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I've been fascinated with the Multi-verse and Quantum Physics proper since June 2008 after watching "What the Bleep do we Know" and "Down the Rabbit Hole" complimentary study DVDs.  Some of the scientists in "What the Bleep..." appear in the below link *Quantum Physics*  I began exploring these concepts in greater focus while being involved with two Satyananda schools of Yoga here in Hamilton and later these emerging thoughts were reinforced by "What the Bleep..."   I thereafter joined the "Noetic Society" and "Theosophic Society" here in Hamilton.  Ideas of the Unity and the One-ness have always been with me to some extent: 
I was aware of the Eternal nature of my own Being when I was just 7 years old  ~  I saw "Her" behind-through-on-the-other-side of my eyes one day, as I gazed into the eyes reflected back in a mirror in our Primary School toilets  : )  The small ablution block for junior students was empty at the time.  I was the only little person in there... Divinely ordered  : )   My comment to "Her" in a 'flash-thought' in my mind was "Oh! There you are!"  as if "I" had just 'remembered' something.  I ran off to play with my friends immediately after this experience  : )   I just 'accepted' it.  Enlightenment can happen anywhere at any age it would seem  :D 

I have a strong memory of myself as a child aged 5-6 in Western Europe pre-WW1 (c.1910) when I was (perhaps simultaneously ? ) around 4-5 years old in 1966 in NZ.  I was standing beside a canal looking at a huge windmill on the other side, quite near to a flat wooden bridge without sides that cows used to go over from one field to the other, out in the country.  I was holding both my parents' hands, on either side.  They were not my 'current' parents of this lifetime however :D  My 'mother' had a pale pink chiffon scarf with large flowers on it over her head, my 'father' wore a woolen tweed cap with a peak at the front.  My 'own' parents were never in the habit of wearing head coverings. 

I have since had snippets of memory and experience, such as being able to understand Danish/Swedish language spontaneously in my 30's when I was watching a Foreign Language movie, "Pele the Conqueror" (what a surprise that was!!)  I love the paintings of Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1525-1569).  I know I was a young Flemish girl of 12-13 years old during the 12th Century who fled to England after being orphaned. By the time she was 14, she had joined a troupe of roving/ 'vagabond' performers who would tie themselves to no master  :D  I have huge resonance with the old buildings of Amsterdam and very, very strongly with the farm buildings of the Netherlands... anything Dutch!  I have Delfts Blauw egg cups gifted to me by a Dutch family I boarded with when I was 19.  They knew nothing of my 'connection' nor myself to what extent at this age :D   I loved living with them though.  They treated me as their daughter  :D   I felt "at home".

I saw things CLEARLY of this place-time (in 1940's rural Holland) in a past-life regression in my late 30's.  During that time, sad to say, i'd formed 'liasons' with at least 1 German soldier in the absence of our own men off the land. She died in the early 1950's after the war, due to a broken heart and over-work ~ working as a man on the farm and raising many children, including the orphaned. The sadness was too great.  She couldn't go on any longer.  I've had these affinities all through my life... of being alone, of bearing the burdens and responsibilities of many alone, of raising children alone, of having no permanent man staying in my life...  as a perpetual resonance within me...  like a Dual-Dimension Life and Reality whilst having this parallel one from 1961-2011 in New Zealand... 

Remember, linear time does not exist in the Quantum realm  : )   It's only our 'material fixed' brains that interpret our soul's experience as linear.  It's funny that in this life-time I have come to live in New Zealand and that the Netherlands and Denmark both have sea-provinces called Zeelandt and Sjælland (Sealand, Dn) respectively.*   It's of no surprise to me that I had a very warm and friendly working relationship with a young man I studied music with in 1997-98 whose parents are from Belgium plus significant relationships with 2 German men, 1 Dutch man and more recently a man from Sweden   :D 

* The province of Zeeland is located in the south-west of Holland. It consists of a number of islands, hence the name of "Sea-land". It includes a strip which borders Belgium. The capital of Zeeland is Middelburg.  [of course! how logical]  :D   Sjælland is a large island off the south coast of Denmark and is quite near the south Swedish mainland, the province known as 'Skåne' (Scohna).  This is the province where "he who I keep close in my heart"  lives currently  : )    Too many co-incidences, right??

what the bleep do we know (part 1)

Full length movie.  You will understand  things said in this blog a lot better after watching "What the bleep...  "   This is a really well put-together movie.  It's well worth setting aside the 2 or so hours it takes to view it...  for everybody.

This is a really good starting point on the subject of the Quantum Energy Field.  This movie is very easy to watch.  It's in 12 parts of around 10 minutes each, so is around 2 hours in total.  I could only find a 240p You Tube version, not a 360p version, so if you decide to watch it on full screen, it will be a little grainy.  Enjoy ~  First watch "What the Bleep..."  then continue on into "Down the Rabbit Hole"  which is in much more detail with some really interesting interviews with various people.

Movie: Part 1/12  "What the bleep do we know?"  (120 mins)

An interview with Actress Marlee Matlin  (4:07 mins)   This is a good intro to the movie.


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