Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Who is John Key ?? See: "Aotearoa Perspective"

Aotearoa Perspective is an excellent source of well-researched info.  Here's one of the latest links (bottom) showing up John Key for who he really is...  Liar !!  Liar !!  Liar !! "The smiling assassin" they called him on Wall Street. It became John Key's trade-mark style to rip the guts out of an economy or let people go from their jobs with that same phoney smile on his face.  Can you believe it ??  And now, he's the Prime Minister of New Zealand !!!  : (

For people who don't know, I joined the "Aotearoa is Not For Sale" hikoi.  I started in Hamilton on 29 April 2012 and just got back home to Hamz last night 9 May 2012. We marched in town and city centres every day and stayed in various marae as we continued down country.  A great experience...  a wonderful and life-changing event to be a part of.    This protest is not a 'Maori' protest.  These policies effect all New Zealanders - Pakeha, Asian, African, Pasifica, British, European, North, Central and South American New Zealanders.  It effects us all.  We must now all come together ~ across iwi boundaries, across race and colour boundaries, across language and political boundaries.  We must all stand together as one...  or else we fall divided.  

Come together...  Unity is our only hope.

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thanks to Mike Smith and many others who helped to organise this huge event.
thanks to all the people who took part in the hikoi.
and a special thanks to those who have taken the photos and video footage used in this clip!

for some speeches @ wellington see:  

There are many very well-researched articles on Aotearoa Perspective. Your key words in the search engine or on google will send you to many articles on AP that are well worth reading.

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