Wednesday, 9 May 2012

"Aotearoa is Not For Sale" visualisations - May 2012

ALL the marches went well...  
After Auckland came Hamilton (that's where I jumped in on 29 April 2012) then Rotorua, Taupo, Taihape, New Plymouth, Levin, Johnsonville, Wellington - the big one on 4 May 2012, a gathering of some 5,000-6,000 people...  then Wellington again (Ministry of Economic Development - 7 May), Wellington again (admin. offices for fracking plus the Brazilian Embassy re: deep sea oil drilling)   ... Also 6 days now of a handful of hikoi participants (including myself for 3 days) walking 3 times each morning around 'the big house' and the beehive saying prayers and sending intentions into the building...  "within me there is only love...  only purity of heart...  no darkness within me...  no corruption... only light...  divine justice... a clear conscience... " and so on.  Please join with us in these intentions (wherever you are) by visualising the parliament building and the beehive, and just speak into the walls and the rooms and the hallways these words and others that might come to you.  Speak it out (your family might think you're mad !! )  :P and most importantly, visualise in some way the energy of what you speak permeating into the building...  the Energies of Love, Reconciliation, A Clear Conscience...  beaming directly into the hearts of all who work in these buildings...  "Within me there is no harm... "  Beam it in...  directly from your heart, into the blocks of the building and the people who work there.  Do it.  This is a time of greatest change.  Please feel free to use your power of intention to the fullest extent.

The one man in our group who was bold enough to join with 3 wacky women did visualisations of the torus sending light-energy into the darkest recesses of the building and hearts of the politicians.  His feeling is that there is a Masonic chapel in the main parliament building...  I have no idea if this is so, but he just went with his 'knowing' and did his torus work to do with that energy. Very amazing stuff.  So you see...  just do as your heart directs...  adding love, healing, light, awakening to the 'big house'.  Be in peace as you do your work.  The opposite of love is fear.  In this work we do, there is no fear  : )  There is only peace and honour in what we do  : )

And now i'm learning that protests about the Asset Sales are sparking up all over the country.  My son (27) told me about 2 lots of protests in Hamilton that he's seen in just this past few days, just in Hamz alone... and there's other actions going on by independent groups up and down the country.  People are very angry. I have ideas for at least 5 different actions that I now need the time to implement.  I will be letting people know what these are over the next week or so.  We live in very exciting times  : )

Stay true to your heart...  "Do what you will and harm none".  Continue the work, ongoing for the rest of this year.  It can become a part of your usual meditations...  to send light to the 'big house'.
Blessed Be. We walk together.
xx Bron


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