Friday, 17 June 2016

Russia free land gifted in Far East region: "Ringing Cedars of Russia"

Image -  "The Russian Dacha and the Dachnik movement have been around for more than 100 years and the home garden for more than 1,000."  Anastasia said we actually need 1 hectare (2.5 acres) to be gifted to each [nuclear] family - a mother, father and their children. This provides enough space to everybody in the family to create what they envisage, on their land. This is what the Russian government has now done, on May 1, 2016.

The "Far hectare" Act was passed in the Duma on May 1, 2016, purely for an economic purpose. It is governmental. It has nothing to do with the Ringing Cedars books - from a political point of view.

  • Obviously, many Russian politicians have read the books. Many millions of Russian nationals have read the books. There are around 145 million people living in Russia. Therefore, even President Vladimir Putin has possibly read these books himself. He is known to be an avid reader (like many Russians), so i'd say it's highly likely the President knows what Anastasia has said.
  • The bill is now an Act of parliament May 1, 2016. 
  • It very clearly has the hand of Anastasia all over it. 
  • There has never been a connection made in Duma press releases, to the Ringing Cedars of Russia books. Many people in Russia still consider the books to be a fairytale. Putin's party would definitely look like an ass if they ever stated outright they have been guided by the words of this (fictional) "Anastasia". So they correlate nothing. 
  • In Russian political-speak, the "Far hectare" Act that has been passed has been done purely for an economic purpose. Author Vladimir Megre has had nothing to do with passing this Act, beyond writing the Ringing Cedars of Russia books.

The bill was first tabled by Deputy Prime Minister and Presidential envoy to the Far East region, Yuri Trutnev.  DPM Trutnev proposed the bill purely to stimulate economic activity in the Far East, and to encourage people to return to the Far East region. 100,000s of people have left the Far East region since perestroika (1980s - 1990s). The song explains the situation, more or less.

Note: Russia's 1917 revolution was led by Jewish Bolsheviks. That's why 40 million Russian nationals were killed under this Jewish Bolshevik rule. It's all part of the Rothschild-Rockfeller banking plan, which is why the Anglo-American Alliance (Zionist-Jewish directed) are now spitting tacks, since Putin has broken away from them entirely.

June 2, 2016. "Putin Bans Rothschilds From Russia WAR ON NWO and Illuminati HAS BEGUN!"
April 30, 2016. "Putin exposes NWO, NATO, Anglo-American Axis for what it is!"
March 6, 2016. "GLOBAL ILLUMINATI CASHLESS SOCIETY? Putin's aim: End it in 2016."

The Free Land "give-away" has nothing to do with author Vladimir Megre. It's all been driven by politics. And the politicians are stating it's for an economic purpose only.

  • Privately, we know this Act carries out the wishes of Anastasia. The Russian government will never state this - at least, not for many decades from now.


Image-video here. "Sakha horsemen ride through the village of Sakkyryr."  

For the right people, it would be a wonderful thing to set up a horse-trekking eco-tourism business in a place like Sakha in the Far East. You could also offer kayaking and fishing in the summer, and sleigh dog tours in the winter. It would be good if 2-4 families joined in this endeavour. Together you would have enough pasture for your horses and space to house sleighs and keep sleigh dogs - in total, 4 hectares (10 acres) with 4 families. You would probably have to use surrounding public land to pasture your horses. You would also need a warm communal house where visitors stay, like a back-packer's, of course with a sauna and spa. This would be ideal!

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