Tuesday 21 June 2016

Mind control at birth ?? Is this all part of the globalist agenda?


Public service warning: Some of the content of this podcast is very hard to listen to. 
Mature audiences 16+ only. Published May 21, 2015.

This outstanding podcast needs to be heard by everyone! In here you will find answers as to why people on this planet are so sick! And who is sick? That's you and me my friend... Our births were manipulated under the Rockefeller medical agenda (please see the second link). This is how I was birthed (1960s), as described in this podcast, and this is how my two babies were birthed (1980s). No wonder this world is in the mess it's in. As Jeanice says: We are all under mind control.

Essential listening.
Take the time to listen to this interview. It's two hours long and every minute of this interview turns over a new stone. Walk around with "eyes wide shut" if you want to... My intention is to have my eyes fully open to what "the agenda" is. If you really want to continue waking up, listen to this interview.

Jeanice's blog:

The Rockefeller medical agenda:

For people who don't speak English:

I have made a transcript of the podcast video for you on the link below. That's how important I think this information is. I am not a court typist, so this transcript will take me around 6-8 hours to complete. That's how determined I am that everybody in the world gets to find out about this. Everybody in the world needs to have access to this information. We all need to wake up to this part of the mind control. This is pivotal to humanity's enslavement. Humanity is one family. This is being done to us all... In what ever language you speak, you need this information. Transcript here -

The birthing "mind control" map - Transcript. Jeanice Barcelo.

Sofia Smallstorm Interviews Jeanice Barcelo

Published on May 21, 2015

Most of us have no memory of being born, and most people would probably opt for this big life event to take place in a hospital -- "just in case." We know that most of humanity has had babies anywhere but in a hospital, for thousands of years, at that. But what we do not know is how cunning and calculated Hospital Birth Protocols really are, and let's not forget neonatal care, either. Jeanice Barcelo may be the most adept voice out there on this subject, with her own astounding insights and translations -- meaning what is going on in the baby's consciousness while all this is happening? Here are two full hours of not just her amazing information, but more that I was able to specifically ask for, having heard a few of Jeanice's interviews already. You will never forget this stuff, if you have never heard it. The system, shall we say, has figured out a way to cut right into our family bonds before our babies even come home. For more, visit www.BirthofaNewEarth.com and www.BirthofaNewEarth.blogspot.com

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