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This is a meditation.  Before you read this, please get into a settled frame of mind, relax and be without any distractions.  This will give you the greatest benefit as you read this meditation for the first time.

... breathe ......

The Space of Indigo Midnight

This Space is the color of Indigo Midnight. All is very very still... is very very quiet. The air is cool and easy to breathe. Even though it is 'darkness' all around, this space I am in seems to be full of light... not light from the sun or any hand-made light... More like 'light' emitted from particles full of life-force... Con-jointly these microscopic particles emit so much energy that it appears as 'light'. It is not light so much as 'Life'. LIFE is in this no-light twilight, in this Indigo Midnight Space of still quiet coolness...

I Am suspended in this space... there is no gravity, there is no weight... I am 'standing' as if in suspension upon a "plane of being" with others, 'standing' also with me upon this Partic-ular "plane of being". We are not standing at all... we are suspended, as if floating but not feeling like floating but really standing as if on feet, but without gravity or weight, and where there is No-Form... only Presence. This feels like a place between dimensions. This feels like a hidden floor of a multi-story building within Unfathomable Inter-Dimensionality and of which no other Dimension is aware... It feels as if it is a space the size of a room which, in Quantum terms, actually takes up the Mass of One atom of matter. It is between or perhaps outside of, it is Away from Other Spaces of Awareness in which Form has Manifest and in which Thought Form gives rise to Action and Consequence.

This is 'The Void'... The Womb... The Belly... The 'Sacred Interior' upon which the Temple is Designed, in which All Potentiality Simultaneously Exists... where All Form and Possibility and Endeavor First becomes Aware of Itself as Thought Form, where it experiences Itself as a Vibration, as 'Energy Particle' within a vast Space of possibility. It does not know Its Self yet or What It Is. Its only instinct is towards Self Perception. Its only 'urge' is to grow... To experience Its Self... and to discover what It Is... Not by name which is arbitrary... and not necessarily as a Manifest Form, just as Thought is not Manifest, but It Is Form... Moreover, this Particle of 'Awareness' Seeks Itself as Energy Form... It fascinates With Self and in Joy, Vibrates More Resonantly in Its Quest to Create and to Re-Create Its Self Over and Over... to Re-Experience Within Its Own-ness, This Particle, Its Own Energy, This Self Presence. 

"What is it, this 'Presence'?" it says to Its Self within Its Beginning within The Void. And what is this "I" of separation? Does this separation exist? Is there separation or are All Things With-In Me and With-Out-Of Me the same... This Infinite Particle which I Am ? "I feel no separation", it continues to say to Itself. I am in The Void but not entirely 'of' it although I was birthed From it. I Am Particle. I Am Possibility. I Am Potentiality of Form. I am Thought. I have Energy Vibration... this Life-Field is what I feel, It says. Do I have Form, or am I Formless? I do not know. All that I know is, "I Am". The rest is Mystery. 

I 'stand' again in Space, in Indigo Blue Space, in Inter-Dimensionality. I Am Separate from Particle. I give birth to Particle with My Thought. I Perceive Particle and Observe Particle in Conversation with Its Self. Particle is of Me and Is Me, but is IN It's own Self apart from Me. There is Awareness in Me that It is not only My Own Thought that Allows Particle to Become, to Be Self Aware. Particle is Rising because of Many Thoughts Directed towards It... Encouraging It and Offering It Vibration of Thought in Its embryonic-stage to Allow It to Be and to grow. 

I am aware of other Presences with me here in This Space, the color of Indigo Midnight.... Other Presences and My Presence are without face and are a Shadow of Form, as if an Eclipse each one, of Form Self... each with a luminous 'halo' indicating the 'outer skin' in which Shadow of Form is delineated. We stand in a circle. We hold each other's hands. The Energy Flows around the Circle and Across the Circle. Our Energies are Individual And Are One through the Power of Thought and the Power of Intention. We create Particle. Con-jointly. We are 'shadows' of Form Self, coming together to an UnKnown Hidden space, somewhere within the Unfathomable Inter-Dimensionality of which no other Dimension is aware. My 'shadow form' is Conscious and Self Determined. It is capable of Thought and Capacity independent of Form Self. 

This Space of Indigo Midnight is surrounded in its Perimeter with a soft viscosity where an imprint of my Shadow of Form is gently left, much like the imprint of a child's hand into soft Play Dough... and this 'imprint' of Shadow Form remains there in the Perimeter of the Circle of Soft Viscosity so that I may return Quickly and Efficiently. My route has been navigated already in My Meditation so that I may return Whenever, Wherever at Will and with no Effort. I 'stand' there right now in Awareness of You With You as One... with Thought Directing towards whatever Co-creative Purpose we set Ourselves, as may be Agreeable and Right. 

The Subconscious Listens To Your Inner Voice

Written originally: by Bronny NZ aka "Transformation" March 3rd 2011

Inspired by: Starfire's meditation 28th Feb 2011 and The Ringing Cedars of Russia, Book 4 "Co-creators" Chapters 1-2, by Anastasia the Siberian mystic, as written through the hand and mind of Novosibirsk resident, Vladimir Megre (2008)

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