Friday, 5 April 2019

Three breaking stories of greed, fraud, corruption, illegality - AOC, Beta O'Rourke + Creepy Uncle Joe's $$ 1 BILLION mafia-style leveraging against Ukraine's legally elected judiciary 2014-15 who was investigating son Hunter Biden's business interests in the Ukraine !!

April 4, 2019

Please share this BCP video. The MSM is not going to cover these three crimes committed by x3 US Democrat politicians that have been unearthed in the last few days. Please contribute to the #GreatAwakening by continuing to re-Tweet, Share, re-Mind, and proliferate this information in any way that you can. You are the link in the chain who can inform your networks. Please continue to carry on the good work by getting this information out to people in your circles.

"You are the news now." - Q @

Please refer to other articles on this blog (since 2014) concerning the Barack Hussein Obama administration's dirty dealings in the Ukraine. Find out how the Ukraine was forced to become a puppet state (vassal state) under the Obama administration who took their instructions from the deep state that runs out of Switzerland #BIS #CentralBank #SwissPharaohs

Thank you!

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