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I’m John Kettler. Welcome to my site.
This website is a new adventure for me, and it has not been without its thrills and chills, ups and downs, trials and tribulations and many unforeseen events – good and bad! But the exciting news is that site popularity and awareness of my work, mission and message are rising dramatically. For the most part, thanks to my readers, who are helping to spread the word!

My E-books and articles spring from myprofessional background in military intelligence and analysis, my long standing personal interests in a broad range of subjects (including interest in UFOs and all things “paranormal,” from a very young age), my own personal experiences and the astounding input of the many sources (some of them very well connected to powerful interests) I’ve developed over the years.
There are many exciting things in the works, and I encourage you to check out the site, take in the content and hang out as it all develops…
For more information on the E-book, please visit the UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics page.

John's Biography continued...

"Since leaving military aerospace, I’ve done a lot of things. One of the ones I’m most proud of is my primary research credit for the Oscar™-winning documentary “The Panama Deception.” I have over 50 magazine articles on cutting-edge topics to my credit, some of which are included in two different anthologies (“Forbidden Science” and “Forbidden History”). I was interviewed for the Vince Foster political murder documentary “None Dare It Call Murder” (by Anthony Hilder) and appeared on numerous radio shows over the years. I maintain a broad range of interests, including military history, exotic technologies, black programs, UFOs, cryptozoology, secret societies, hidden history, how the world really works and the true powers of the human mind..."

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    Hello Friend:

    At an undisclosed location, U.S. Air Force technicians have reportedly spent a great deal of time fruitlessly trying to get a single Predator up for domestic surveillance. Every single thing which could go wrong has, and problems crop up at every turn, to include electronics failing, parts dropping off, engine failing to start, etc. These are the GOOD problems (comparatively speaking)!

    The BAD problems occur at lunch breaks, when the techs return to find the Predator mysteriously turned upside down and the tail off or even the whole Predator completely dismantled.

    The poor techs scurry off to report this disaster to their supervisor, only to find the Predator reassembled while they were gone, yet still unflyable. As you may've guessed, the ETs/EDs are directly responsible for preventing one of these things from spying on you!

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