Friday, 11 May 2012


  • This is to a place where Co-creators meet and learn the craft of Co-creating
  • This is a place where Co-creators tell of the ways they are taking Action in their Daily Lives
  • This is a place where Co-creators Network with One Another 
  • We encourage people back INTO their lives, to the soil, with their kids, drawing plans for their Kins Domains, being involved with Lobby Groups, etc...
  • This will be a place to share the Joy of this “Co-Creating” Upon Which the Whole Community can take Delight in its Contemplation
  • There are no hidden agendas of fame or notoriety, of making money or redeeming anyone.
  • We are asked to present our ‘real self’  – not merely a Mask of who we think we are
  • To support each other as we Co-create Kins Domains and return as "Man" to our Pristine Origins

"Co-creation" is a very important aspect of Anastasia's teachings in The Ringing Cedars of Russia Series by Vladimir Megre. We believe that putting Anastasia's teachings into ACTION in Daily Life is Vital as we work towards "Co-creating" a New Earth for Every Person on this planet. Building a NETWORK with others is key to "Co-creating" so ease of Contacting and Networking with other "Co-creators" on this site is also of Vital Importance. We highly value "Truth", "Honesty", "Simplicity of Thought and Expression".

Ringing Cedars New Zealand is a site for people who want to get into the serious, fun and sometimes grubby job of "Co-creating" a bright new future, not only within our Own Personal Lives but for Every Living Thing on this Planet :D

The power of our Minds is Vast and Untapped. With This Mind and with This Understanding, We as Individuals and Collectively as "Man" have the Power to Change the Future. Come with Me and Many Others here on this Exciting Journey. You Are Most Welcome to join us in this Space of Co-creation, Action and Networking !! We look forward to your company and having you come and Vision with Us, Our New Earth...

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