Friday, 3 June 2016

Energy clearing and cleansing of the land needed

Your assistance is needed.  Can you help?


The article above is really important. Please click on the image and go check it out. Thanks. Sad but true... :-/ btw. The poster should really read "Zionist bankers are responsible..." eg: John Key, New Zealand's current Prime Minister - a Zionist-Jewish banking-mafia Foreign Exchange (Forex) head trader - He last worked at Merrill Lynch London while being adviser to the US Federal Reserve Bank (banking mafia) - Key's good mate, Alan Greenspan (1999-2001). Most Jews haven't up until now, realized it was the Khazarian mafia posing as Jews (historical - goes back to around 800 CE) who are creating all this schist. If you see a "Jew" with white skin, the DNA probably goes back to Khazaria - modern day Ukraine. They have no claim whatsoever on Palestine. Not even Palestinian Jews have a claim on Palestine. Judaism is a religion, not a nationality. The whole "Exodus" story is a crock. No Jews ever came out of Egypt led by some man called Moses. It's all lies. Just ask Jewish professors of archaeology at Tel Aviv. They will tell you straight up, "No evidence whatsoever." What did happen was... When Hatti - the Hittites (Turkey) got powerful (1400 BCE), the Egyptians wanted to create a "buffer zone" on the mediterranean sea coast to help protect Egypt militarily. So they pushed the Arabic-Iraqi people of the Jewish (YHWH) religion back out of Egypt.


Note: Abraham was born in North Iraq. The Arabic (dark skinned) YHWH (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob) people only ever went down into Egypt because of the huge droughts of 7+ years that Joseph (Jacob's estranged son), had foretold to the Pharoah. Joseph (of the 'Technicolor Dreamcoat' fame), became a leading quatermaster for the Pharoah. He kept a tally on all the grain supplies that had been stored away during "the seven years of plenty" under the Pharoah's instruction. This is possibly where "accountancy" started... and this of course led to the modern-day share market with all its trading in fake non-existent "money" in the form of "derivatives" and "securities". Derivatives and Securities are backed by nothing. They're just a bet. It's gambling. It only works because people give credence to the system. Once everybody wakes up that derivatives and securities are backed by fresh air, the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. 
Back to the story... The people of the YHWH religion were sent by Egypt back out into the lands of ancient Canaan and Amarru. In effect, they became "human shields" for Egypt. The half-breeds that were born from the coastal people intermingling with the YHWH people (Jews), were called "Samarians". The Jews in turn pushed those half-breeds north - they were outcasts. Therefore: It was the Samarians who would face off first against the Anatolian hoardes, should those Kingdoms ever venture south.

It's pretty ironic that this is the most fought-over region today... The Goddess "ISIS" raises her ugly head once more and pillages and rapes the people of that coastline, once more. btw. ISIS are paid mercenaries of every country. They're just paid soldiers. What the media prints about them is just uninformed propaganda. The fighting happens to this day, right there on the border of modern-day Turkey and Syria.

That ground needs to be blessed and the energy cleared. This has gone on for way too long now. The wars need to cease. Anyone with me to do 'clearings' of these energies in that part of the world? Leave a comment below. Comments get moderated so anything private won't get published. Thanks.



Image - History repeats itself for the people of the desert nations.  Syria.

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