Thursday, 10 May 2012


The following excerpts are taken from a dialogue between Vladimir Megre and Anastasia the Siberian recluse in Megre's 2nd Book of the Series entitled "The Ringing Cedars of Russia".
(pp. 54-55)

V:  "And what did He tell you?  What kind of voice does He have?"
A:  "Nobody can tell what kind of voice He has.  His answer takes form, as it were, in Man's discovery of a thought spontaneously occurring to himself. After all, He can only speak through His particle that is present in every Man, and this particle is already relaying information to every other part of the individual with the help of the rhythm of vibration.  Hence the impression arises that Man is doing it all by himself...  And the forces of darkness try by whatever means they can to prevent this God-reflected particle from acting out its high purpose... "
A:  "But if these particles unite amongst themselves in bright aspirations, it is much more difficult for the dark forces to hinder them.  Even if just one single particle living in just one single Man is in full contact with God, then it is impossible for the powers of darkness to overpower him, to defeat his spirit and mind."

V:  "... Maybe He's not interested in listening to you... "
A:  "He is listening and He is answering." 
V:  "What is He answering?  Is there something new you know now?"
A:  "He has hinted at where to find the answer, where to search for it."
V:  "He's 'hinted'?  To you?!  So, where is it?"
A:  "In the union of opposites."




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