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           Bron's Flying Dreams

From the Group "Co-Creators"; Discussion "I am the Dreamer, I am the Dream"   Originally posted 24th Dec '10 on Ringing Cedars Revolution.
I've not so many flying dreams now.  My last one was only 20 months ago.  It was a really exciting dream and showed me how far I have come as a flier (or possibly symbolic of other things in my life). 
The dream: I was at a public park near an Air Force air field. There was a guy at the park who was doing a demonstration for a small group of random people of all ages, even children. Around 15-20 people were gathered. I wandered over to the gathering with my 2 plastic supermarket shopping bags in hand and listened for a while. The guy up the front was showing the audience some new technology that was used to fly with. He said he was with NASA. He said this technology was 'living', that it was actually 'living tissue'. On a hook hung what looked like a rubbery flesh-like, flesh-colored 'sheet' that was around 3 feet wide x 6 feet long. The guy was saying that the 'sheet', otherwise known as 'The Bio-Mat' had to come into resonance with the 'right person' to activate it. 'The right person' had not yet come into contact with this particular 'mat', so it was hanging limp, flat and lifeless.

I went over to the group and ended up going to the front out of curiosity, just to see if it would 'resonate' with me. Much to my surprise and delight, it did!! The sheet began to quiver and 'wake up'. The color got more pink'ish, less sallow and the NASA guy took it off the hook. The mat lay out flat and 'shivering' in front of me, at around waist height. The man said, "Get on it", and he showed me where the hand-grips were. I carefully lay my body out on top of the slightly vibrating mat, leaving my grocery bags sitting there on the grass. The NASA guy told me (or maybe it was a thought that I simply 'knew') that "...the first trip on the mat was most important..." This was because the DNA in the mat was somewhat 'generic' and would 'match' to around 1% of the population, but as soon as someone within that 'broad' DNA range 'activated' it, the mat would then alter its biological composition specifically to match only that person's DNA exactly. Note: I had this dream around 18 months before the movie 'Avatar' was released, so the movie did not (directly) influence this part of my dream... But I completely recognised the 'dragon' sequence in 'Avatar' when I saw the movie in early 2010.

I noticed that the mat responded to my mind. The Bio-mat moved forwards a little... then I realised what was happening, as we swerved around trees in the park, and then over the high barbed wire securing fence of the military base... Then off we went. I gave 'instructions' (pictorial thoughts, verbal thoughts) that were often only a flash-thought (in milli-seconds) in fact ~ to go forward, how fast, which way to turn, elevation, declination, halting. There was no impact of G-forces as we flew. It was as though a 'zero impact' environment (I don't know the technical name) formed around the whole mat and the rider when it was in flight. This was because the rider became 'interdimensional' upon contact with the mat. The rider (or any physical matter in fact) became weightless upon contact. The vibration of the mat altered the person's physical composition (only when in contact with the mat). I decided I wanted to really test the mat out : ) ... so we zoomed past fighter jets going full-speed and easily past passenger air-liners; we twisted, turned, went every-which-way, just like 'test pilots' through all the air traffic at the Air Base.

When I got back to the park on this 'living' mat everyone was fascinated and began looking with much more interest. The NASA guy said that this technology would revolutionize travel, rid the earth of unnecessary carbon emissions, take people much faster and more efficiently directly to where they wanted to go. There were no 'parking' hassles either, as with a car. The mat itself was quite heavy, so not really right for carrying, but one could hang it somewhere to 'park' it, then one could come back and it would still be there, as it was useless to anyone else.

In my dream, I left on the mat which I now realised would only be useful for me, and hung on at the front by the 'hand-grips'. I put my groceries on the back behind me and the mat 'magically' curled up a bit, holding my groceries on board. This seemed to be as a touch response, although I had desired for this to happen... so i'd say that it was a response to my thought primarily.

Reply by Transformation on January 3, 2011 
From the Group "Co-Creators", Discussion "I am the Dreamer..."


