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Saudi Arabia: Arrests, killings. Nov 8, 2017 Corbett Report with Marwa Osman

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Published on Nov 9, 2017
"It was Saudi war jets that downed that helicopter because that Prince was trying to flee the country."

  • Today at 11am there was a Tweet to announce Saudi Arabia had a new King
  • This was retracted a few minutes later
  • Saudi Arabian prime minister made diplomatic visit to discuss Lebanese politics
  • At the time was announced a new Lebanese ambassador to Syria announced
  • The SA prime minister was urgently summoned back to Saudi Arabia
  • At midday on Saturday, the Lebanese prime minister announced he had resigned
  • This was unexpected. There was no evidence to suggest anything unusual was going on.
  • Two hours later was announced the arrest of 11 prominent Saudi princes and 20 senior Saudi officials
  • The Ritz Carlton became the new "prison"
  • A memo asked guests to leave the Ritz Carlton citing a matter of extrememe national security
  • All of the Princes were in the country at once. 
  • An 18 billion dollar Prince was amongst the group. They were being held for "corruption"
  • The Army and the Police force had been taken over by a NEW "Crown Prince" !!

Then even more strange things began to happen:
  • Deaths
  • Exchange of fire (shooting)
  • 7 Princes were shot down in a helicopter who were attempting to flee the country
  • There had been a huge purchase of guns and an overthrow has occurred
  • Who is giving advice to this new Prince who has elected himself as the head of state?
  • He has the ability to wipe out whever he wants to - just as he did with his own cousins

After that:
  • The Minister of Gulf Affairs in the man who holds the "file" of Lebanon
  • He began issuing all sorts of warmongering statements against Lebanon
  • He wants to bomb suburbs - suburbs of Beirut which are known to be Hezbolla strongholds
  • However:  People do not realise that Hezbolla IS "The People"
  • He sees Hezbolla as a threat

Next thing came a Tweet:

  • He said, all of these Princes were offered to close all of their corruptions files 
  • In return, there would be a new king of Saudi Arabia
  • The Princes and senior officials of Saudi Arabia did not agree
  • A new wave of arrests and detention subsequently took place
  • The former Saudi Prime Minister has dual residency which protected him
  • After he resigned, he was then considered Saudi Arabian only which allowed the arrest

  • All of this coincides with a new deal for drilling for oil in Lebanon
  • People in Lebanon have not heard from the politicians and businessman being held under arrest
  • It is assumed that various of these people are dead
  • There are embezzlement cases and cases of corruption
  • These are people who are known to have an agenda of creating chaos in Saudi Arabia
  • Beirut news and media in Lebanon is funded by Saudi Arabia
  • The resignation of the Lebanese Prime Minister began to be refuted by Lebanese politicians
  • He was a Christian. Obviously for this, he received a lot of opposition
  • His opponents wanted conflict and blood

  • Everything is fine in Lebanon
  • We are waiting for our Prime Minister to come back
  • It's impossible for there to be a war against Lebanon right now

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