Thursday, 10 May 2012

Is the FED about to close its doors ???

Dawn Newton

Okay here we go people: I have inside info on a Fed Res bank closing its doors in the states as soon as tomorrow: May 10th, here in the states. Don't want to go into specifics on how I know to protect others. You know however, I got this info in my heart in the last couple of days; and now I've rec'd 3D confirmation. Obama and a few others of the financial G 20 will be visiting a bank here in the states and according to my contract they will be closing its door (ah hem) for only a few days. My heart tells me this is not truth; and this bank will be closed for good and just the first of many. So, I suggests once again, get what is yours out of the system; use it to help your self and others and SEE THIS as the Divine Plan and ALL IS WELL. In fact, this is quite exciting news to one who has been waiting for this to come about since 01.. . . Bless our hearts and LET"S DO THIS THING.

A new system will replace the old. The old was male dominate and lacking the feminine polarity altogether. It was meant to enslave, be exclusive and destructive to man and the earth. The new system will be a balance of the feminine and male polarities. It will be inclusive, benevolent and supportive of ALL of humanity and Mother Earth. It will not require gold and silver or oil and gas to be sucked from this live entity: the earth.

It will be a Holy System: a Golden Age Systems So check-in with your hearts to FEEL this message and if you feel its truth: I highly suggest retrieving what is yours and using it to help everyone. No hoarding, no FEAR, and remember everything is in Divine Order. Lovies Dawn

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