, productive, happy and vital, with happy and safe children again within a very short time.  If the authorities back the ideas that Anastasia talks about in the books and the people embrace the ideas and are given the opportunity to 'live out' these ideas in practice, there will be great successes on many levels - physical health, mental health, economically, self-esteem, education, welfare, a curtailing of criminal activities... Most importantly the restora-tion of a sense of "belonging" that comes with working on one's own land with one's own hands and resources which is at the heart of human well-being.


If Christchurch does not take steps such as these, many 10's of thousands of people are destined to remain jobless, homeless, dependent on Government handouts and fall into clinical depression for a number of years to come with no way out.  It is a far more cost effective initiative for the Government to buy up a few Canterbury farms (start with one as a Pilot) and divide these into 2 hectare plots which is the recommended area of land to be able to grow for one's family and give a surplus.  

My suggestion would be to run a 'screening programme' followed by a 'lottery'.  These were run after the Second World War also.  They are no new thing to this country.  People moving to the allotments would need to be willing to turn their land and buildings into sustainable producing ventures.  It would be envisaged that people would be off welfare benefits within 2-5 years let's say.  The project could be started very soon with the process over the winter being that of building modest pre-cut houses offsite that are transported to the sites in the spring.  In the meantime, people can be sourcing seed and saplings for their new properties... and become acquainted with the principles in the Ringing Cedars books.

This week, the people of Christchurch have suffered enough. 3 earthquakes Magnitude 6 and over within the space of 9 months and many hundreds of after-shocks ~  more than enough for anyone's nervous system. There are answers out there... let this be one of them.  For those who choose to take up such a venture let it turn into the adventure of a lifetime.

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