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Inter-Dimensional Awareness Arising

"Tom"  of Sedona, USA  has some pretty interesting photos.

Dr Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist

Great graphic showing 4th and 5th dimensions

A "noor" is a shining angel-being or prophet in Islaam

Einstein says there are 11 Dimensions


2012, new era, 5th dimension, transition explained, shift

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He [David Wilcock] is so talented and lays everything down and simple once at least a little bit of research was done in order to connect the dots. This guy presents the truth for the humanity despite numerous threats on his life. Many like him were exterminated but the truth is so in the open I cant understand why more people cant take a little of their time to gain something much more than a lifetime of honest work. Being AWAKE is essential in this life time, no degree, jo job, no amount of money will matter anymore.
Enjoy and see his other interviews.
I got this one because it was short and on point ;)



~ Channeling of Himaalih from “The Myradees,” channeled by Maria Bertram (Sweden), Dec 27th 2010

"We have come to help you the best way we can, and to remind you of our presence... It feels like humanity is about to fall asleep and miss the train, and miss the tremendous opportunity that a transition to a New Age brings – and the Great Purification that is taking place before the transition...

"We see you as a sleeping people...  but with very large capacities that lie latent within you... happily unaware of your greatness and the enormous opportunities you carry within you...  One could say that it’s a birth of humanity's divine consciousness that is happening...  Those of you with open hearts, those of you who have opened up your intuition and your ability to see through the illusions of the three-dimensional world... those of you who are ready to listen and to open your eyes and see the reality outside your illusionary world...

"Earth's ascension into the 5th dimension is a much awaited event that affects us all, that affects the rest of our entire Cosmos...  

"Your civilization is in what you could call the "eleventh hour,” that is, you don’t have much physical, earthly time left to prepare for the transition into the New Spiritual Age. Nevertheless, it’s incredibly important that you still prepare yourselves, and instead of focusing on the lack of time, focus instead on the opportunities that fit into infinity... What we would urge you to do is to prepare yourselves as much as you possibly can. You have completely unique possibilities to do that, through the enormous,  unfathomable energy flow that is gradually being activated over the Earth.


... We are entering the time of Great Purification, as Earth prepares to transition to the Fifth World. This is a period of Earth Changes: major earthquakes, tidal waves, many volcanoes erupting, land subsidence, emergence of new land, climatic changes, disease pandemics, and widespread starvation. Catastrophes of human origin are also in the offing, including: warfare involving weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear, rioting and looting, collapse of monetary systems, and forced migrations. As with the previous Worlds, there will be those who want to cling to the old ways of the Fourth World and resist the need to change. We see them all around us now. And just as surely there will be those who seek to live in harmony with the rest of creation. Sensitive co-existence with other life is not ecological romanticism or fuzzy metaphysics. It is recognition of the true extent of family.

During this transition more than ever before, each of us is being called to serve the Great Spirit, that Center of Consciousness from which everything derives its being. Each of us has an important role during this Great Purification. We need to help find ways for nations, races and tribes to put aside differences, and join together for the good of everyone. We need to help plant and animal species survive. We have to bring to an end the pollution of Earth, and return to our proper role as caretakers of Earth's ecosystems. We need to lay aside the "success" lifestyle of greed and materialism, and learn to adopt a lifestyle of "just enough" and "good enough". We need to move away from the twin follies of promiscuity and puritanism, and learn to reverence sex as the delightful yet sacred activity of appropriately joining opposites to create a higher truth. And we need to lay aside the weapons of war, and operate with that compassion, understanding and economic justice which make for peace...

In Winter, 1996, high in the Rockies west of Fort Collins, Colorado, a Star Visions Conference was convened by Lakota-Dakota spiritual advisor Standing Elk. There numerous speakers talked about our imminent transition from the current Fourth World to a new Fifth World.  On the evening of November 9th, Conference ceremonial leadership switched from Native American males to the women.  A Cherokee grandmother recited Crazy Horse's prophecy about these very times, as the Old Age (Fourth World) closes. Then, after a series of moving prayers and ritual declarations, the grandmother Elders made a startling official ceremonial declaration: the old era (Fourth World) was ended, and the new age (Fifth World) was being born!

A joyous explosion of tumultuous celebration broke out all over the conference auditorium. After a half-hour, the grandmother Elders were finally able to call the conference back to order. The Elders then declared that this new Fifth World would have as its hallmark the attributes of positive feminine energy. They explained that the Fourth World, which had been hallmarked by male energy dominance, had had its time, and made its contributions. Now that World is passing away. The grandmothers pointed out that the Fifth World being born must not be one of separatist female dominance, but rather one of forming a renewed society of women and men as equals. Fifth World society is shaped by the feminine paths of cooperation, nonaggression, inclusiveness, noncompetitiveness, service rather than dominance, use of psychic and spiritual gifts as well as technology, and living in conscious harmony with nature's ways...

The negative power of the Fourth World cannot be annihilated. It can only be transmuted,by being confronted by the simplicity and cosmic consciousness of the Fifth World's midwives, the heyokas, you (if you wish). We are not alone in this task. The Thunder Beings (Star Visitors) have come to awaken us, test us, and help us transmute. As heyokas, our role is to confront the Fourth World's negative energies, channel and transmute them into cooperative, spiritual, nonaggressive, inclusive, noncompetitive, service-oriented, dominance-rejecting, psychic, highly-conscious, natural and harmonious energies.

As we do so, and thereby evolve forward, the vibratory rate of the biological and consciousness energy fields within us increases. I have noticed that people of like vibratory rate can "hear" and feel each other's inner consciousness level. And here is a miracle. A higher-vibrating person (or heyoka, if you will) is like a tuning fork, tending to create a higher matching (sympathetic) vibration rate in others around who are functioning at a lower (Fourth World) vibratory/consciousness level. Just like a soprano's high note can cause a crystal glass to vibrate, so heyokas can cause Fourth Worlders around them to tend to increase their vibratory rate. But Fourth Worlders have choices. They can go along with the higher vibratory/ consciousness rate, and transition into the Fifth World. Or they can resist and, like the glass, "shatter", as their outlook is increasingly dissonant with the emerging Fifth World. If they remove themselves from all contact with Fifth World people, they may buy some little time, but in the end they will still have to choose...

Another large component of the Transition to Fifth World is the transforming, or establishing from scratch, new social structures: truly-participatory democracies of ecologically-natural and manageable size; schools for Star Kids, and institutes of higher learning for Star Seed adults and regular humans who want to learn the new ways; transport systems which operate on Zero-Point Energy and incorporate antigravity fields as appropriate; an adjudication system which is fair and transparent and incorporates Star Seed psychic ways of determining the truth; truly-complementary health care incorporating psychic diagnosis and healing along with homeopathic and appropriate allopathic medicine; renewed recreation and entertainment modalities which reflect the family of humankind while valuing regional unique cultural contributions; truly-public utilities which utilize Zero-Point Energy and eco-friendly tapping of water and geothermal sources, and which use composting and biological disposal of waste products strategies; spiritual centers where people can gather for group meditation, group joint psychic exercises to bring help where needed at whatever distance, and to honor Source and Mother Earth being; and interstellar diplomatic and cultural-exchange campuses for interacting with our visiting Cosmic Cousins.  

The thing of it is: all of these technologies and modalities already exist, at least in prototype, and all we need is to work on insisting they become the model of future building projects, and the goal of renewal and reform projects.

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