This is not "Sci-Fi" for fun. This represents "survival" for the human species into the Twenty-First Century. The production of this 'material' is reliant on many minds coming together to image it and to create it, as Anastasia says. If people think it's an 'optional extra', 'a possibility', 'an interesting concept', then they've probably lost the realization that the Technocracy out there is willingly suffocating the world purely so that a money system that serves only a few families on the planet will continue to remain in place. We are all slaves under this False money system. Money does not represent or equal one's efforts! The effort you make at your job (if employed in the Technocracy) in no way represents the value that you add to the company! That value is not given back to the worker... it goes to the share-holder, to the investor. And look at what's happening now to all these investors. They're finding out that the "Infinite Growth Model" of modern economics operating within the framework of a "Finite Resource" (planet earth) is not going to stand up for too much longer. The 'infinite growth curve' and the 'finite resource curve' are right now in collision!!

It is VITAL that we get so-called 'alien technologies' up-and-running before this Collapse. The next 'Agrarian Society' will be endowed with technical advancements beyond what humanity has been capable of manifesting before... but we need to be willing to let the old limitations of thinking go... and step into our futures. I am very passionate about this. "Whatsoever Man can 'see' can be birthed into creation."   Einstein's theory E=mc2 is a great example of this.  A theory and a 'dream' was borne into the Manifest plane...   within just a few decades, Fission Reaction was perfected.

The whole discussion between Vladimir and Anastasia on these pages in "Anastasia" was around the biggest polluter of the planet ~ the (internal) combustion engine, found in most automobiles. They're not "auto-mobiles" actually... they don't propel themselves independently at all !!   Whereas the "Bio-Mat" will.    The vehicles we use for transportation currently take a huge amount of energy to run and to make; enormous amounts of man-power and risk to source (crude oil); extravagant amounts of money...  As we have now hit "peak oil" (in 2008 - see Micheal Ruppert movie You Tube "Collapse") all of the commodities that the technocracy produces that depend on oil - including food, even fresh food !!   (urea from the petroleum industry, transportation, tractors, harvesters.........)   and which includes practically EVERYTHING in your home and is derived from oil and production from the combustion engine, will very soon become so outrageously expensive that no-one (unless you are extremely wealthy) will be able to afford to buy that stuff. Have a look now around your house and identify how many objects you can find in your own home that have not required petrol/crude oil for it to be there!!  You will find very few things... perhaps the flowers you picked from your garden... but only if you gathered the seed yourself from a previous year; and unless of course, you live in an eco-village which gives one the opportunity to produce items for oneself from the natural resources in the immediate environment.

OK. I have to say some more stuff about the 'bio-mat' dream. This is real, right? This technology is absolutely possible. In fact, it's possibly being developed right now somewhere in the world. I know how it's made, but I don't know 'why' it works (in physics terms). It just does. I described the process to a fellow Cedars friend who visited me over the New Year. She's a scientist and was fascinated... and didn't debunk me at all. I must reiterate... I only started reading the Cedars books in mid-November 2010. I had the Bio-Mat dream in 2009... so I didn't know any of the stuff that Anastasia was saying back in 2009... not consciously anyways.

I'm going to quote now from Book 1: Anastasia (2nd ed.) I only read this stuff yesterday!! 1-1-11 It made complete sense to me when I read it ... and check out what page I got most of this info from  : )   p.111  ~ just like the date!

Vladimir: Tell me about flying saucers [sic] p.110 
Anastasia: ... It is these same kinds of microorganisms that power flying saucers. They are like the micro-cells in the brain, only their operation has a very narrow focus. Their sole function is propulsion. But they carry out this function to perfection and they can accelerate a flying saucer to one-nineteenth the speed of the average modern Earth-dweller's thought... p.111 
Vladimir: What about the walls of the flying saucer- what are they made of? p.111 
Anastasia: They are cultivated - grown... but this so-called micro-organism can be produced - or, rather, given birth to - by the power of the will, or the brain, much like a vivid concept or imagery. p.112

Sphere of Light with Anastasia

January 4, 2011

Technological advancement that will allow humanity to make this material is HERE

I met with an American physicist today through a series of "co-incidences". I took the above material about this bio-resonant system with me to the meeting and more info. that i'd written down that I can only consider 'channelled'. It was very 'sciency' info. and I couldn't understand it, but he did.

