Thursday, 30 November 2017

BLOCKED again from posting to Facebook groups. Please help by Sharing.

I only got out of Facebook Jail on Saturday just gone. It's only been 6 days and i'm in jail again !!!!  - with no warning!  It's for another 7-day stint. I've been very careful as well, and limited Sharing to groups to around 4-6 shares per post - and I only share around 30% of my posts (not all). If Facebook doesn't want us sharing to our Groups, why did they put a Share to Groups button on our Timelines that lets us share directly ??? Jeeeze !!! It's like saying to a child, "There's a chocolate bar... You're only allowed 1 square per day. If you take two pieces, you get 'time out' in your room for 7 hours." It's bloody ridiculous.

Where are other good social media outlets? I've tried a few, but people are mostly on Facebook. Where else can we go to actually get this information out into the world and not get blocked all the time?

Please help me out by sharing my Facebook posts to your groups. You'll find me at "LillyLlew". Thanks.

I'm screwed agan, for another freaking week !!!!!

          So annoying !!

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