Sunday 20 September 2015

CHILD TRAFFICKING: U.S.A. Private Military Contractors (PMCs)

"ISIS" is a smokescreen for Private Military Contractors (PMCs) such as "DynCorp" and the Afghani contingent pictured below, being trained as local police. They're all working for NATO !!

DynCorp were caught out in Bosnia TRAFFICKING CHILDREN into SEX SLAVERY, 1998-1999.  (c.2002)

In 2010, Child Trafficker "DynCorp" won the 1 BILLION $$$ contract from the U.S.A. (taxpayers) to train Afghan's local police. I wonder how that worked out for the Afghani people ????  :-/

Image: Afghanis under PMC DynCorp training.  Good article !!

PMC Dyncorp annually picks up around 3 BILLION $$$$ in Contracts for its own Miliatary operations from the USA "government" (tax payer) to go in, bomb the shit out of innocent people, round up the children and sell them to the highest bidder.

In c.2006, there were 108 PMCs in Afghanistan alone !!  Afghanistan is a "target" site for PMCs to proliferate.  The steady increase in OPIUM production tells its OWN STORY of why the U.S.A. government/ CIA/ NATO/ ISAF wants CONTROL in Afghanistan and KONTROL of The People's minds through the Mainstream Propaganda Machine - YOUR TV !!

This is also why the U.S.A. was "not at war" in the Middle East since around 2008 - The USA administration "government" - CORPORATION ACTUALLY,  were employing PMCs to do their dirty, bloody, work for them in Syria and Iraq.  The Media plays the "dumb game" and goes along with the "ISIS" hoax. The only reason there's an "ISIS" is to generate public sympathy and hostility, so more Americans and Brits agree to becoming cannon-fodder to fire the weapons the bankers have loaned money to governments to buy.  It's a Money-Go-Round. And Teenage Boys are the Patsies. More blood...  More Death Cult sacrifice mentality, of our young men !!

It's all about (1) Money, (2) Child trafficking into SEX !!

Join the Dots !!  Follow the Money !!


  1. It's horrific, sorrowful, and completely true. Every petition on every issue we see online we need to complete, till we're SCREAMING at the Congress and President They're nothing but corporation executives and have no right to engage us in war or spend our money, but because they're pretending they've a right, they will respond to our shrieking emails, phone calls and petitions. So ruin their days; choke up their offices with protests; scare the hell outta them about how we'll react to their next move that does not represent the will of the American people. Take back control.

    1. Yes. It's up to each one of us to keep banging on the doors (physically) of those politicians and make them listen !! Thank you.


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