The retired physicist began to sweat and shake as he was reading my Bio-mat dream, the relevant passages from Book 1 of The Ringing Cedars of Russia: "Anastasia" and the channelled material. After around 20 minutes of reading, heating up and sweating profusely he said: "I know how to make this."


Bio-mat is still waiting to be manifest. I doubt very much that Black Ops military and the Secret Science program will be able to develop it because it will only grow when the 'correct' intentions are directed towards it. It won't allow itself to be developed for money/commercial reasons nor for purposes that would harm other people.

We are at the edge of becoming a galactic civilisation. As we open ourselves more and more to understand Bio-mat (bio-resonant) technology, we (humanity) will open ourselves to the reality of Who we are... Co-creators living in an infinite multidimensional universe  : )

"Thought-controlled prosthetic arm"

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  1. I found myself in another dream last night explaining to a small group of people how the 'Bio-Mat' technology works. I don't consciously remember having another Bio-Mat dream since 2009. Gosh... it's been 3 years !! I 'feel' like i've been in physical contact with Bio-Mat in my dreams since 2009 though. It didn't feel like welcoming an 'old friend' as such. I'm sure i've been with it in my Dream Times since I first dreamt it.

    The 'mat-aerial' was quite a deep salmon pink colour in my dream (as in 2009) and it felt quite rubbery. I was explaining how the mat-aerial picks up on human electrical brain frequency and comes into resonance with an individual's frequency. Through this connection, the person is then able to simply "think" instructions and the mat-aerial automatically follows the thought. The mat-aerial becomes an extension of one's brain when in physical contact with it. It won't 'work' for anyone else after the initial 'set up'.

    Perhaps 'the veil' is becoming thinner... ??? Last night (in the Awakening World) I engaged in 2x 11:11 Gate Activation meditations - 22:11 Activations in fact, as the date yesterday was the auspicious 22-11. It's not long now until the Gateway Opens fully on 21-12 to enable all of humanity to go through to the 4th-5th dimensions, should they choose to do so. I've 'felt' it a couple of times in the last few weeks... a bit like 'Brackston Hicks' in the weeks before you get proper labour contractions. I was driving one of these times, so stated clearly this needed to stop... because it was inappropriate that I should leave my body whilst driving, as attractive as 'flying to freedom' and out of this body was to me at that moment. I was probably 1/4 out of my body and fully conscious, aware, alert.

    Back to last night...

    I commenced the first meditation at 11:11pm NZ time. I had a powerful meditation which culminated in seeing the Earth with toroidal energy 'spiralling' through and out of her belly... not quite 'toroidal' in fact, as the energy was flowing out of the North and being 'pulled in' at the South in much the same way that the human chakra field works. The meditation was for 11 minutes... that timing 'seemed right'. I visualised this huge energy field sweeping over humanity for around 1/2 of this time... possibly less as it was fierce energy to hold and behold... at every 'sweep' past me (starting point of the rotation, as it were) the force nearly knocked me off my feet and blew my hair back. Maybe this is where we need to 'hang on to our hats' !! Ref: Nov. blog "Arcturian Contactee."

    A little later, I joined in the second meditation at 00:11am as part of the global meditation, 11:11 GMT. This meditation was much 'quieter' (less dramatic) but I heard the 'whispers' of thousands of people as we all joined in meditation together around the world. It was slightly distracting, but I just held the energy for Peace, Unity, Awakening.

    Is this perhaps why the dream came to me again last night... ??? The Activation ?? And perhaps because i've also been led to open myself to the Arcturian off-world family in the last week or so. I was doing quite a lot of research around the Arcturians last night, of whom I know very little about. I slept really heavily afterwards, by the feel of it... 9 hours out to the count. And when I took my head off the pillow in the late morning (no work today), it was much too fast and I got a huge burst of vertigo !!! That's around 4 hours ago now. I'm feeling much better now. But that will teach me... If you go 'travelling' at night into the 4th-5th dimension and expect to leap out of bed in the 3rd, you might have a problem. Mmmm... Not a good idea :( For future reference: allow yourself to return slowly into your body before moving. I hope this helps someone else who might be on a similar journey to myself.


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