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Calling all Energy Workers and Light Workers !! re: Hampstead Cover-up !!

The following map is the one which (I think) was sent to Mel Ve in March 2015.

Lisa Harrison and Mel Ve's video here

Please watch the video in full...  No short-cuts. This is really important information.

Then VISUALISE the "brightening" and "whitening" of these leylines.

These London leylines are being used to "transport" dark energies on at the moment.

We need to reclaim and repurpose these leylines for Good.

In all of our diverse places all around the world, can we please enter into a small meditation every day at some time that suits you, where we come and gaze at this map....  and strongly visualise a point or a line on the grid, and create transmutation of that point or line, bringing its vibration UP to a bright brilliant radiant almost-fluorescent-white light that ONLY vibrates with the Resonance of...

LOVE vibration...

PEACE vibration...

COMPASSION vibration...

the vibration of "FAIRNESS"

the vibration of COMMUNITY

the vibration of INCLUSIVENESS

the vibration of COURAGE

the vibration of VICTORY over darkness

the vibration of WISDOM

the vibration of KINDNESS

the vibration of NURTURING other people

the vibration of PROVISION for each member of that city's family

the vibration of CORRECT JUSTICE

the vibration of TRUTH-TELLING

the vibration of TRANSPARENCY of all doings

the vibration of HUMILITY

the vibration of SOBRIETY

the vibration of RIGHT-DOING


The vibration of PINK

the vibration of GREEN

the vibration of WARMTH

the vibration of ACCEPTANCE

the vibration of I DO NO HARM  

When you start gazing at the line or point you are drawn to...  gaze deeply...  get a close-up map of that area on  just put in your key words and you'll get photos of the area or road.

Put yourself mentally right there...  ON the leyline...  and Breathe...

BREATHE these key words you see above onto the leyline and into those houses, shops, roads, hospitals, schools, council offices, emergency services, sports grounds, parks, and so on...

Visualise everything in crystal clear sharpness until you can "see" everything "tingly" and shiny with the vibrations of the words as described above.  When you see everything in your mind's eye sparkling and glowing and "humming" with life-fulness... move on to the next 'layer'.

Go down... down... down... beneath that street on that leyline...  and see what you can find - in your mind's eye:  Pipes and stone, earth and brick, bones and pewter mugs, broken glass and teeth, worms and slaters, grey rock and railway line...  Go down... down... down...  

You're STILL on the leyline...  and once again BREATHE....  BREATHE...  BREATHE the life and life-fullness back into those places under the city by using these key words above...  Breathe LOVE vibration...  Breathe PEACE vibration...

Visualise everything in crystal clear sharpness under the city until you can "see" everything "tingly" and shiny with the vibrations of the words as described above.  When you see everything in your mind's eye sparkling and glowing and "humming" with life-fulness once again... start rising back up...

And as you rise up again to earth-level allow yourself to rise Up... and Up... and Up...  through the carbon monoxide of the traffic moving on the street (breathe blessing onto it) ... and the fog and moistness of the night dispersing in the morning rays (breathe blessing onto it)  ... and through the electromagnectic frequencies from everyone's Wifis and Smart Meters (breathe blessing onto them)  ... and Up and Up you go - through the electric power lines and past the street lights...  Up and Up...  Up way past tall buildings and huge leafy trees...

Up and Up into the blue with its white puffy clouds and rainy-day clouds and sun-bursting-brightly blue-sky days...  You are STILL on the leyline...  and BREATHE...  BREATHE...  BREATHE the life and life-fulness back into those places OVER the city by using these key words above...

Breathe COMPASSION vibration...  the vibration of COMMUNITY  

... the vibration of INCLUSIVENESS ...  

Visualise everything in crystal clear sharpness over the city until you can "see" everything "tingly" and shiny with the vibrations of the words as described above.  When you see everything in your mind's eye sparkling and glowing and "humming" with life-fulness once again... allow yourself to float down again to street level...  and from there, check all the energies again, of every level.

How do they feel ??  Is there perhaps a point where you see a speck of grey "dust-likeness" ??

Breathe into it again...  of COURAGE  ... of VICTORY  ... of KINDNESS ...

Then check again...  Is it all radiant and sparkly ??

Repeat as necessary.  Make sure you look above, below, and around...  on ALL levels.

And then say "Thank You" to the Universe for assisting you in your good work  :)

>>>  As you can see, ANYONE can do this, ANYWHERE in the world, in ANY LANGUAGE !!  :) (Blogger translates into all languages).  All it takes is for a little imagination and pureness of intent.  So join with us now and start to visualise LIGHT on these leylines of London...  

We BANISH all Darkness...  

We SEE LONDON ONLY as Sparkling and Shining...  

- on the outside in the streets and on the inside, in the Hearts of The People...  

Let's Create this together...  Let's Co-create this together IN fact...

And it IS SO !!!

If you're on Facebook, please join us on this Group to assist with the London Leyline grid clean-up and to Listen to the Mother:

London Leylines - Lighting up the Grid !!

This group is inclusive and will utilise all sorts of skills, giftings and knowledge that people have.


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