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An introduction to Anastasia of the Ringing Cedars series

Anastasia teaches that our destiny as "Man" is to live in complete harmony with Nature and our Creator. We have every capacity to tap into the Co-creation Field as Anastasia does. We have the latent capacity within to come into Unity with each other, our environment and the unseen energies. Some people call this "the Buddha Nature". This gift is ours from Source ~ from Creative Intelligence. The Earth who is our Mother and the Animals who are our Friends, love us and want to help us. We just need to open to them and realise how we are all Parts making up One great Whole...

We Are All Manifestations of Creative Energy. Learn to listen to the 'still small voice' within and you will come closer to achieving this goal of returning to your Pristine Origins dwelling peacefully upon the Earth as "Man". Humanity is waking up !! Welcome to the Great Awakening : )



The following quotes are from Book 1 "Anastasia" on the power of our own minds to vision and Co-create our future. It's a discussion that took place during the first 3-day stay that Vladimir had with Anastasia in 1995, in her glade in North Western Siberia.

A: "Tell me Vladimir, what do you think daydreams are? And are many people able to dream of the future?"

V: "Daydreaming? I think a lot of people are able to do that. It's when you imagine yourself in a future of your own desire."

A: "Fine. So, you do not deny that Man has the capacity to visualise his own future, to visualise various specifie situations?"

V: "That I don't deny."

A: "... You and other people are aware that somone in a dream state, when his body is almost beyond the control of a part of his consciousness, can see people and all sorts of things going on."

V: "Well that, I think, is something nobody will deny."

A: "But still, in a dream people can communicate, hold conversations, empathise?"

V: "Yes, they can."

V: "How can a dream be controlled within a dream?"

A: "Not within a dream. Wide awake! As if pre-programmed, and with absolute accuracy... Man has lost most of his ability to control, control natural phenomena and himself..."

A: "I too was watching your wife through my ray and warmed her up"

V: "So, your ray can warm people up at a distance?"

A: "Yes, it can do that."

V: "And what else can it do?"

A: "It can gather certain kinds of information, or transmit. It can cheer up a person's mood and partially take away someone's illness. There are a lot of other things it can do, depending on the energy available and the degree of feeling, will and desire."

V: "Interesting. Only i'm not sure what it means. You say every person can have a ray like this?"

A: "Of course everyone can. Even today people still have feelings and intuitions, the capacity to dream of the future, to conjecture, to visualise specific situations, to have dreams while they sleep - only it is chaotic and uncontrollable."

A: "... But you know Vladirmir, there is one absolute condition that must be met before the ray can be controlled by the will..."

V: "And what condition is that?"

A: "It is absolutely necessary to keep one's thoughts pure, as the strength of the ray depends on the strength of radiant feelings."

V: "... What on earth have pure thoughts got to do with it? Or 'radiant feelings'?"

A: "They are what power the ray."

Narration, Vladimir:

All day long Anastasia engages in meditation, visualising all sorts of situation from our past, present and future life.

Anastasia possesses a phenomenal memory. She can remember a multitude of people she has seen in her imagination or through her ray, and what they have been going through mentally... She embodies in her thought the life experience of a great many people in the past and present. She uses such knowledge to visualise the future and to help others. She does this at a great distance by means of her invisible ray, and the ones she helps through suggestion or decision, or the ones she heals, haven't the slightest idea that she is helping them.

It was only later that I found out that similar rays invisible to the eye, only of different degrees of strength, emanate from every individual... Unfortunately, we are unable to use these rays as she does. In scientific literature there is a phenomenon similar to this ray, known as a torsion field.

Megre, V. (1996) Anastasia Book 1 (pp. 44-50, excerpts)
The Ringing Cedars of Russia Series


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