Saturday, 11 July 2015

NOW it's time to play, "Who's been having Whom?"

     Sir James Goldsmith (1949)                                                            (1954)

          Question:  Who is the Queen Elizabeth look-alike?
          Answer:  Apparently, Isabel Patino  ???

                                                                                                                              Child = Isobel Goldsmith

               Then with Ginette Christiane Lery                   =  Alix Goldsmith Marcaccini  and Manes Goldsmith


               And later on still....                                                          with Lady Annabel Goldsmith
                  +           =      

          =  Jemima Goldsmith                                                        Zac Goldsmith


                      Ben Goldsmith                                                                        .... and a love child ??


                   Whoooaaaahhhh  !!!     Hold the phone !!!      Let's check that out again !!









Ohh my god !!  It's too uncanny...  It's sending chills up and down my spine  :-/

Please join the dots with the help of the links below...  Nexus Now has all the information but no images. I've added images so you can see for yourself. The second link adds a bit more of the raw detail and how Kate is part of the Goldsmith crew as well.

The plot bloody-well thickens !!!

It's definitely ALL coming out in the open NOW !!

Poor girl...  If she always felt strange in her family, this is why.
WHY couldn't her REAL DAD have stepped up to the plate and given his daughter a soft place to fall? What a bloody gutless wonder he turned out to be... What a sell-out, just so he could continue with procurements and building his little empire under the watchful gaze of his daughter's mother-in-law.
ie: Money meant MORE to him than his own child !!  What a wanker !!

-  So B'rith-ain not only has GERMANS on the throne...  They're also lining up to have Jews by the time William gets there... or not!  - now that this has all come out !!!

My, my, my, my, my....

How are the people of Merrie Olde Englande going to take that !! ???

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  1. The photos are fascinating. I am impressed.


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